My new laptop!

Posted by biggoron on May 21, 2007, 3:45 p.m.

New laptop
My new laptop came from PC World! Just don't use PC World's website, just don't. It's horrible. It's like a MicroSoft website, really. Anyway, back to the laptop.

It's actually quite good for the price, which was £360. It's an Acer 1.6 Ghz Intel Dual-Core T2060, 1014 MB DDR2 RAM. It has ~251 MB intergrated Intel GMA 950 chipset. It has a 1280 x 800 monitor.

It's quite cool. I managed to get my internet connection working on it, which is something special because I rarely get anything internet-related working. The only bad thing is that my router is quite poor so I have to be quite close to get a decent connection speed. I definitely wouldn't want to do much gaming on it because I'd probably get a lot of lag.

Also, I just noticed I almost got 1000 hits! ^_^

I'm still struggling to get used to laptop keyboards and mice. I'm also struggling to get used to Vista. I've noticed some decent UI features, like the progressive search in the explorer windows. I think I prefered the Start menu the way it was before, though.

The thing that strikes me the most about it is some of the very, very ridiculous features. There's the fact that about half of my 1GB memory is consumed on standing. Also, the fact that when I got it there were around 50 processes running. Also, when I downloaded the MSN Live Messenger installer and tried to run it, Windows refused and told me it was an invalid Windows program! Of course, turning off the ridiculous UAC fixed many problems.

Vista has its good points also. It certainly made Networking very easy for me.

I'm working on it. It won't take a huge amount of time but school is getting intense as we work up to end-of-year exams, and I'll be mainly playing with my new toy :D. The hardest part is reading JoshDreamland's code! He says it was "written for him". I think it's an excuse <_<

Anywho, expect a faster, more concise GM7zip soon. Hopefully I'll be able to add some cool features if I can think of any.

Goodbye for now, y'all.


chiggerfruit 13 years ago

Mmm acer. I love their lcd screens.

Rob 13 years ago

I got a Acer laptop. (Acer 5000)
1.8ghz AMD Turion 64 ML-32 processor
15.4" WXGA Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD screen
100gb hard drive
128mb graphics card I don't know the brand or anything…
Windows XP
(lol all the specs besides the video card is on a sticker beside the touchpad)
Oh, and get a usb mouse, much better then the touchpad.

thepharaoh 13 years ago

I plan on being a laptop at the end of this summer. I want to get a Toshiba or a HP or a Gateway.

KaBob799 13 years ago

Im runnign vista with only 512 RAM andit runs great o.0
Im getting used to the new start menu =/

Pobble-Wobble 13 years ago

That sounds beautiful.

Adventus 13 years ago

I plan on being a laptop at the end of this summer
Wow thats gonna be hard.

OL 13 years ago

I plan on being a laptop at the end of this summer
Wow thats gonna be hard.

Quite the contrary! I've been a laptop for at least a year now, and I never found any difficulty with it at all.

Joysurrender 13 years ago

Mmm.. not bad expect for the ram.
PS: I love your logo :P

biggoron 13 years ago

1GB DDR2 not enough? It would be if it wasn't for effing Vista.

Joysurrender 13 years ago

lol! ye, sorry.. I was mistake..

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