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I finally play MKDS online

by Toon-Master

Posted on February 19, 2007 at 1:49 PM

Getting the Wi-Fi USB connector: Today I was suppose to buy a new DS game. Well there wasn't anything interesting to buy though. And if there was, it wouldn't be here in Australia by then. So I purchased a Wi-Fi USB Connector for the Nintendo DS.

Funny though, this one I bought was $49.95AU second hand. Usually I think they cost that much as well. Well I couldn't be stuff searching anyway, so it had to do. As long it had stuff to make wi-fi possible I'm happy.

Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi fun: I decided to play it wifi for the first time and it was ok because I got to play better players. I live in Australia so my Region game mode would of being Australia of course lol. But I didn't get much fun out of it.

The people I played were funny... They all can't snake. I wanted a challange on that. So I easily beated some people (I include the ones that disconnect). Either they were lazy but I never got to see a 3 star player from Australia. Some were nice and manage to race me even if I was winning by a lot. And some disconnect on me. I don't blame them though, I made it not fun...

I decided to verse world wide too. I had 3 VERY good players that are 2 times better then me. For some reason they can control their snaking better then me and keep at it. Out of that I came tie with 4th place (3rd/4th place for me) out of 4 people. It was pretty fun although I bet I got laughed at :P.

Hahaha I should practice blue shell dodging on 100cc... I couldn't do it. I only did it once to one player. That player saw it I think because he/she was very near at the time.

Oh I was one ok player (same as me maybe) that was not so bad. He could do the snaking pretty well and beated me on some races. Finally, the Rival Match was kind of bad. It gives me like an easy player. Maybe he wasn't trying...

Ending: Should I stop snaking and drift and mini turbo little or go nuts?

You probably want my friend code too. I'll be happy if any of you have one so I can play against :):
The - is just the next 6 or whatever it is formated.

Want to give me the friend code, I'll appreciate it. Thanks.

Other: - Yay college tommorow...
- If you got a suggestion of a wi-fi ds game, suggest some.
- Sorry ChIkEn but your is blocked on my college computers lol. Funny... no poll to read lol.
- Hmm MMO in Extending Forums (GMC)...

- Toon-Master