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-0NL1N3- posted on May 02, 2007 at 4:13 PM

Hallo thar.

Recent Edit:

Winzy, woot.

Don't ask about the title. I'm not good at naming things.

Misc. Stuff: Speaking of naming things, I made a new song in FL Studio and I named it "Sinister Intentions". It sounds awesome according to the people who have heard it

Anyone still got a DS? I got an R4DS player and I need someone to play on Wi-Fi. Incase you don't know what an R4DS player is, you can either click on the link or keep reading.

The R4DS player is pretty awesome. It allows you play music, play movies, run homebrew etc on your DS. But most importantly it allows you to download NDS roms and play them on your DS (it's not piracy if you own the real games and I.....ummm.....do >___>). It's fun showing off to people with it. For example, I'm playing Pokémon Diamond and people are like "WTF? That game's not even out here yet!" (I live in the UK).

School Stuff:
I'm currently doing my Key Stage 3 papers (all your UK people will know what I mean) and I've only got one more test to go (Science test tomorrrow, I think it will be the hardest test yet [=(]).

GM Stuff:
Marbs and I are working on a 3D online war-ish game. You can fly a plane, drive a tank, drive a jeep or just be a normal soldier. Seeing as I'm not the greatest modeller in the world, the player will be a ball that you will be able to customize. It may not sound great from this description but it's going to be awesome when it's released. [:D]

Click here for a screenshot of what we have done so far. It's a screenshot of the testing room I have set up. You can see the models. [^^]

Also, I came up with an awesome name for a new website. Sinister Studios (I know, I keep using sinister). It's already taken by 2 other websites but they have different domain names (.com and .net). So I'll have to use something else...

Well, I think this is long enough and it definitely contains content. So yeah, keep yer stick off the ice and watch out for those commies. [:P]


-0NL1N3- posted on April 18, 2007 at 7:19 PM

-0NL1N3- is back.

Hey peeps. How's it going? Not that anyone cares that I was gone (How could you not? [:(]) but I'll tell you why I was gone.

I've been offline for roughly the past 2 months because I moved house. It didn't take me 2 months to move house (so no smartass comments [:P]) but I didn't have the internet. So, I was bored. VERY BORED. Seeing as I was bored, I installed a few games on the PC. I installed GTA Vice City, Age of Empires 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, etc. The point is, I was bored.

So, what's been going on with everyone? I feel that I missed out on a lot of stuff. I got the BT Broadband Home Hub with my new internetz. People living in the UK will (should) know what that is but just incase you didn't, I have provided a picture.

It's pretty cool. The small icons light up green and the phone is almost the same as a mobile (cell) phone.

I just noticed that I have over 3000 hits. Holy crap, who the hell looks at my blog? O.O Anyways, it's good to back.


-0NL1N3- posted on January 04, 2007 at 11:57 PM

I am dead!

Well, people keep making these "I'm not dead" blogs so I thought that I'd go for something different.

I got 2 screenshots of my 2000th hits thanks to myself and DF81.

GM Stuff:
I'm working on V2 of my online engine. I'm adding an account system, chat functions and more examples. I'm going to update it to work with 39DLL V2.5 too. The account system doesn't use a webserver now because I couldn't be bothered with PHP. I'll make that system later. Right now though it just saves the accounts to the server's PC. I'm writing a manual/tutorial for it so that you will know how the engine works and how you should use it.

Life Stuff:
I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I got G.R.A.W. (Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter), Gears of War and Saint's Row. I have Live too, my gamertag is LiamStrawbridge. I'm lucky because my name takes up the exact amount of characters that you're allowed for your tag. I have a gamerscore of 730 so I'm pretty happy.

If you have Live, I suggest that you check out 360Voice.com. Your Xbox 360 blogs about you [:P]. Here is mine. My Xbox 360 likes me. Here is my Xbox.com profile. If you have Live too, PM me your gamertag.

Website Stuff:
As you can see by my new banner, Prixel has a new logo. I made the joypad myself. I got a picture of an Xbox 360 gamepad in Photoshop and used it's design. I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't updated the site with it yet though.

Well, that's my blog for now. Check my comments for my 2 screenshots.

Also, visit Prixel.