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Takagi and Bloc Party

by Takagi

Posted on April 28, 2009 at 10:05 PM

I have a new love-- Bloc Party.

They're independent rock band from Britain. They're a bit like Arctic Monkeys, thrown in with a bit of... er... I dunno. They're just so versatile. They're guitar riffs are pretty cool. The vocals are a bit... meh. Really nice stuff. As far as rock-ish bands from the West go, let me rank them...

1. Franz Ferdinand
2. Bloc Party
3. Arctic Monkeys
4. Coldplay
5. Mute Math

Little Thoughts: A sorta sweet song. I like it, it's sorta mellowing.
Hunting for Witches: A more rock song. I don't like the very distorted start, but the guitar riff is very cool!
Flux: My favorite BP song. Techno for the win.
Helicopter: A decent song by them. A lot heavier than their other stuff that I've posted here.
Banquet: Second favorite Bloc Party song.

I really love their stuff... it's really an interesting band. I got all their CD's, and they came to St. Louis (!) but then Kele (main singer) got laryngitis, so they canceled the show. Which was oh so lame.

My first reaction was "WHAAA? A BRITISH BLACK GUY IN ROCK MUSIC?" But whatever. I like it.

I think that this band's a lot more versatile than the Arctic Monkeys, and are sort of like Franz Ferdinand in their usage of synthesizer in their newer stuff. They're also pretty good live. I'm going through my sort of "indie rock" phase. One good example is the band "The Editors".

Editors-- An End Has a Start
They are just... different. I dunno how to explain it. Catchier riffs, sort of like the Strokes (love that band too).

The Strokes-- 12:51: This is my favorite song by this band. Electronic sorta, but the vocals are just perfect. Main guitar distortion is amazing.

I'll post pics from prom later... I deleted my Facebook, and wow, I've got so much free time.