64D tour of America!

Posted by firestormx on April 26, 2012, 9:34 a.m.

Well, at least the north eastern part of America. Maybe more depending on demand.

Canadonian and I are planning to come down and visit the US from Friday June 1st to Sunday June 10th (we have to be home by Sunday), so that's 10 days, and 9 nights.

SO. We don't really have any plans, except that I want to go to Virginia again, and that we're doing this to have an adventure, and visit as many 64D members as we can. I do realize that most of you will have moved out of your dorms by then, so you won't all be concentrated in large cities, but we'll try.

I was thinking of doing a circle, where we enter the US through Detroit and visit Michigan people, like Rez, then roll through Ohio and meet Acid and Chiken, and then a mishmash of Virginia, Maryland, The Commonwealth of Pencil, New York, and maybe go all the way up to Maine.

That's what I was thinking, but that's without anyone telling me where they live or to come visit.

Let me know where you live, and we'll try plot our course to visit you. If you can give us shelter for a night, that'd be cool (TWISTERGHOST DID IT LAST TIME. DO YOU REALLY WANT TG TO BE BETTER THAN YOU?!), but if you can't, we'd still like to visit, and at least go for a meal or something.

It doesn't have to just be these states either. If you live anywhere in the US (even out west) post your city and state, and we'll see if it's worth spending half our trip driving across the US.

tl;dr: Canadonian and I are rolling through the US starting on June 1st. Post your city and state so we can visit you, and/or spend a night at your place.

I don't mean to overshadow the RPG comp, but I'm gonna pin this 'cause I really want people to let us stay at their place, 'cause sleeping in cars is uncomfortable. =3

Update: Here's a list of states, and who's there.

Update again: New list

Probable locations:

Michigan: Arc (Western), Alert Games (North of Detroit)

Ohio: Chiken (Cincinnati), Snakeman (Columbus), Acid (Warren)

Commonwealth of Pencil: JID, Other

Virginia: Zac1790 (Gloucester), other (VA Beach)

New York: colseed (South East)

Mass: Poly, EV

Rhode Island: Purianite

Places we won't go by (sad face):

Texas: Pounce and Reidd (El Paso), DF (Richardson), Kenon, Seleney (Houston), kabob/Kamira (Forth Worth)

Missouri: CPS (St Joseph)

Kansas: Obeilsk

Mississippi: Leemcd56

Utah: Kilin

Alabama: Hel

Colorado: Eva-unit-01

Arizona: McFluffeh

California: Cyrus, Ferret, LAR, Mush (San Diego)

Indiana: RC (North central)

Atlanta: Meow44 (Georgia)

Google maps: Map

I think it'd be awesome to fly around to some states as well once we're in the US - that way we can actually visit Cali, but it's not cheap. :(


Juju 9 years, 9 months ago

Sadly, this user lives in the UK. Best of luck on your adventure, gentlemen.

Polystyrene Man 9 years, 9 months ago

You wouldn't have to come all the way to Maine. I'm in Boston for the summer!

(And I don't think anyone else lives in Maine)

Also, in Mass you'd see Extravisual and Purianite (if I remember right).

Zhiko 9 years, 9 months ago

I sadly don't live in the states. I also live with my parents, who would probably flip the fuck out at me meeting up with internet people anyway. Even though they invited a random internet guy from Vancouver to come live in our basement for a while when I was little. I remember when he got here, it was stormy out, he was tall with long hair and a long beard that were messy from having driven for about 30 hours straight, and it was the week after I had gone to see the first Harry Potter movie. I was I think 6 or 7, so I drew the obvious conclusion.

poultry 9 years, 9 months ago

then roll through Ohio and meet Acid and Chiken

Acid will be back on the east side of Ohio, and i'll be in Cincinnati (south west)


Snakeman 9 years, 9 months ago

Stop by in Columbus! You just HAD to schedule the trip on the same week I have finals, haha, but I'm sure there's a day or two in that week that I'm not gonna need to do anything productive on. I'll check out how my finals are looking and give you the best days to swing by.

Oh, and talk it over with my roommates about how we could go about housing you guys. It'll be a bit of a pickle to do since we already got four people smashed into a room that only two people can live in comfortably, hah.

…But the carpet's reaaaaal nice! There's like extra padding and stuff underneath. It's not really all that bad if you're tired enough to be able to just pass out without being too picky about where at. Just maybe bring some pillows and blankets and shit so it's not totally godawful.

Also if you want to get drunk, pretty much all of my roommates do except for one, and the one that doesn't, doesn't give a shit about what even goes down in this room. So, by all means, bring something along if you want, haha.

Cpsgames 9 years, 9 months ago

Y u no stop in northern Missouri!?

Taizen Chisou 9 years, 9 months ago

It'd be awesome to meet y'all, but I haven't gone to college or moved out of Oklahoma yet :V

you don't want to come to oklahoma

Toast 9 years, 9 months ago

Sadly, this user lives in the UK. Best of luck on your adventure, gentlemen.

Kenon 9 years, 9 months ago


Castypher 9 years, 9 months ago

Purianite lives in Rhode Island, which is close enough to Massachusetts I guess.

Then come to Utah and meet me. And we'll get drunk and make fun of Mormons together!

…I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

No? J-just swing by on your way to California, where a good handful of 64Digits members already live.