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UnionJack posted on February 16, 2013 at 7:28 AM

Spelunky you bastard, also game updates, and renders

tl;dr version:
-I play too much Spelunky
-I made an airplane
-I made marbles

-Site suggestions (in light of hearing that site updates have been coming... I may be a little late to the game):
To solve post preview, and saved posts, have a privacy setting for "Only Me." I accidentally clicked close tab on my post and lost an almost done post. >:(.

Back to our regular programming, the following is a reconstruction of a lost post from memory. Some statements may or may not be garbled beyond recognition:

Spelunky you bastard. I will end you. I'm sad to admit that I have logged probably over 2000 plays of this game. Some incredibly liquored, some slightly less than incredibly liquored, and some only mildly liquored. I have 4 wins. 2 of which unlocked the sun room and moon room. But I'm after the stars room, dammit. The shopkeeper and I have some unfinished business.


Game updates:
I'm working on a rendition of a Sukhoi Pak Fa. One of the main bogeys in my game (open image in new tab for higher res):

It's going to be in the near future, at the end of the lives of this and a couple other aircraft. I'd like it to be a science I-can't-believe-it's-fiction story. But we'll see at the end of this project.

Crashing (into the ground, not into the blue screen of death) also now happens, and I had to re-adapt the shooting to its own script. I've got terrain generation on my mind (wish me luck :/ ), and a couple other enemies to work on while I ponder.


I did this (open image in new tab for higher res):
This was my first time playing with renderfarming. I sent it off to a site still in beta-testing. Took them about 45 minutes at 3200*2400 pixels, 500 samples. Cost me about 2.00$ (on their beta-testing credit).

All for now, more to come soon.

UnionJack posted on February 04, 2013 at 10:00 AM

New short album ep... thing

Just put the finishing touches on this today! I had to do masters and edits of a couple tunes here and there, but on the whole, I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

If you dig what you hear, and you might be into remixing, gimme a heads up (either in this thread or PM me).


UnionJack posted on January 29, 2013 at 8:27 PM

Updates from Super Hornet Scramble

If you've been following my posts at my personal page, or here, you'll notice I've been having trouble getting bullets working. I was going to go the projectile mesh route with them, but instead opted for raycasting. In future versions, I might try to come up with a stronger algorithm, but for now this'll do. Basic particles are working now as well, and I have a couple different views working. I've added the enemy tag, as well as a target mesh to carry that type. I might sharpen its mesh up and use it in a target practice training-type mission.

For my main task, today I'll be working on a SAM site as my first actual hostile.

Here are some screens:

Stay tuned for more!
Edit: Also, just in case you're curious, my buddy is doing a lets play of legend of grimrock at our main page. He's already into the second episode, but the first one just came out last week:
http://www.fireskiesstudios.com/lets-play-legend-of-grimrock-part-1/ Cheers