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gamerman posted on September 05, 2008 at 9:13 PM

Golf! demo

Not much new, added a bit of stuff to the settings. I haven't done anything with the ball physics yet. Siert, you suggested putting them in the settings right? I'll need to know what you want for that, just the ball direction and speed, and ground normals? Anyway, I added a few things for the trees, the chance for them, weather they can grow on either the dirt, sand, or soil, and the min and max length of the branch. I also added water transparency, friction, and chance.


Also, that's the fps. forgot to remove it.



gamerman posted on September 04, 2008 at 11:34 PM


Didn't do to much today, but I added clouds, and made it rain from the clouds this made the old system useless. The clouds also scroll across the screen. I removed the blur as no one really liked it to much. Cloud colours can be set like the water and trees. The cloud also has a min and max radius for the x and y axis, and the min and max amount of clouds. Juju also wanted a different air friction, and didn't like the trails, so I added control on that to the settings.

Next I plan to start moving variables into the settings. I also made water look better when it hits other water, I made it so it'll not go underwater before it disappears. I also plan to add more colour to the clouds. I think that's all. I also want to upright the trees a bit rather then just have them at the curve of the ground their on. Then I want to make more vegetation.

Picture time:

I also need to get to the ball physics...

I'll probably have a demo tomorrow.


gamerman posted on September 03, 2008 at 9:35 PM


School again. I didn't do to much today, but I messed around a little. I also made rain. I added a for more things to settings like ball colour, and how it draws the screen at the start, the old way, which is faster, or the new way, which is slower. Also made it so you can choose not to see the ground, water, or trees generate, which is faster. You can turn the rain off, which is the only weather right now, and change the rain colour. I also added a background blur, and trails to the water particles and ball. you can change the amount of blur in settings. Almost forgot, I made the weather density where you set s variable to "x:y" where x is the amount of rain drops, and y is the space amount x is spread over. it then repeats this over the whole room. 1:480 is a decent amount, anything less can really start to lag. Still haven't done anything about the ball physics, but I'll get to it.. soon.

Anyway, picture time:

blur on 4, 1:480 rain.

no blur, 1:120 rain.

blur on 3, 1:120 rain.

So, how does that look?