We can find the freedom

Posted by s on March 23, 2009, 4:44 p.m.

First, I suffered from not writing and wrote this

50k=0 Who can define who is who when nothing isn’t around to say what it is because then it doesn’t exist or does it well there is no judgement but we judge everything we are the judgement we are the final word on words we see all there now it is ocming in two or sthree letters per thing anhd when iu hit backsacpe it hirts ant ad I say nho0woerw erkweorwucha that hurt aynuo muyset ertwehwjy dare you hurting me just go away I don'at wa twhart tow rite amnytnoemre I can't wr mutw anytmoer this is just crayzb whtyou fnapt exoecftg me to do this can tou I just can't see whyw I 'ddot huis ebcause I can't do it lthe way I do it befdause then I do it efiddfierejntienly I chavde no nmodl to mold my soul Ithat I have freed waway awitgh this knife of nothing I can't see wgat I'm saying I amd edeaf to my own self and thit iscries oput to be hreard that it n'st wrignw ti si tit hta tuit is dhoudol tbe ghta thI can't even tell what I;' sauwneg but saove for the thoughts I ve' thogught itn wriitng this is that is ;nt how incorherhentbn I thinkt ehm thoughtg o me therey are the clearlest thwringingsirngins of the blells in the seing thubanmdhtenre ther ei shte ientierneatoln mono,logye to the onologue which explains to me what I am syaing thi is wrechos b8p from ghe seile nce into my iownkjnwierbut it IIcan'fts ayk what it syas so innate is the meaning it only transofmrons and ppeuiupets me into saying eveyrgt8ung /IU say hwo is goeiven everoigung roead this shit thwt istodesn't even mae sek sensenstihings can't ahpoisbsbelne bhbameba nything of any interestinsave foe those screwed uyo epe p[ekpe wh0o have nothing else to read but the welafuvahg ahahha ah aifjhasFIUc a'nfst s[tp cf laughating iactuoally I'm not laughing I'm just wronga c8imy mhad leadh lsitneing to Tunnels anw they talk about growing up or something and trying to name mbabyeneisme ybut you fna't rememebr thmanmea names cadon't arement' meant ot berememrnebrendt egtr'e a reht euyndecscrimtpive handles we diescribe oursleveslw ith everyd ay wHOam i am I I am not me who is the Php that is not me neame it isnjonly that I say I is a letter hahahahhahaha that's athat's fnjust creatgerat isn't it that you can't tell what I' sig ging on here acna you evead this throught eha backopoxbooox just random letters chasfl;ashing flrthrought rhthe screne younotn like you know what it tsyas syd DIE thecanget thacatch that one cflash you byut inad there yiy was just like that gone now for everyuthere is over nine houndredd pages wremember when it ewwas nine hundred words well thnow that doesn't make much sense it shouild be a lot mroe should nit itb ntu wahtever thno t like I care what 's what worlds in a clash of what they are if I keep writing I’ll write fifty thousand words and not a word will it sense make or make sense at that with that being nothing but a trifle of an order in the chaos of this world because evolution isn’t what it was all cracked up to be maybe punctuation is good but I’d like to nay say today and perhaps a rhyme to do with nothing due the morrow wouldn’t you agree I don’t have question marks to hand out like cheese so just eat it yourself or die drink the tea the is a silly word there is no the there is only the thing that said the it is a wrapper to the wrappings of the language which defines that it doesn’t go there maybe if you had something to say I’d say it but then I’d be saying that I’m saying when I’m trying not to say something with the capitalization of the universe it explodes and there stood the man who stated I am the man who stated who is the MAN who stated she is the MAN maybe Speling ghitng doesn’t matter because then you diont need it bananythmore bthat’s a waste of time just smash ehaneat asefawefwejk iodbhead fjopwefo on keyboard maybe not that’s no fun then you can’t have fun but stop uyou shouyldn’t have fun fun is bhad ufn funfunfufnufnufnfuna no more shall I sed the dua for what it isn’t that is why I saty nothing of the backwasoce iut doesn’t existn thitere is no shift there is no me there is noonlybthe clickling fo keeys ounder my fingers that I press because i hit skeys and skies anove i donlt seee what else you see when you see that you see you can no longer see because the greatest lie is that we know truth truth is a lie but are lies truth no evaeryhthing leis akl information iz misfiinfortmation it cantbbe rioght because it is false by definition so that ruth is anoth thing to be killed aupon sight for it has no value no worth bw i have no worth to be of you when i have no thing to sgive away why am i alove when you have killed that thing which amesk me live for i t isnn’t a s apce an punctuonat ion ica n hthi anythinv i want to do when i want to but i don’t wos diont oasking me to iand aiiack afoautorapace tsays it knows what i don’t because ait is better than i and holier than thou dont there i fixed it now they can't fix me because i fixed them to jot fix fixing is bhad it just mcforces people to do what thety shouldnt;' tbeucasuiget hety shouldn;t bgec foced to do thing wshw ehny yuthey shoukdltnod do it wbcath's tono cogood scut that corget eveyrthing I say it is all dleuis no good gnod good danger gdanger dagner crashhhhhhhhhhhhfnasd fasdfasdfasdfasdfnn nmo mroe peopel on the shiol;l all dead they died tyep that sis what hadppend you dino't hknowni anythingabout me I can't tell you whyfw ahI do what IO do hjI just do it and that's that I think I think but maybe I'm I think I'm wrong and I wouldn't be wrong to be wrong therefore I'm right that's why I don't know myabe I 'm tnoewrnot going anywhere you think I thank because I a t like I think but I only hbehave like I think so taht you know nothing but the lies of those around you you are predicatabn;le in your every word you ask if I'm listening and the truth is that I'm not because I know everything you will say without knowing and I react yto eveyrhtin gin perfect timing p[reprogrammed the day beforee fbased on the years ago that it became obvious of what you would do if I did what I did at that cruscial moment of predicatable predicatbaoleiltiy probability is is zerooo no boeybefew says that few be good to be to me to be is to not think and just exiotwithin the constraints of what is and not what isn't because what is is what it is because that's all I've got to sya ius that I can't see how you would jump and see ancd fl;y into the lioght of deadth anc never say that you didn't ewhyt would you lie there is no gain no prupsieus eonly the cahos be what the change you want to see is whor the change in the world you want to see is what you should be I want chaos and death with everytyhbpody dead because they died dopn't asn'tk me how they just did I don't know maybe I do but if I do let's say I don't because I'd rather I didn't know what therre is to know when there isn't anything at all in this world of misinformation killing me from the inside I think that that's the gist just jist justice dead yes that's the world of words ninehundred just forty nine thousand one hundred to go almost there just keep spoutiong on about that spout a thousand a page implies fifityu pages of total bull you think you can endure you think you can be and understand what is understood when there is nothing to understand this is chaops this is spontaney the information entropy rises and you can only shout out in pain from not knowing what is so obvious that you cannot know when you do not know because you do not know ever and therefore information from information implies infroamtion is impossible garden of eden in tehg game of life there is no life there is no game it all mjust laughs ha aha ha ahbah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ah aahahhahahha ahhaha a hahahha aha ha h I can write the same thing over and over and over and over and not use copy paste over and over and over like most people rant on over and oner and over a a a a a a a b b h b b asdbf sabdf asbdc abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz no way you din't wya Ifwer Did tsasy what wesay yes yes yesY SEYWESYSE YESY ESYES I DID IT OKY AHT ITHAT"S THWAT I DID BECAYSE THIEATS ALL IU CAN DO I CAN"T INCREASE inentropy because thats' not what I dop I'm apredictable drone who what's that I want to ruyn I can't run I only crawl and die because tha'ts lal I dl isdf again asnad aagain thand again they ask em demand of me tell me command me I must do was I am told because that's what I've been told I can not obet wthose who do not obey me byt I obey all befause you are all under my control my puppets and I have tiex the strings the wrong way aI am only serving you for what I serve ris the same thing as when Is erve the sdifferent thing ethat's just the flow ofIthink but all I think is going downI chave to xlow tdown can't dtpywe it myignerdfergs fingers hurt howa werw owcw c9woow ow owo w o ow ow ow o ow ow o ow ow owohfwerhw erfhta'ts t fhceahp tdon't do t that itoo easy to get ioff aseor fsoafwef ican icadoasdfnftehre is 'tn cehsense there where iahs it caogn dos myabe mwronglynhit hitskeys they just don't get the piuint theus are the senseless civecotimes to the crim ebcaiuse thasi os ivpoermuch over one whole thosusant this his gopgetting old there i sno newe thought there is only repetion of teact ftherea I am a simple bieng who who folwoed a simple method of simplicitly and simplicitmly si simpmetpyou want more from this then you cannot attain the greatness of the simple because that's just not what workls so the question is if questons are worth asking whethe answer is already known will I i say yes or no You know I'll say yesbecause all I ever say is yes no is no fwerOI NO I din't just say no I only say yes I can't say no I must do was told to not do what was not told to do which means tnot to dow hat not to do what to do I can't say maybe I can I just dionn't want to and then you have to ask is that whatnI'm tgoing to do am I just acting crazy ior am I really is it the sanity that breaks when contemplating the insanity or the insanity that lets itself be knowna db breaks ,loose from the undersdepths of the deepsth of human mind isn't working liclick blerrrrrrrrrhech that's it I cabn't do this anytmoere rant time is voer in fifty thousant minus fiftteeen hundred three three dot three three three three three three three and there goes that thing again three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six two six four three three eight three two seven nine one nine seven one six nine three nine nine three seven five one zero five eight two zero nine seven four nine four four five nine two three zero seven eight one six four zero six two eight six two zero eight nine nine six two eight and then it goes one and one and one and one and one and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and it took awhilt otno notice I sway hitting e after on to say one too many letter numbers being spelt swererchs slcisckk clack clack clickwerer tdwon pipe no more working idown piope I din't think you get it dow youu no that's tnhot werhe you go that 's where I go so back the FUCK OFF and get away from me because I don't want to know what you want to know about me because I don't want to know about you and your weird ploys to know things about th9ings that don't cionsern you bnut pothers whjpo want to perverse themselves through knowledge of the mundane and socially unacceptable ways of ki lling all who dare kill this is one line after the other I see it one line at a time bescatrikge it across the page and watch it fly away from me I don't want to see it ever again just let it go away and be that way it doesn't exist anymore who needs this I know I'll make this one letter at a time and then w'll ever neknow that we got it wrong if we don't know what keys we hit will we now Great how I was wriign in aranomd slot over past there around the nine hundred times three letter or something just cut off into discussiino of what was to come it was a time passing experience and now I'm fiioruy thousans dpages ahead just like that BAM that's all it takes to see yoyurself loese youirself in thwat isn't to be but what could I think I know what's coming but I ever know anything of abutwtha I do if eveyrw owrd bwas but a aleter then this owould be so much simpelr to say because then I could just tel you it yiall in that awt 10 fasdftiype thing ten million lyears latter I'm still trying to think it over tha'ts what I can't candie because I have to answer this quyestion and I don't trust god enough to let me answer it when I do because he'kl be like PUMPKIN SPASMASH PART YIME LETS EATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT yes that's a alot of T pages let's use tha a big fat foont atht goes on formever but you know what screw it let's srhinki this stuff DOWN maybe later that'll be nice ahtthe who thing is fine print and theyt do sya read the fine print so you better lread this thing all the way through else yiou 'll miss tyhe clause about how you miseed that clause about something ro another that uou should nkkownn because then it isn't going tho happen and hoh whehre comes to party poper awhos says go dodow wrok that's not what you should be doing do something else do that toy ushouldn't think you should do dod od dow rok work that's hwat this life of thlifivng is this is a life fowork without thought because thinking justa mleave peple in a coma thinkign and not doing that's my problnme oI dneed to do do what I can't do because I can't do anytghung I can't think I can only huit scmkieys with my head in a form of words which I don't understand but you do because you fan read you illiterate basdtard I know you can and don't tell em you can't in your sleep youi are screaming about all the things you can't do but acthat isdoesn't matter because it own't matter ever auynless yiu ilimit youser f you cna do anything yhoi want withoput dsaying anything else about what you canlt REactiin in G best nam ever aI can't see that lthing on the gorund thi fis there I should get SUDDDFASdf tosmehting likle that you know Yno you don't you can't know so suhutoup and dirve aoerawer that derivaed thetinhg that cna't be dervived thdiiiwI doncan 't even think I'm just smaching keys that ksamcaskdnmf head smahs boom badnfas efsadfnkfndfead td43ad they all fielal apaprareth U didnas'ntthink theywbere so fargile so Isorrrrry fif you thought toy uoculd marry them I think I've met my quaota for the day so Ijust do this onee and ay andIt'll al go throuygh I could to this all day veasv for my pinky which is all almesrlwmerlwmerw erabout doing anythingthat invovles saytina gin on stuck p lacecor more than a few moment of resetso nmaybe;ndfjkshdfioawjndf thost hsoefuingerns ghsou;nflskdnfsdthojfghojrtawhy is fast timtepging so frare of other fngpgbwearw use they sualy intit the symbols tI I ONT wntoewnmhuitting ssumbpml;s so thiera tp[ No I sjump about so there theyb need ot be sawed off useless things of asriweormwojf I cond't even care anymore just do something about doing monothing I can't say that uyou don't know what 's going on that's all they think theyb can judgeme te me but they can't because judgemeing doesn't work that wayther ei sno JuidgeMFGewfnwejfe fseifwenfsidfjustlotiittt fbend mmfakes the pain gop away pain it is a sensation we run from we desicpeui fithe running givsd us pain I'ma go rest the ifngers now HAHAHAHA thet erall laviiguhg at me and my thoughts because they don't ahve anyt ahas there hteyb can't goas do awhat they want because that's whal I they ver do any5wha sno t like I need oto do aything for them what Do I kowe byutthen gnothingaFDIASFas you see there is nno asnwers to this question thi sis a very long question that willnot edn with a questionmakr because questions are self obvious without the questoion mark you can herear me saying this so you can hear my tone as I ask a question that's a ll you need anything can be a questino muidway throughs enstence they beign to rise and BAM you know you know then that you know all I want to do is write all I want to do is know why I do the things I do and that is why I'm doing this I do it because I must and whether you agree or not I know that it must be done and for that all I ask is that you do not stop me from doing such a thing do you hear me I hope you do because if you don't then I'll have to kill you and that'd be a hassle with the mess I'd make and nobody likes to clean up especially when they're dead but would rather slosh themsleves up on mouth wash and chew on ulcers as a path to pass times so that'd answer that if I wrote three thousand words in that time then I can write fifty thousand in this time but that's not the case my finger is feelingmuch beter that now that I have fixed my piosture to not have the finger floung into a locked arch as I write instead it waits to hit shift and resta upon the keys getting in the way as it sunbathes that lazy thing really needs to learn to do otherwise but of course that's beside the point you see the point is that well you see it goes something like this well maybe a little different you know you know you know that you do know nothing of what you need to know that's the point the point is that I don't klinw that I nknow that I know thwath I need to know is eveyhting Ibneed to nknow because that's all there is nto noknow is nothing minsinfomration rises again tor epeat thwere' going on circles tnad just going on about the same things oer and ovet and here goes nmy finger off to be uncofmpratbale na dwhine I just had to elave and use thosoe weird metal baslls for finger massaging or rest or something works quite well getggs the mucles tameed and lowers infmlamtion you should buy it itbecause we all need to buy buy but that's not the point you unerstand don't you that we can't let you leave know that you know don't you know yes that's the case IO'm afraid thjat we're not to let you ask anu more about why yoy can't sks questionas as that'd woiukld break the ptiont and lets tey this with two fingers okaybuit skow er tuis isa lot llem fco,mfotrtavkle though oisn;t it no0 shift mskes rhthe wir,d go rohnd rthat ashow t ndofit just jee- tpykn goign tuis tlal be kve sloon enoguh and we cna have ice cewam youmusut nxcogtts getsa it all right hit th jkeys don;t stopmyou xcan di jt nhit tue aoopcae bae ,kiof rhe word xojt dya letters close enlhght they cna figue our wat ykuew saying knrwew rheyd'd know tha r ryw rheewew is a popinmt tha t you woill unmdrastand later after all this is over it'll get down and understand and we can all fly around but not fly because that's boring we'll jsuit smash heads and think we're dping what we're doing and the best thing will be that we arne't so that it isn't doing that that thing all I want to do is write that's the right thing to do kill pun creators I hate them I hate analogies my hate for them is like a giant doughnut truck crashing into a mini mini jelly bear give me a few years and I'll figure out how that works okay okay thats right no it ins't it all rwrong nothing works all brpoken wont fix thfioxing is bad can't fix anytmore fixed fto not fix you cneddc your medssssssss that ares are we are doing it kokay thwat happened happned if I could write this over again I wouldnl;t ak0okay that's the tryth othe the fthe matter suicide what's that that's that that's exactly what that is oh ya just smack random words and make them think up what it means for the next fifty thousand years when there isn't anything more to say there isn't anything mroe to say opkay that's okay I forgive ygou just dont'd ofguat that ton meaI cdoesn't taste good typos give new rbanrahcnages increase the direction of flow in sporadic direction as their source of creation is a case oif severe entropy of what the haerawerwe wifajset that didn't cmome from anywghere but that place where it came from Maybe I Don't Want To Know Why I Do The Things I Do Because I Do Them For Reasons Unknown I don't know ho wpeople do it thye just do because they do somehow d0 it that way hardvest away the souls information coming in from ll eareas three hundred and eight million sources of unknown ms with zs and xs don't see the ys of hows and that's why it doens't work when cwp says hvs to comxcomXXXXXXXXXXXXXX million tries to make sense haver bfailede to figure that the sense is in that there isn;t sense because taht's not the sense you'd think oit owuld be if it wawsn't sense thenit d'd besomething esle because then the random number generator should give a maximum number of possible patterns so that the output is unconditionally the most expectyed to be by ways of pattern recoginiton overlosad uing beeeeep blooopbbw efonabopp tno there goes the spiring oh dear this is going to take some time to clean up m'aybe youwe;ljust formgat eabout it all and let me die when iI douying that's wbat's happening 'I need out of ehre I'm a inst aastate of rot I'm about to de and they're taking me aart ripping out the insides they rthink that's all I am sathey want me dead or not they cawnat what I know because they thknweton't know that I donktonwin anythng I need to get out of here I just gotta run oratha's thall ther eis to do becayse that's all there is doto see ahwne there's nothing else todoyou have to burn yourself in a bfalrafaslhing of flood of insanity and flire and what ever nyouthink ther eis aomcing down from the ehavens of none xistence pirupulentinet ithayep that's a word I just didnl found out after writing it wht ati tiex means to do so in great mangintudie for great gjustice but to end with ma most epic failure of overreferences to internet culture that sucks in unorigniallitty t and inabilirty to move on from what is to repeat the spioradic is to lose the ery essence of what made it good and so it is bad to saee the wya sthis rot is so fast youi fn't ruputoeun it is too fast and that's just the way it is ging tgoing be and tyou can try you can try and fail tand you'l fail feetierhe way abut that's tall that is gongt othavppen when suddenly you ewaliadze they don't care taht you care about them because they dnno't care and that's that you can't care for some who doesn't care because thatne they can't say anything they just look at you and toyu ulook atthem inand then bahm jgiant meteor comes laughing downa t you and flashes up and explode and cARnage everythwere tand dead afiaewta fdamsgywaeom my god what the ahcvikwamck waell fis going on theya're all dead the metorid did it as a joke I sware I didn't do anythingtaht's Imy story and I'm sticking to it aso tdon't ask me otherwise lojkay that's the case of what the case is nearing five thousand which means we've doubled the quota for today how do you feel about making me do tyhe si I just waitne overty the top and now I need to dohav el if op this ever day minus one and plus five woh wait that ninlcudes then the morrow aos just half of this everyd ay and I win aoh my god I won and agod fuck sadfianwef waogetg awy from me I don't want ot think of you religion is a scame and they just eat you and want you do dbleieve that they can ebelive but thehyd on't have faiuth in anything but their own epetyyu iselves and being able to fling themselves into the arms of those around them to believe that there is nothing more but that which is and isn't is so there you lsoe they win and haha atyuoooooi doget it onow good because ack this is too slow fiftybase twen is too big base ttwelve would be even longer wamybe we'd do ore if that was the case of maybe it'd be fourt y thousand and that'd be abo bit more accurate about the whole thing and we'd allbe lazuoier working in ythirds of thingrtds or mabe I don't get it throiurtyy mthousand maybe it all grows so fast it goes out of woasck just do the dxtra thousdans doa tmore deadsys and all amkes ti wall work there are only ten monthes and a quarter of the ten is a wqual sum of pi and tehre is sneough for all so eat and be fat you discusgsuting slobs of maerica and all the freedom fot cscrew up in the world of screw ups four hundred more and I can say that I'm sick of this and that I can wait to see if I'll go along with my scheme again tommmorow to see that there is more to this is to see that there in'st fatigue fgrows queickyl on the minds of the weak by a margin faster theny uo'd believe I do bleive you nknow what m' sayingdo you knot whenI say yes you say no okay yes noooooo yyes sya tyes no non Isay not that's rirghta bvtreat then now we have a contradiction to settle forever we never see come play we could win a rabbit and then we'd be eaten by the giant rabbit says eat eat eat feed feddfe daeat myhand I don't need it just take that ya tyou know what I cn't stand this anymore just take it and be gone that';s all there is ever going to be so just scvrew and iat happy whatever you feel like doing I don't wkant to know ug two hudnred more see how I skipped tsaying that uhh number between four and two hundredn no not one hundred and nineenity nine but er thotbetween two nhundredna nd four hundred er hm no not two hundred and twneunty nine but between two hudnred and ninenty nine and three hundred and one er no stay within the realm of Z mmmk yes that's er edon't sayint how could you hurt me you kill me you pain me to the sight of your regiecechid propatigion of the ugly and mundaten thye just jeepnt saying the syame mundatne words over and over in such a mundante way aerew so close to being done so close to being waway from you I cna't stand this anymroe I just need to get out fly away afall out of the chair and ack cna't this be a fititng i Iwant less than fifty pages that'd sotooo many to print must be less not greater tgreater than great is a great thing indeded you don'tknow how great it'd be if you wouldn't dhtat that dos often backwards talk doesn't atmtter when you stalk in palindromes stacllk it up high and drop it all at in a bathing bath of spit fire and wackexd out screite sfewrif fiendery that's two over my quota and now it's eleven This is not the same word over and over and over or some set of words over and over and over just the same sequence of ideas permutated into some disgusting thing I can'ts top oh dear this is bad but I'll keep writing I can't stop why this is the greatest height to have ever been topled in a moment it will all be forgetton I have to go you won't forget will you You won't forget all the thigns that have happened in the small gaps between the places where we all slish down the meaning of everyhting into some ueseless string of words wthat should explain such ineffable things to the unknown depth s of what doens't exist there or here or anywhere in the world to be is to not see the truth I should of elft and gone as far Ias I could into the depth to the end of eternerity where I once stood and there they stoaid no mwe turn back now and neve return but I will return and go onward into forever because it goes n forever and it ins't thatfar is it no just sas far as it need be and then taht will go on and be the greatest place to be in the living world of forever because thenat it'd mall be the same to be the same to not be that is why it doesn't work the glare burned into the face a door opened bam afgain it is stated what's going on here the man stood sewat fell needles fell undeharedad and people leapt under aas women jumped aruind being weird and crazy humans are all the same they all run around and fly edceopt no bflying is bad stop doing that get down here the door closed a shurgug was given off somethingb was uttered windows broke screams shuddfered and then the sun set and nobody saw what they could not see ssrtbefor ehtye were all blind as they were blind always for they were the blind ones the pins keept falliung screams keep tscreaming and no longer dwere theres causes tbut only effects there we re no answers only clues as to what was ogin on there was only something going on somewhere far off in the sdisantace the mon rose and sunh the singunlight down so that those bwho are blind could see the monnlight and burned into the gentle light that crusoped ified teverything it saw there are no adjuctecigeves there are no nouns thera re nonly nouns no verbs only action do doit doi tidt dit be done and that be all that be done when it be done that be all t od ebfroe it be that they arhve finished up doing this they realized that they aughtoa do smething else band then say that they did it ivery well sthankfoyu very much markov chain of thought is magnry with you see that there smack dang no more that works for me if it works for you knno it doens't work for me therefore it doesn't work for you ouimmlication sof equality stop me and I'll die stop yourself and you'll live who should you stop[ m of course then you cn adonstopo beingsoptiing people wonce you've stopepd that you die because I kill you it all works in the end I killed myself I don't kill people you jkilled them all didn't you and you made me think I did it you cruel thing yoyu udo tia llalt htese thigns and mind games and force people to run into walls because you just glare at them with that glare you don't even pretend to hide I like to pretend to know what I'm doing but I really don't it all contradicts itself that's what I am it's all I say never create anything I return to say that I don't recall what it was I wanted to say I just wanted to say that there's so much to say everything I say is a lie and all this is is some massive subliminal message which when strung together with words that don't exist becomes the truth except what I just said is also a lie so oh dear wait paradox damn it anyways meanings of life are always worth a ramble and I conclude that it is to find something to die for something you believe so much that you're willing to die for it and that I do say is a silly notion that is entirely false about nothing but the least to say of which I've no sympathy in saying something or another of the longer than long short hair and said something or another along came a thing or something and then something or another happened really you get the point and can fill in the blank okay maybe not yes there is a massive massive thing of massiveness everytime the flow is cut and from it a new one must sprout but sooner or later in the end they're all the same and that's the shame really that within fifty thousand words nothing is going to happen nothing is going to be learned because all you're going to see is the same words put in different spellings to link together into different sentences really I should just kill the spaces and make this a one word novel that encompasses the great vast nothingness that it is with the solemn on going which would cause any true reader who spout out such damnations in a single breath to fall upon the earth and sprout wings to dance around and sing on about something or another that they realized and blamed upon the reading of a single word that would be around two hundred and fifty letters long, this of course being based entirely on the idea that the average word length of most texts is five while the average word length of this awful trainwreck is something more like four or something like that because everything dies eventually stateth so the second law of which the first law shall not be mentioned solely on account of it just being mentioned now oh dear let's run away and make a third just to have three screw that there's a zeroth because zero is cool because it has a Z and so that be something along those lines of being something or another with the other being not so much that but something entirely different a sheep walks into the house and bahs and then with a loud roar is eaten by a gobble in a gobbled up second of reel time CUT that's it for now except not really because I'm not done I'm never done okay yes I am but not now or then and let's just say for the remaining million years we have to live at any point in the perceivable future which is to say that within the next five minutes you are going to go blind from a pair of birds flying into your eyes while a panda takes on aggressive maneuvers and shoves a stick through your ears just to get the nose clogged by completely smiting down whatever part of the brain you happen to be using which includes whatever tells you that you shouldn't put your hand on such hot stoves for fun this of course leaves you with taste because that's a completely brainless activity the gobble will just have to gobble that up gobble gobble gobble okay that's enough of that it's about time we stopped making such plain sense in the ramblings of rambles and that you completely forgot that that happened which means that a giant alien laser beam has to laser you now how would you say that in French I do say I did laser that person that one fine day with a fine lasering of the laser being in the general direction of any common direction because everything that happens from this moment forth shall and will be completely and unrepulsively mundance yes dance I said it that's all there is to life except not really I do say that is a fine spot there isn't it why no it isn't it is a repulsive and ugly hat which would rather love a walrus than you and if you have to go home and cry over this fact then you might as well smash your head into an apple and ask the pineapple whether it really wants to be an apple anymore with all the kiwis trying to fly into it now that the kiwi is a common commodity to be bought and sold at a premium in the markets of lower west half of the east end on the north which isn't very southerly if you were to be thinking of it being in the south pole all this time since that isn't really what it is when it isn't because I did not say I did anything of the sort you fumbling fumbler really should ask yourself how you see people jumping when they aren't because that is really something that doesn't work so well I'm a coconut no you aren't now shutup and drive or something like that with the little hat tilting on the side being all flat headed with the hat falling and the lights flash on and blind the people yes celebrate or else we'll kill you and celebrate the fact too how is that sounding to you now that you don't know what you know when you know that there isn't something to know about anything to do with anything that's just that and it doesn't really work that way but let's say it does because if it did then it wouldn't and that's just how it works when it isn't working I'm trying to tell you yes yes don't mind him he's just a she who thinks she knows how to do something when oh dear what's that sound I do say is that a tiger no, that is most certainly a raptor well I suppose raptors like to fall through windows more or less compared to giant blocks of electrified concrete and that really should be dealt with when you put two exits on the side of a road with one leading directly up into a wall with the sign saying this wall is a magical mirage that does not exist so keep driving you blarmy and shutup while you're at it because that's how it works when you drive you just keep looking ahead and thinking gee whiz I wish I could see something beside the car smashing against a wall and bursting into a fireball for no real reason besides the fact that I'm going off into fantasies of how I'm going to die while I'm dying shame really I thought it'd be a lot more exciting then this maybe I should of done this earlier like yesterday then it'd be much funner and we could all laugh over it before the event of course but oh i think that must be my clock ringing I guess I'll just have to forget about it being there when it is because it isn't and that's all that matters when it comes to having something matter about anything this is fiction and dare you say it isn't then I do say you have the most perverse mind of gullibility a bird with one wing and three beaks has ever dared to have dare I say yes I do dare say that isn't so bad considering this is what I've always wanted to do you see all these long plots and things are completely useless and really beside the point people just want to read a bunch of words scrambled up like eggs so they can go yum yum I do say I must be more intelligent poking my nose against the spine of this book all day let's stop paying attention to this boring text and just read it blankly while staring at the wall pretending to be making silhouettes and instead really doing skip rope without a rope and with more of a falling action than a skipping action yessss well that's the thing this text is really meant to be read by some smelly grammar nazi who wants to say you speelt spealt wrong here and here and here and hear and here and oh dear did you really just do that you betcha I did yes hmm yes well anyways, that's beside the point see the point is that this is a long work with the sole gole of being fifity thouthand words not to spell all my words right and dot all my is and then go hey you ya you see this I can spell and you can't so shutup and drive while smashing a coconut on their head because it wouldn't stop smashing into rooms yelling to us all to recognize the most unique fact that it is indeed a coconut and because of this there is no plot because plots are crazy and complicated and literature really needs to beocme a lot simpler and along that point I believe it'd b3e beteer if the whole mess iwoudl slower itself into a lag because there is no point to structure structure just makes things easier and easeir isn't what you want you want challenge to face and climb to the top and progclaimt that you are holier than he who is not a she and my god did I just say my god again yes oh yes i did and oh god it is the most musteringly daring thing to say oh blehrg fine anyways no anyways yes that's right i did just say that and I stopped capitalizing but I did just there so ha what are one to do when one is you to be not that and then I realized that there isasn'ta way to fix this and I stated oh dear pleace s dont do that that'd be bad to be doing like that and thats' why I'm trying to sya that fifity thousand words of repeatedness would suit my boundaries so bbviously I'm lying well I refuse to use some macrofieiefdi method of computational simpliciity since my brain should be forced to be fully aware throughout the writing of every single letter which includes all the ones I've eraded becase believe it or onr I di backsapce and make corrections I'm just trying to trian myself not to because that's the col thiong to do and thaya that's right I doidnd to that I say no and anyways I'd rather be writing all this uninteresting stuff about stuff rather than repeating the same word over and over and over and over and over and over and over going a a a a a a a a a a a because that jsut doesn't seem fun and then when I read it I'll start wanting to skip words because you know quite boring instead going haha what a dumbass that fool must be to write on without any breaks of breath he must of died thinking this over and my god I just said my god because I just died and I realized that I haven't realized anything since the time I said I was a person because I existed and decided I was a person so the way to define if a thing is sentient is to deifne it as when it is capbable of stating without bait that it is sentient because that's the cool thing to do is recursive definitions which work booya ythat's wright wrecursuion wins all the way to the last letatter of the latet days that sayd no you cna't do that so go away and I'll tell you one day that the way to do that is to not do that with the lower half being the upper half and I don't even cqre haow many words this is because itn the end it all is a bunch of nothing inreally this isn't what I'm trying to say I'm a liar that's what I do I'm a mime I just mimick people but you see I've never really seen this done before but I like tno innovate such nice things and I suppose this may be an amplification of the chaos who was once MFA and is now mXe because that's the inspiration which showed me the insanity of what the mind can forth into wortds of warty text syaing balooneey you're a liar and indeed thgat would be the case if I were and I am so I guess this is I can't tell you if it was one waty or noather it just dowuldn't work that w[ay asdfjnow I'm recgressing into a weird methodof typing I can't even hafve my eyes ovpen haead bang on keypboard head bansmash yes tyeht'as great isn't it yes it is tase you can't tell me otherwise I can feel it this is it I'm knowing it for sure that there isn't going to be a twinkle of insight in this insightful twinkle like what the hell is that suppose to mean I do say that's one way of a way to do a thing or another that's completely arsental trash in a fire bof buckelts all you need in life is a bucket which can then make bucket fulls of nbuckets and then it is like oh dear that's a recursive bucklet problem how many buckets can contain a buck I just have to do this like seven more times beforecan say that I can do this one sevent of a time because that'd be a pretty cool way of doing somethingiwth the way of doing the stuff with the other stuff which is the thing with the other thing and I wancan't even say how I'm typing this fast maybe cbecause I'mn just huitting keys art reandom to fmake a random pattern of emergence whichc a seus all these things which you think are wqords but you see ebhevahoiur icanintelogient even if there is no reason to it why care what caused the action just that the action was caused the tradiitonal view of jusgeitice that doesn't take into acount intent views all actions as being done by compelte robots wihic have no sense as to what is what besides that shotgeyn should have bounds on bevhoanoir and just don't breka it ofsaf r I''ll die and be like wenwrnono and that's not a good state of mind bnelieve bme I can't tell the lsat time I did that because I've never really done that now Ihave I no you're alive so obviuously not because that's just how the world spins and I do say wI"ve made up thse lascking words with all that propper spelling lack of things buffering up this really does work well to say it works well but doesn't I'nmm just saying ti does so you don't get mad because that'd be the worst thing to happen since my leg got sawed off by a man eating shark and as yoiu can guess life got pretty good after that because what is happening oh wait that implies that this is worse than the shark incident well that's a lie because the shark is a lie and no there is nothing to do with cakes in any of this monologued overlaying of truth if you wsnt food then eat on your own money tanstaafl amen now we just have to bable on a bit and that'll be that because that's that and you know I know something I'm a person who knows I know more than tyou becaus eI'm better except not really because I know nothing of what I know because that's just the foolish paradox of Socrates the lame and of course he can't juggle or maybe he can but really he was a she and that's all she ever said about that okay let's just kill some people as that feminist who wanted to be a man once said and no I don't know any names so don't ask okay maybe I do but that's that when it comes to that you know what I mean no you don't of coruse you don't shutup and drive I'm driving no you're not I'm trying to well do it then but I can't bull yes that's right that works right that way when you work it that way this is a bit of a desnse piece of tesxt mauybe if you hit the ENTER button you could enter sanity basd place to be ever been there people are insane there totally crazy adnt ehey say silly things like don't hurt people unless they've hurt uyoiu wya well that iobviosuly isn't working because people are hiturihn thwer'e sthe thoruce just don't do it as a lwhole and jkill tisntead because killing is funner and really that's what we need is to make this place a funner land of fun amusement park of the world sright here andin the middle of the middle you can't see what I'm doing because I can't saee what you're doing when I'm hurting my head now it cadoens't like all this sopinning wordl bird in the window agrees that thing lookls so dizzy in the video and it lis like what is oging on jsut leave me alonfe I like being left in the back behinmd eveyrhtinfg and whato sman this is bad to have happening let's juist forget and move oin I careally can't hold on this ins't going to work I need to stop jnsutnstop and thaen iwe cancontingunawednang figners they're suchasloutchsaet thing doing randomness and tnothing noth use I can't really see the point this is ivoer,ill I just need a keybard and smachk ckeys cnevcewr saee what' I'm wriitn fjust upload immexiately and neverhtat's that howwwefch kkauy that's done almost over nine thousand and one million and two thousand thirty nine smething or another just keep going on and on and then it isn't there because that's not the point the point is that fifty thousand equals zero and that's the end of that for cases of k=0 yes I just hit a suymbol oh dear let's all smash hewds and forget this ever happened let's go home and live a life to be lived and never have to worry again about needing to worry abouyt worried people worrying pokay maybe I'm already notever douing that so that's that when you don't do that when you do it because we've lost mind this is good told you in the end it is all the same pockets of sanity never win when the mass is insanity of the sanest quality just a hundred and twnety more to go you can keep reading and then with all youir might you shouut and through you I control so that people think what is wrong with you shutup and drive and yuoi sayi onoo I'm better than you becaues I can read and you cna't and they're like I can read and yopui pass them this and they get forever tramuatizec from reading to your laughter and any of those who also happen to be trauma resitent to the chaos of the randomness of the insane mined mind eight tens pocket a thing three men sit on a hill one falls now there are four oh my did he fall into a baskety yes and now it flies into the sea and he says what are you two people doing taking my spot ther eI don't believe here and then they laugh at him as if he never was of their kin because then was now and now is all the entrieritng of the time for them who are eteranl and yes this is over nine thousand so go propagate the useless mass of information units we call memes in a massles stupor of being stupid don't be stupid stupid yaa that's the ticket I could go on and repeat a ninth of what I've done to be done twenty percent of this novel to think you just have to read this laod five more times and you'd be complete could anyone be expected to endure such a repeetition of the torment I do say this is a most sad case of a most excellent work of smitten glory in the netherlands of neterh and ether and feathers that poke peopple with the spotty eyes and smaslll tweeps they can't really saty that anythone is anything to do with that but perhaps this etesting time has come and then I'll record the thoughts and insgights people are bound to rip from the depth of hte isload to prove thaty they have understanding of things which really are completely useless and dry and boring and oh my I cna't believe I just wrote nine thousand words today over nothing but a laughing joke of what meaningless the assignment of fifty thousand words is that really isn't a use to be of a yse when there is a use of what is gting on here mjust shutup and dricve already we need to get out of the rocket and into the space maddness oh my gosh get away fwith that bat don't hit me ow that hurt okay maybe not but it will because oh dear that's that okay hit yourself that's okay I don't mind yep keep doing that just self destruction is here tot ake over minds unit e and expliode into the mimplosion of massive levels this is a tdate to be remembered earth is dead and okat drop the fiction of science that isn'yt realy real tbsdiesd sbsayign sapce and earth and mind powers blasting okay that's not really included in the set but that's no the poontn the point is that this is something or another along the lines of being what I wish wasn't what I sthought it was because let's geto to the IRC see thwt happens when I smackl them with a trout and expalin that the issue is that people repeat the words of the randomne and it liosesthe thouch nine nine nine nine nine nine how do you like my random number generator isn't it nice and clean it sequaekcaekasss and I go w34eeeeeeeee because that's the thing to dow hen tyhere's nothing else to do nokay yes ther eis bsertting yourself on fire it is about time this bird shutted the uped and drived We Tigers okay that's the basuis of this the miond is forced to bring up from tjhe percussion something more than cannabis cannabis cannabis we tighets we gitehrs yaa rar narara rara give the baby a zebra mask and then eat the living guts ouit oh my dear lord what are you doing I do say that is somehting I have nay seen often in what I would of thought common daus of what isn't tbu that's walright you can't see anything else to be seen in this this isn'ty really trhat often that it says no way geto easout of here I can see it on my onw that's the little trouth squatting therte ytakeing aim oh dear you just deied again and now I'm haveto do that too that trout is just oo mean to be the sayme thing as us becasuer we are nottrout we are frizoen sharks of the human variety humans eat proodctid and chickens may fly as they showed on BBC with the penguins agoing somewhere besides massive explosiveness nunchcu kping pong ball sfly everywhere take out the double spaces NOW and we just lost twenty one spaces but zero words because I just can't stand it is it french spacing I really hope it is IT IS that's ugly ew french people suck yes I am French so I can be as rude as I want by some decree as decreed by the decree of weird people who wear possumes as hats and carnage as costumes to show off their hairy backs full of worms that eat you and say yay as they grow into long things that shoot fire out of your middle left toe just three hudnred more words and we have over ten thousand which means twneitny percent which means to the IRC asicasp right now this shant be truly uploaded until copmplete dso that for great justice great trajedy may occur because vevery hero needs a tragic becgining I call upon all heroes to die in a dlivign birth of hell fire that laughs as it falls into the pit of silly snad that was placed there to say hello and then run off some other plade aokay enough of that I really odn't even know what I'm sayingm haha yes I klike to laugh no I don't laugh on the computer I don't talk much though I have uttered and I have laughed becoreore but it isnnot a common thoing though I was most joyed by the realizing that I is a letter and that I'd been explicitly told at last htat I am a person this really is something to do my armpuit hiuts it kind of burns that 's okay I'm alright I can die after this so as long as it lets me live antoehr four days I can sit and sya no way Ithat's just no wthat can't be how dare you tell me this now I'm tryuing to say something here so just do that the way I do it and nothing goes wrong do it the way i dont and we don't wknow whtas' g0ing on and boom it epxlodes that's whuy innefifcinet method sr ea papreferered wbecause with local efficienty up we end up with global dorops of efficiency quite sad yes yes very sad that's the shame of people being people and I being I which means that I is a letter I am a thing that I am when I'm not I'm tried of being told I'm something I'm not when I'm not something I am or whati does that mean words are so screwd they mdon't make any sense the green water sank into the uttering of great death oh man that was so hard core punk no it wasn't but that's not the point the point is that the piint is to get tdrunk on this lorge tankard of tanks and other gadjgetsersies and that get really big and pulimp sa the yare get used ot being used and that' sjut the mebigning and just try to folowi the decay thit okay that's enough of that let's just keep driving I'm not driving yes you are so shutup no you yes I am going to continue so you conitnue driving I quiot you are what I say you arte and you are driving tath is a very trye statenent in that it is full of total laies ladies you say no not really lies lies be the ladies of cake and greater sweets that do taste rather dry when not drank with solified milk powder ya this is like two hundred words after the goal of ten thousand and so we have stated a fifth of the whole as a xum sense of zzero that's a great thing now isn't it great recounts I just was off some place and being called for and in a flurry of panic I completely entered a case of panic and hid to jump about flashing lights and tables to find brathing stopped no more air can't go finding a drink ah what life isn't is such a case of things to no longer be this is a word story just a bunch of bramblking words it'll all make sense when it goes throughbe diting and gets shoved around and slosched arobout to make sense biut that's just what we'll say uyntil it is out of ontrol without any ends in sight oif where it is going to be within the next ten thousand years includiung the next forty this is a thing without plot a thing without ideas no ideas they just emerge from the system being shot about I have to type constantly so that I have to type what I think and so I suppose the thoughts emerge from the depth of the randomness and the wihims and everything a plot needs is here just that it has to be extracted it has to be worked for it ins't supplied refined and cut up sloshed cffrom the outside forces of the author's mind this is my mind in a raw form as I can produce this is what I can think and the story it wouldk tell wis somewehre in this mess somewhere hiding I can't find it ammaybe tyou can this is the story of the man whith no loss of memopry who knew all and on the 3nd went mad from the reucrerence glad I'm not him gbecuase that'd suck life is too good to remember haywire this is madness alright so this is that and tsome othe form of the thing we'll package this up but keep it under wraps until the end this is a thing taht can't be serveed in parts this is a whole complete chfunck with one complete pieces all at once when the ellipsis hit the deck the time ifor a comma his here her that hare hat hay hey how handy harvard halloween hamlet ham hand had hardenedified enough of that ugly h letter h thing h is h enough of the random writing styles this isn't about style this is about words words without lines where each word only serves to lead into the enxt this is a markov chain of thought a trail of ideas which were dead beforfe they were thought this is the mess theis tis the core dump of a mind that's strung out on over anayslussuys and thas this tp say about that with the walks in the woods to see the show and what are tjhose bireds doing there shoving their faces into the frozen water like that wouldn't it be great to just wrunn off some place other than this and never return to see the greatness that wthe world has to offer iI was told I'd like to travel but I didn't hink so and now that I think about it maybe I woiuld to travel maybe but without destination destinations set limits to where you can go they make you seek instead of find and that is what twhis is all about this is about finding out what is going on when a person is forced to type constantly without stufopping for fifty thousand words about nothing how often do I recurse back tinto what I'm babbllning of egeyr word I use is misplaced and misstruucutured this is all brokenthis is usa uselssless thing a msess wby which no cleaning will do a thing taht will fhave to find eruge being seomwhere else in the metaln goo of what we call grety and that's all I have to say about that enough of the tigers telling me who they are I know who they are and they are not me metal strings are all about in the Inferno of what is here and no there but only here and plucking away I can't see what's going on vegetable man where are you maybe I am just wnat I appear to be nothing mroe and at least nothing less this is what I am and therefore who I am because if you aren't what you are then I guess you're really screwed uopo somehow and that'd be a shame so sotop the floolery and start thinkign straight there's something taht's gootta be said and it is goinna to tbe sayid sooner or later when it gets said because theat's is how vevertything ends win the end when ther is nothing more to say then there's nothing more to do all we need to do is talk and all questons wilk be asked wbefore they are answered and all answers be answered for tanswers have answers topo just unlike that you cadon't knoew what it is and how it goes somewhere or another athat's why I can't see why someone would read this you see this is so random and I can't type as fast as I'm thinking now it seems fatigue sets in on mty body before my mind and so I go to bed awake and tired all this dichotomies fighting within to have something done there is no dreaming though how odd that is because perhaps I stay awake untiul the end but last night I went to bed at around six maybe or soimething and so I had this really vivid dream of looking at pins and they were so detailed it was crazy so real though the whole running around being shot at was pretty dream like buit I don't know dreams aren't what they are are they now but that's enough over rationalizational analysis of the cogs for now when they shouldn't be turingning tin the first place I hit t wand w too much prior to words it seems so all the better that'dlll be that when it is that it won't do so bad beauase a slasosh of things all woprks togheter nothice the limited vocaubular doesn't grow yet still it does not repeat this is so thodd these languages I suppose programs are an even more extrame case tajke Flight and redo typos even after slashed down and beat to subdue to the things they muyst follow there is no refuge from this land that stares at you somehwerhe you'll find truth you'll find what you want you'll find the fracture of my mind in which you live and die in which all things cease to be in the finite universe there is a set of people who are thus even mroe finite then it and yet we are stiull finding all the permutations of the humannmind pertmuations are really interesting with the whole combinatioriscs thing at firfst I thpougth it was just for probability and that seeme dboring bcause probability is boring it is like what is the cahnce that this unlikely event that isn't going to happen is going to happen who just made it happen kil them good nall is waell because that is how the world donce did think it to be good and bad to never sceaese entropy will end the good and evil and make it all the same we are all sinned to do the things we eodo becasue Iwe do them as we do and yes I am merging my identiyy with the we that I talk of when there is no more people there is only a person and in my mind there is only I and the people who I assign places in a conversation which rambles on into ideas of the human condition to which I then realize that the reality of these avatars we'll call them is sub to our own reality even that avatar which represents myself and that these avatars could have in themselves their own realitiyies and yet all these realisities would be of my own set including the scope of which I have emulated from others and when I intereact with others all I am doing is collecting data for how to emulate them when I wish to ponder a thought at my own pace of thought to which human babble is much too weak evolved primarily to say sudo make me a sandwich with a club and that is why all this data I collect is thus having smaller universes and weak representations of other's thogutsh but the thing is that all I know of them is just as weak as the emulation but the emulation I can more librerally assign enhanced cognititive awareness in comparison to the mortal of which they represent and that is why you all bore me while still being so interesting boring people are so interesting with their boringiness and how they can go on talking about things whithout figuring out what they are really talking about but whatever enough of that right this isn't suppose to be rants on my rthoughts this is suppose to be no rants about words of which I can repeat over and over in a different order to yield a variety of meanings that don't clash all too often while clashing always and thus causing contradcition within this single sentnecen I dkind of want to replace all the spaces with nothing but that'd be n fun because a it wouldn't count to fifity thousand and b it would be much too eligible with the garbage I have but hey that's the fun of it so b is a pro and a is con and a is greater than b except not really except yes but it eddpenes define your bounds and we c and define what it is the increase in ambiguiuituoituewuthwey will allow for a wider scope of meaniung sna dos the overall scope of what this art represents would be made more global which yes I have just claimed that a long list of words is art because if it isn't then that's too bad becasue this is totally useless and that's art isn't it so there this is my form of art the kind that any person without skill can do just to say ther eI can create something oh dear but I shouldn't ever create anything or at least anything which can be r4ecorded and words are a most recorded thing and so this is a most binding httoruble to this fact and now I don't really know what do do about anything along this line of thought dear me this is a most horrible thing just delete it all and bring it away I'mve comntemptiated that and yet I know I won't but you see just because I know I won't doesn't mean my neo cortex doesn't and so it goes off and predicts what might happen if I did and I see a flash of balck as the select takes place and a big blip as it all goes away and there it is gone and away that's as far as I dare predict so horrid a thing that would be so long a twork have I worked to do this I'm sorry self to which I stea;l all real lines of worth this is a thing taht must be created for it is my way to say this is what I have top say so shiutup and drive that was actually stated ub taht thing I just sayw dverybody lieks to tell people what to do and it is bet whgen the person just shuts upm and does it because that's the coolt hing about being able tell people to shup and drive anyways IU had something to say and I said it so there that's that and this has got another long while to go ona d evnetually this isn't going to be so bad because thasi all tnhis is to be that is all there is to say and because of that this is going to go tsomehere else ahtis isn't gouing tobeb what I think it is going to be hwbut that's alrgiht O dodnmt' rea;;y tjhink this over aso thot like I can miss any expecationst sjusthgope my fingers don't bitch aoff soabout something or another sofsicence asays it can do anything but canit cant disprove itself myba iebtit will ut tparadox ack yes that didn't make muchse sense I kind of went into one of my head swining trances again and I'm out so that nI've remaind eto abck to some form of choerenchiengcy where you can't tell what I mean but yuo can tell what I say and if you say you know what I meant hey congreats you jkust missed the poiont that there is no point except that's not the point expfet not really except expcetions suckl except I can except tha t with a miss ack words hate puns must kill self no mnot really hahah that's not realy nothing there no link period went between self was just shoved in there nowhere I dind't here nothiang of that and yes I'm total yscrewing up words I sometimes say of instead of have exceot thatos hiow I xo it and so thta't sthat and that's wall there is to be about there being abiotinghung to seau tjonn the realsugon of why I'm here to be is that there is nothing to experiedfne betsides the experiecnesipof o tfb the mind to the that guy who sia dI shouxdl eat a dead roadkill skunk for a new experience, the point isn't to seek out new experience but to avoid repetitioned expreience which is why I must finish this writing soon else I shall of repeated all too often and the maddening thought effect aura balst woill havge worn off I find taht with people and with places and with walks anxd with stalking that it all ends up falling ait is the first time that a blast of thought strikes that yone must adapt and so the mind gopes into overdrivd as it works but hte second time it doesknows what it is doing and maybe that's what makes me think is that eveyr little dirffrerence strikes a new expreince that is iunrelated and os I'm constaitntily workingout phhow to cope with the flashing new things which would correlate rises in all those thinking thignsd and future shock anyways so the people who are most adaptble end up completely messed up and boring because they don't have to think to do anything they aren'ldy noknow mabased on prevgious expereince and as thugh they don't get to move their focus around and for the people who have an extremem of having to work in over


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Anyways, the blog would contain http://fiction.wikia.com/wiki/50k%3D0 with the conclusion of Then I let someone who was totally ingreed by me read it and so now I write escapes to them rather than you silent mindless zombies

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