64wrimo: Base Camp

Posted by F1ak3r on July 1, 2013, 7:53 a.m.

While http://campnanowrimo.org delights in making cutesy summer camp references, I thought I'd go with another camp metaphor: climbing a mountain1. We'll start here, with the base camp blog, and then make another every week, or at another interval. I'll take care of this week's administration, and then we can take turns doing the following weeks.

Let's use this site to do our chatting and what not, seeing as CampNano's servers are hopelessly overburdened and will likely continue to be for at least another few days.

1 – And then I realised, too late, that a campy metaphor would have been even better!

Novel(la)s, participants, wordcounts

Fenced Fencer by colseed: 341/20 000

Plagued by F1ak3r: 7 659/25 000

??? by hel: 555/25 000

Untitled by Iasper: 5 994/20 000

Ot by JuurianChi: sqrt(-1)/50 000

Anima by Kilin: 7 829/75 000

Ghost Runner by Mega: 2 958/50 000

Sogno Echo by Seleney: 9 027/50 000

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Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Rules of Writing

Mark Twain's 11/18 Rules of Writing

And Then vs But and Therefore (Trey Parker and Matt Stone)

If you guys want I can toss synopsiseseseses and excerpts in hide tags below your stuff.


Astryl 11 years ago

Genres are overrated anyway.

Anyway guys, I'm dropping this on it's head for a while; I'm working on my game first, and that's only during my spare time. I have way too much to do these days…

Quietus 11 years ago

yeah, this is day 3 of me waking up going "oh shi- i need to release my Completition game first". WHICH IS SO FINISHED KILIN >:(

F1ak3r 11 years ago

Man, it's been too long since I've written like this. Kinda forgot what a rush it is and how much I enjoy it. And it helps that I can type at decent rate these days (I was so abysmally bad at typing during my first Nano that I figured it would be faster to write it out by hand – man I used a lot of pens on that).

Iasper 11 years ago

I've never written something like this before but I'm certainly liking it and the feedback from others helps a lot too :)

JuurianChi 11 years ago

I'm having a different kind of fun with my entry.

F1ak3r 11 years ago

Hope everything is going well with everyone's writing (or other projects, it's good to be doing any kind of creative work)! Two more days and we're moving to a new blog post.

I started on Chapter Three today and a few things took kind of an unexpected turn, but a turn for the better. I've gone a lot lighter on planning for this story than I usually like to, but I think I actually have a general idea for the ending now (it kind of eluded me for the months I was ruminating on this story concept and that's a large part of why I didn't start earlier).

Castypher 11 years ago

For the record, I update my word count pretty much on a weekly basis. Don't worry, I haven't dropped this at all. However, I may not be keeping up to my quota, which is still a shame.

Iasper 11 years ago

I'm not sure why you wouldn't update your word count whenever you save your text, but why not I guess. I'm nearly done with chapter 3 at nearly 3.5k words, so everythint is coming along nicely for me.

Castypher 11 years ago

Because I work in short bursts and I'm too lazy to get on the site.

F1ak3r 11 years ago

It's Sunday evening by my time, so I'm about ready to retire this blog. I may write a bit more before midnight, but for all intents and purposes I wrote 7 659 words this week, and I'm fairly pleased with how my novella's turning out so far. Here's hoping week two goes even better!