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Posted by DFortun81 on Sept. 16, 2015, 11:18 a.m.

Hey all,

My workplace is looking for more engineers and there are several openings available. If you are looking for a place to work and Scottsdale, AZ sounds like a swell place to be, then submit your application online. If you decide to send in an application, send me a copy of it so that I can tell you what NOT to put in your resume and also if your portfolio is lacking to the point where I know my boss will skip over it.

Software Engineer Job Posting PDF

If you only know programming from a couple of college courses and don't tinker outside of that, don't bother applying. I need engineers that have tinkered to the point where they know what they are doing. I've had engineers in the past that only knew programming from 2-4 year college degrees and had absolutely no general / useful programming knowledge and would rather not have to train somebody in something they should already be greatly familiar with.


Ferret 4 years ago

Well I'm up in Flagstaff, but I'm still going to school :P

Also I think you're link is borked.

DFortun81 4 years ago


flashback 4 years ago

Do you accept remote workers?

DesertFox 4 years ago

I've had engineers in the past that only knew programming from 2-4 year college degrees and had absolutely no general / useful programming knowledge

I know the feels, man. Its not just people fresh out of college though - too many times I've had to work with a 'senior engineer' who was definitely not deserving of the title. One guy got a senior engineer role because he put on his resume that he wrote a book about iOS programming (spoilers, he wrote that book while he was teaching himself the subject, so…)

A lot of programmers are pretty ineffective and it boggles my mind that they find steady employment. They basically do just good enough that the project moves forwards instead of backwards (usually).

flashback 4 years ago

Our work ended up blowing about $56,000 on a contractor for a project whose code was so bad that it all had to be rewritten (costing us about the same amount in rewriting it). Never again.

DFortun81 3 years, 12 months ago

@DesertFox: Funny that you mention that - the previous Software Engineering Team Lead was appointed the position because he was the only programmer at the time. He gave me his "game engine" to work with and I took one look at it and decided to completely rewrite the entire thing. It ran at 24-30 FPS on iOS and he was satisfied with that - when I rewrote the engine two weeks later and it ran at 60 FPS, he told me that I wasted my time, but "good job" on figuring out the performance issues and to not do that again. Funny because I didn't figure out anything, I simply rewrote the thing from scratch to function exactly as they had intended it to.

The team's level of performance and programming ability has thankfully greatly improved since then.

@flashback: I don't believe so, all of the programmers work on site.

Acid 3 years, 12 months ago

How are they with relocation and is there some kind of competency test to prove capability? Short-term contracting potential hires is a good way to get a feel for the employees before you bring them on full time.

I'm interested, but Arizona is pretty damn hot and 3 damn far. :P

DFortun81 3 years, 12 months ago

@Acid: Two of my programmers came from the east coast and I believe they helped with the relocation costs? I'm not sure myself, so I will have to ask one of them. It's a dry heat most of the time, although this summer has been pretty humid. It's not bad when you have AC and live down the street from work and only go out at night. (thankfully, there are lots of night clubs/bars in the area)

Polystyrene Man 3 years, 12 months ago

i'm qualified but i don't know anything about scottsdale. is it a fun town?

DFortun81 3 years, 12 months ago

It's considered "the most livable city" in the United States. There's a strong nightlife in old town. Lots of clubs/bars/hooka about a block from work.

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