64D Summer Competition

Posted by Acid on May 15, 2015, 10:53 a.m.

Forgot about Moikle's community game - definitely do that guys and gals. I'd like to see at least ONE community game come to fruition. Probably still going to run something but I'll do it somewhere else so I don't conflict. Good luck, everybody! :D

Is anybody running one? I kinda feel the itch for an event but I'm not totally sure that I want to put in all of the effort of topping 64DSC if nobody is really into it. It takes at least 2 months to set up a solid event.

Depending on the response I can start organizing a gameplan for executing a fucking huge event but it's really up to the support I can get. I've run three events so far basically single handed and that stuff ends up awesome but sucks during the event. I'm willing to lead everything and take the brunt again. I'm also willing to turn in the reigns and let someone else take over and let me just be support, but I really don't want to put serious amounts of time and effort into things that won't come to fruition or wither away to shit.

Comment here on whether you'd want to participate in two/three months (when school would probably be start or at least starting soon… but a lot of people are out of school by now notmelol) or if you'd be willing to lend a hand with any of the general work.

No hard feelings if nobody is feeling it, but I'm probably going to do something regardless.


Astryl 9 years ago

I'm not really willing to commit to anything for a while, specifically with regard to competitions.

Castypher 9 years ago

As much as I love competitions and community events, I'm going to have to pass this time in favor of work responsibilities and other projects. My lease also expires soon so I'm going to be busy with the living situation.

Alert Games 9 years ago

Are people not yet finished with their exams? I haven't seen any updates to the community game.

Rez 9 years ago

I think I know better now than to make any promises. :(

Quietus 9 years ago

I've been wondering when the next competition would be, actually. I have a feeling most people are too busy, or simply burnt out from game jams. Personally, game jams are starting to feel like a passing fad to me.

I definitely can't participate, anyway. I'm looking forward to Moikle's collaboration project. Maybe we can come up with some other new types of 64digits events…?

Acid 9 years ago

It's all good. I'm going to figure out the logistics and I'll probably let you guys know about it later on once I have sponsors and junk on board - no need to disrupt the potential community game time.

I'm personally done with exams and EVERYBODY should be done by the end of May, I think.

Early to mid August is probably my target date. I have to figure out what I'm doing with Alternare and BASKET first, because I was planning on showing off the game and working on fleshing out BASKET to be a viable toolkit for people to use in their games. I've shown two people and they asked me to help them implement it in their games and that felt good haha

Charlie Carlo 9 years ago

I'll participate.

I can promise to work on some projects at the exact rate that I would otherwise.

Nopykon 9 years ago


Moikle 9 years ago

When is everyone done with exams?

Jani_Nykanen 9 years ago

When is everyone done with exams?
My last exam was in March, so I have a lot of time for whatever this is.