I need an artist!

Posted by leemcd56 on Jan. 1, 2007, 5:03 p.m.

A really good artist who would like to help me on the GMT (and I don't mean Greenwich Meantime either XD). Why I ask is because I suck at art and most GM magazine-type-things never have any art in them. I'll give them complete artistic control (meaning you can draw whatever the hell you want, but it would be nice if it was on topic).

While I'm on the subject of GMT, I also would like someone else help me work on it. If you have Office 2007, that would be nice, because that's what I'm using. If you would like to help and you have MSN, contact me at leemcd56@hotmail.com or send an email to leemcd56@gmail.com.

Also, happy January 1st for most of you, anyway. I'm glad the new year is here because I got sick and tired of 2006. Though, I don't really know why. -_-

By the way, as many of you may not know, The Avis has a new layout. W00t, as many of you don't care. You can see this… so called <i>new</i>… layout at <a href="http://whitebell.somee.com/home.asp">http://whitebell.somee.com</a>.

P.S. I would really like to get over my sinus problems for one day, I can barely even breathe.

P.S.S. Why do I even bother adding P.S. to a blog—or P.S.S. even?


poultry 15 years ago

I don't know why you P.S., or P.S.S. <_<

AthamX 15 years ago

I don't have a lot of time after the christmas/new year break, but I have Office 2K7 and I'm an okay artist

[deleted user] 15 years ago

I *think* I'm an okay artist, but I probably would never get around to finishing anything for you =P.

I was getting sick of 2006 too, it seemed like it would never end.

NeutralReiddHotel 15 years ago

Depends what you mean by art.

OBELISK 15 years ago

I would, but I'm too busy helping Shadow Yoshi with art stuff.

n1ko 15 years ago

i am picasso reincarnated, but i don't know wht kind of stuff you want the artist to draw(if i think its boring i wont try)

Mat 15 years ago

im not bad at sprite drawing, i drew my dp

Natas 15 years ago

I'k okay at real drawing, but none of that cumputer whatnot.

Natas 15 years ago

oops lol cumputer.

TomatoeWorm 15 years ago

I'm good at drawing small sprites, but not as well with bigger ones. You can pm me if you want any art examples.