Currently I\'m (current_year-1988) years old. I am in College now and doing IT stuff. I like Computers because they get fasinating everytime. I\'m Australian with an Asian background.

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Toon-Master posted on February 19, 2007 at 1:49 PM

I finally play MKDS online

Getting the Wi-Fi USB connector: Today I was suppose to buy a new DS game. Well there wasn't anything interesting to buy though. And if there was, it wouldn't be here in Australia by then. So I purchased a Wi-Fi USB Connector for the Nintendo DS.

Funny though, this one I bought was $49.95AU second hand. Usually I think they cost that much as well. Well I couldn't be stuff searching anyway, so it had to do. As long it had stuff to make wi-fi possible I'm happy.

Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi fun: I decided to play it wifi for the first time and it was ok because I got to play better players. I live in Australia so my Region game mode would of being Australia of course lol. But I didn't get much fun out of it.

The people I played were funny... They all can't snake. I wanted a challange on that. So I easily beated some people (I include the ones that disconnect). Either they were lazy but I never got to see a 3 star player from Australia. Some were nice and manage to race me even if I was winning by a lot. And some disconnect on me. I don't blame them though, I made it not fun...

I decided to verse world wide too. I had 3 VERY good players that are 2 times better then me. For some reason they can control their snaking better then me and keep at it. Out of that I came tie with 4th place (3rd/4th place for me) out of 4 people. It was pretty fun although I bet I got laughed at :P.

Hahaha I should practice blue shell dodging on 100cc... I couldn't do it. I only did it once to one player. That player saw it I think because he/she was very near at the time.

Oh I was one ok player (same as me maybe) that was not so bad. He could do the snaking pretty well and beated me on some races. Finally, the Rival Match was kind of bad. It gives me like an easy player. Maybe he wasn't trying...

Ending: Should I stop snaking and drift and mini turbo little or go nuts?

You probably want my friend code too. I'll be happy if any of you have one so I can play against :):
The - is just the next 6 or whatever it is formated.

Want to give me the friend code, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.

Other: - Yay college tommorow...
- If you got a suggestion of a wi-fi ds game, suggest some.
- Sorry ChIkEn but your is blocked on my college computers lol. Funny... no poll to read lol.
- Hmm MMO in Extending Forums (GMC)...

- Toon-Master

Toon-Master posted on February 10, 2007 at 7:05 AM

Another Toon's Blog

Time for a blog!

Game Maker Related: I haven't done much on it. But I intended to improve pixel art. I really can't do it, so I need to spend more time on it as it's good to learn stuff.

I have though updated the Downloader Example. It's got fixed code that was useless at the time and works only for the new 39dll.

I haven't worked on any projects lately (not that I really do). I'm sort of the lazy programmer. I tried to make something though, but it's just random. Here's a screenshot (don't kill me, I really am bad at graphics lol):
With college in the way, I probably don't have much time.

College Adventures: Yeah it was back to college like last week.

Now my class has gotten worse then my last. I missed that type of class where there's only 11 people (usually 8 everyday). Now it's 25 people :(. 25 is bad because we have lack of computers per class. But really my course has probably less and really the 25 people was because of a class merge between IT courses.

I don't like it one bit. I hate the people there as well <_<, one of them is a jerk that cannot stop saying this, "Shut up asian and go to the corner", "Your using a skate chain, how noob". Guess which one was at me? the first quote. The other quote was directed at someone else. Besides all that, he practically calls everyone a nerd. Heh whatever then... Also there is this other guy that annoyed me. but not so bad. And with a lot more people (mostly 17s) there is no quiet in my classroom.

The good news is, it's possible to get rid of some people. Quite a few people already moved to Website Design, strangely girls want to do that hmm... And now there is a Networking course available. Well I already know currently there is 8 people, but I'm sure I know 3 people are going to move. My lecturer Stephen Moore was sort of begging me to do it lol ("I'll give you $200 dollars!"). The thing is I don't know anything about networking. Sure I know how to use 39dll for broadcasting and made a DLL to get the Network Interface information, but that's not even related. But really I don't want to change. And Stephen can't say that when all we did first was binary and hex (HAHAHAHA again). Funny, one lecturer asked what is the decimal of this binary number. The binary was 1011 I said 11. But he said 1011 because he didn't put that 2 there. But it's not my fault he said, "binary number".

I should note I have classes on, Monday (9am-12pm), Tuesday (9am-4pm) and Wednesday (9am-4pm) only.

So should I do networking?

Others: - Yay I got 22 friends.

Have a good one!
- Toon-Master

Toon-Master posted on December 31, 2006 at 4:31 PM

Dodgy stuff

I haven't got my blog on, but now I do. I think the title is suitiable.

A glitch? --------------------
I was playing Zelda:WW yesterday and found this interesting trick. It's probably mentioned (if it is link it to me so I can get mad). What you do is go to Outset Island and get that pig to dig up some "cool" treasure. The black dirt I'm talking about is around Granny's house. Dig it up and look what you found... Those annoying things that attach onto you and slow you down!.

After you get a few of those stuff, you can go on the boat (King of red lions whatever it is) with a hook shot and you should be on the boat with them. Here's some stuff:

- Try moving the boat by sail or cruise, the things (yes them) start to seperate from you because it's slow... But if you knidly wait, they'll come to you again.
- You can still hold them when getting out of the boat with the hook shot to a tree or something like that (Rito mail box is good too). If you manage to speed away from those things, you'll still slow down without iron boots lol and eventually they'll come from nowhere and return to you.
- Best part, you can travel by boat (no ballad of gales of course and song of passing removes them) island to island, except windfall. It just goes white like if song of passing was played, hmm. You can desert them images somewhere and maybe the'll come from Outset to Forest haven (didn't test it).
- Goto an island and come back to outset for more of them muhahahahaha.

I got theroy stuff too, can it pass the wind in Gale island without iron boots?

To get rid of them, just do what you normally do to get rid of them (go into a water or maybe roll). You won't notice it, but you'll move faster.

I dodge blue shells --------------------------------
I just relised you can do this <_<. I did it anyway, yay! And some dodgy Mario Kart DS times:
Figure 8 Circuit - 1:24:326
Ah forget it, not worth talking it.

Nah anyone can beat me, I give up. Even 3 stars don't make you pro...

I should get WIFI stuff so I can play online. And lose/win.

Damn my brother, played my game with friends and lost so much. I'm getting a bad name now. And worse I used multiple names, Yong, TM-Yong, and random.

New 39dll yay! ----------------------------
Glad to see a new one come out. Although some people had troubles with it. I think 39ster figured it out though. It was something to do with the run-time. I only knew it had something to do with the compiling stuff, I pmed him about it, it look like he knew the stuff.

The source is pretty neat too, I learnt so much more stuff on C++.

That's all. Enjoy the new year (no comments about it).