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by gamerman

Posted on September 18, 2008 at 2:33 AM

No updates with Golf!, but I'm going to start working on it again soon. While I've not been working on Golf!, I've then I've been messing around with GM making random things.

In what ever order it sorted it out as:

It draws circles randomly in the room which invert each other.

Just messing around with .mod and such music files. Background is based on the instruments playing.

It draws circles that expand until the either hit something, or they reach a limit on the radius. The colour is based on a point on a loaded image.

Originally made points spin around a center with varying speeds. Messed around with it and made this.

Just draws a pixel at a random square if it finds it within a certain time, which is for speed and so it doesn't overlap as much. Colour of a pixel is the average of two random colours on screen other then white.

just draws a line from one random point to another if the point isn't white.

draws random circles so it has an image, then it draws a line of the image offset by one, and darkens it a little.

if a random point is over a black spot, it draws a pixel offset from where it is, this creates a growing effect.

makes random lines offset by some amount, then fills some of them in with white.

I was messing around with strange attractors.

draws squares with random offsets and rotations, once white then once black, and repeats that for some amount of times.

I think that's everything.