64wrimo: Base Camp

Posted by F1ak3r on July 1, 2013, 7:53 a.m.

While http://campnanowrimo.org delights in making cutesy summer camp references, I thought I'd go with another camp metaphor: climbing a mountain1. We'll start here, with the base camp blog, and then make another every week, or at another interval. I'll take care of this week's administration, and then we can take turns doing the following weeks.

Let's use this site to do our chatting and what not, seeing as CampNano's servers are hopelessly overburdened and will likely continue to be for at least another few days.

1 – And then I realised, too late, that a campy metaphor would have been even better!

Novel(la)s, participants, wordcounts

Fenced Fencer by colseed: 341/20 000

Plagued by F1ak3r: 7 659/25 000

??? by hel: 555/25 000

Untitled by Iasper: 5 994/20 000

Ot by JuurianChi: sqrt(-1)/50 000

Anima by Kilin: 7 829/75 000

Ghost Runner by Mega: 2 958/50 000

Sogno Echo by Seleney: 9 027/50 000

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If you guys want I can toss synopsiseseseses and excerpts in hide tags below your stuff.


JuurianChi 10 years, 11 months ago

I'm not sure of what my word count is anymore.

The entire story is junk, but I'll see it finished anyway.