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biggoron posted on September 22, 2008 at 9:26 PM


The heat from my HD 4870 is 75 - 80 degrees on idle. Fine for the card, bad for the rest of the computer. Even on Windows the fan is retardedly slow to react, only jumping from the default 12% to 40% at 85 degrees. Seriously WTF.

On Windows it's not such a bitch because with a little profile editing you can ramp up the fan speed manually. I currently have it at a balmy 25 degrees idle with my fan on 30% (not as loud as you might think).

However, I don't like Windows. I just got off the thing and back to good old Ubuntu as soon as the 4870 drivers were released. But they suck and there is no way to manually force the fan speed higher. I don't know why. I don't know why there's no easy interface for it in the Windows CCC.

It's just a bunch of retardism. The biggest retardism is that I can't even file a correct Linux driver feedback form because hardware field's drop-down hasn't been updated to include the 4k series yet.

So yeah, they've forced me onto Windows, and I don't care for resetting my customisations AGAIN because Windows grows so chronically slow so chronically fast I have to re-install it constantly, and because every time I'm too stupid to save my settings.

I'ma send an angry e-mail. I've given them several hundreds of pounds worth of custom in the past and I am pissed. Some heads need to roll =.=

biggoron posted on June 25, 2008 at 6:11 PM

Is dat sum ray tracer? - New pitchas

Started work on a recursive ray tracer for Windows. So far it doesn't do much. For one, it doens't recurse yet, and it only calculates the diffuse term so far. It can calculate shadows and runs with multiple threads simultaneously. So far the only primitives are spheres. And it's called Lumen! ^O^

Optimisations are yet to come, so gimme a break about the speed. It also has 16x oversampling :3

School is finished and my prom is on Friday. Got me a black suit with satin lapels and a red bowtie, gonna pick up some red/white checked Vans to go with it tomorrow. Not putting a picture up >.<

Plan for the night is good. Gotsa get mah hair cut, go to mah friend's house where we all gonna smoke a lotta weed and get high. Then we get taken by limo to the prom. Few hours later we go out and get drunk and mo' hi.

Pictures = content. <_<

biggoron posted on May 02, 2008 at 10:58 AM

Long time, no blog.

Long time, no blog, and since I took a day off school I may as well take the opportunity.

I'ma start with posting some things I've been doing in programming lately that I'm proud of ^_^

Cel shading with reflection: Volume rendering: Obj loader:
Weird thing about the last one is it should have multisampling but doesn't v.v

Music taste is changing slightly, starting to listen to more funky lo-fi stuff like Beck and Rage Against the Machine.

Too hungry and lazy to write more. See how many k's we can get before it's unfrontpaged.