Posted by anthonyloprimo on May 29, 2010, 7:52 p.m.


I see I'm an old bean now, and somehow I've garnered 3562 blog views. Insane. I almost feel famous. LOL.

Anyways, I've opened up a brand new youtube, as I forgot the password (and it's still logged into one laptop so I'm migrating things bit by bit).

I also have pretty much abandoned G-Revolution/G-Stream, in favor of a new "team" or "company" or whatever - Eagle Design. Part graphic design firm (currently a solo operation) and part game/program design team, I hope to start making some good things. I got a decent team and stuff.

Anyways, I hope to upload demos of the current game soon, upon the next release. Until then, here's a link to the GMC topic (also linking to the DL page on YYG).

So yeah. I might stick around on this account or I might not. Not quite sure.


Ferret 14 years ago

Yus, gm.

Ferret is pleased.

Welcome back btw

Toast 14 years ago

Hi person!

Cesque 14 years ago

I don't remember you, but hey :P

While we're at it - a rule of thumb: 90% people will not play the game if you tell them to install a font before playing. Why would you need that, anyway? GM lets you specify fonts used in the game.

(I'll let you know more once I play it)

Cesque 14 years ago

Okay, here we go:

1. The graphics and music remind me of Chrono Trigger, for some reason. Which is unique for a shooter.

2. The shooting controls are annoying - why not decrease the rate of shooting bullets, but give the player automatic fire? In part it's because my space key has almost fallen off, but I suppose it's a nuisance to everyone else, too.

3. The pause between enemies and a boss fight is way too long. After the first wave of enemies, I thought the game just glitched and will go on forever in an empty world.

4. Maybe add shadows to enemies? I don't know, I usually don't like shadows, but they'd fit nicely in this game, I think.

5. And finally - the trail behind your ship is either unnecessary or way too long (you're not moving THAT fast :P)

The question about the font still remains :P

sirxemic 14 years ago

I don't remember you, but hey :P

anthonyloprimo 14 years ago


I was here several years ago, and I was semi-active (at least in commenting, looking at things, whatever) but yeah. I decided to return. LOL this is actually one of the few accounts s I returned to rather than actually re-start. Hmm.

Onto the game that you reviewed:

Once I can figure out how to actually use sprite-based fonts then I'm alright. In addition, the specified fonts in GM only work for fonts that are actually in the font's folder IIRC. I've viewed the game on other computers - those that don't have the font installed end up showing Arial or another dumb font. :/

I'm flattered on the graphics though.. thanks! (Although it's only a placeholder) They will be re-worked at some point.. If a particular engine I'm trying to make/have made fails, I'll probably fall back on using chunks of level art… Which is gonna be FUUN… :/

Controls are temporary. I used space, as the ASD and QWE keys were in use (well they were all in use at some point… I eventually deactivated the A key, and in the current version I'm working on, I've taken out the S, D, Q, W, and E keys as well. I'll be re-mapping keys and whatnot as time goes on, and I'll also be adding other control types (mouse/keyboard, keyboard only, mouse only).

I was stuck on what to do for a test level, so I kinda just stopped making enemies due and stuck a boss at the end, JUST in case I might have some idea of a level. This has been fixed, in that the boss appears much sooner, at least until I get a proper level made.

I have doubts on shadows… at least for some levels - they are high up in the sky, and above the clouds. Things aren't exactly huge right now, so they wouldn't really cast much of a shadow on the ground (not like the clouds anyway).

The game is supposed to be high speed. I might slow down the ship again, but don't forget that you're high up in the sky. The things below the ship are rather far away, and would appear to move very slowly. Without the inclusion of any other effects (or anything else for that matter) it's a bit tough to really figure out how to portray speed - I intend to mess with the ship trail at some point.

I definitely thank you for play testing the game, and I will be taking your advice into consideration.