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Posted by factnfiction101 on Feb. 21, 2015, 2:01 a.m.

I thought it would be neat if we shared what Youtube video channels we like, or something other people here might like. I've been going to many different channels over the years, most of you guys have probably been to them as well. Here goes:

Angry Video Game Nerd

I'm sure most of you guys know this guy :) I have watched his videos so many times… lol. I guess a lot of the entertainment for me is that I grew up in that time period and played most of those games (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde). One day I want to make my own terrible game based on all of the old NES games…


My favorite evil let's play person. His videos are always funny. I started watching him when he played Surgeon Simulator a few years ago, after that my son demanded I buy the game.


I like this guy for doing Plants VS Zombies 2 videos and Nintendo videos. He can be kind of annoying Let's Play person.

Machinima inside gaming

Game news and drunk Mario Karting. A lot of neat GTA 5 videos too. Now Inside Gaming is no more :(

Screen Junkies

Honest Trailers is great :)

How to Basic

Wonderful how to videos.

Good Mythical Morning / Rhett and Link

My son loves to watch this show. It's kid friendly most of the time. My son ask me all of the time "will it taco?" from one of the videos…

Miranda Sings

A weird weird girl :)

Off the Great Wall

Fun info on China and its culture. Also has some videos on learning some of the basics of Mandarin.

China Uncensored

News in China.


Asian Comedy, more popular than Off The Great Wall.

green power science

Guy shows you how to make solar heaters, assemble solar panels, use a fresnel lens to weld.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

Organic gardening, Aquaponics, etc…

Mental Floss / CrashCourse

Educational, very interesting videos.

Minute Earth / Minute Physics

Educational, also very interesting videos

The Young Turks

News channel I like.

It's getting late I'm tired I wanted to add some travel channel guides, gardener channels, and a few others, but I'm too sleepy (I'll add more to the list). I'm not thinking very well so forgive my spelling or grammar errors. Time for my sleep. Share some of your favorites also.


Cpsgames 9 years, 2 months ago

TotalBiscuit is the only guy I watch, really.

Praying Mantis 9 years, 2 months ago

I enjoy watching a lot of videos that are part of an emerging genre on YouTube, which people are calling "Game Essays". These channels are producing some of the best videos of this type:

- Matthewmatosis

- Super Bunnyhop

- Talking About Games

- Mark Brown

- Satchbag's Goods

- Noah Caldwell-Gervais

- MrBtongue

- Ahoy

- Shamus Young

- Game Things

- Errant Signal

- Extra Credits

- Al Russel

Neat banner by the way.

Phoebii 9 years, 2 months ago

AngryJoeShow - I don't play games he reviews, but I like to learn from other game mistakes.

Nostalgia Critic - I don't watch movies aswell, but hell, this guy makes me laugh to tears.

Kamira 9 years, 2 months ago

Most of these are probably going to be Gmodders and SFMers.

Dr. Face makes excellent Gmod videos, and no one animates better than he does.

Eltorro64Rus might be the last of the hilarious and crazy Gmodders.

Erdamon The Owl Sniper is a friend of mine who does SFM. Check him out!

Kugawattan - Gmodder that often has cool storylines he follows.

SarisKhan - See above.

ShermanZAtank - See above.

Swordless Link - LP-er who beats old Nintendo classics using excessive glitches.

Astryl 9 years, 2 months ago

Bisqwit "Let's Code", I guess. Fascinating to watch.

Deceased Crab Mostly for his La Mulana Let's Plays

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues For South African parodies of some popular music, among other silliness.

Direwolf20 Minecraft Let's Plays and mod spotlights

Lobos JR Twitch Streamer. I love his Dark Souls challenge runs, and his other stuff. Also a musician I enjoy.

Northernlion For endless Binding of Isaac Let's Plays.

OnlyAfro Dark Souls trolling is the main attraction here.

Bunch of others, but those are the ones in my most recent list. Too many subscriptions.

RC 9 years, 2 months ago

I really don't have many channels I watch on a regular basis, but here are some/those I do:

Good Mythical Morning




Ferret 9 years, 2 months ago

Omg, Steven also watches redlettermedia, Half in the Bag is the best.

Toast 9 years, 2 months ago

I don't know if you guys have heard of ASMR, you can go google if not. But basically I've always had a strong ASMR sense and therefore watch some weird as fuck videos on Youtube.

death 9 years, 2 months ago

I'm subbed to a lot of YT Channels so I'll try to just mention my favorites or most frequently watches, if I can..


Angry Joe Show - game reviewer, critic, interviews, etc

Total Biscuit - game reviewer, critic, gaming news, etc

Angry Video Game Nerd - retro game reviews / parody, let's plays

Jim Sterling - gaming critic, reviewer and let's player.

Chris Stuckmann - Movie reviewer, critic, game reviews, anime reviews, etc

Extra Credits - game critique, game design, recommendations.

Game Theory - critique on game design, game analysis, story deconstruction, etc

YourMovieSucks.org - movie reviews, let's player.

Lowtax - let's player of terrible games. [inactive]


Asap Science - short videos answering common questions. (really common/popular subject matter)

Minute Physics - short videos explaining a common question related to physics.

SciShow - science news, science Q&A

Veritasium - random demonstrations and explanations of science phenomenon.

It's Okay to Be Smart - similar to SciShow but more in-depth.

Vsauce - random in-depth science discussion.

Kurz Gesagt - animated videos of science, social science and geography.

Think Fact - in-depth science and social science videos.


Big Think - politics, science, philosophy interviews from influential people.

Sargon of Akkad - deconstruction of fallacy ridden arguments in pop culture. Historical videos.

Mundane Matt - social critic / commentary.

Thunderf00t - social critic / commentary.


FailArmy - random fail videos.

Explosm Entertainment - funny animations. Comics on their website.

Danger Doland - unusual countdown videos. some game related.

JStu Studios - pranks.

Extremely Descent - sketch comedy.

Not gonna put links for all those, this took enough time as it did.

MMOnologueguy 9 years, 2 months ago

The Stimulator is a fucking great agitator-journalist who can be described maybe as an anarchist Jon Stewart.

Anarchopac does big intellectual videos on big intellectual anarchist topics. Spends a lot of time on "anarcho"-capitalists and why they're full of shit but also has a lot of other videos on more relevant/accessible topics.

Libertarian Socialist Rants is a lot less nerdy than anarchopac but generally does the same thing. He's pretty funny sometimes too; I highly recommend this video.

The Chomsky Videos is pretty much an archive of every time Noam Chomsky has ever been filmed.

Your Movie Sucks is the greatest youtube film critic of our generation, hands down. Or maybe the second or third best or something, but whatever, he's fucking cool.

ColorfulDicks is my friend's channel and this video will one day be considered a masterpiece on par with Shakespeare.

Felicita Spicer is the first channel result when you search for "islamic state atrocities". It has three videos about the unislamic state I haven't watched and its profile picture depicts an attractive young woman outside in the snow.

edit: oh and listen to Toast ASMR actually is nearly as good as sex.