.ws domains and GDI

Posted by FireflyX on March 6, 2010, 6:38 p.m.

So I've signed up for one of these recently as I was referred from a friend. The company who own the rights to the domains, known as GDI, say that they are the new .com Anyway I watched their introductory video which was the biggest pile of crap ever, showing sports cars, big houses and telling over and over again how it will all be mine. Anyway I signed up since they offer a free 7 day trial and I didn't see the harm in looking into it.

Now I've learned more about this GDI company, I realised that offering you a .ws domain was just a way to get you interested and now they will do everything they can to get you to take part in their network marketing (aka pyramid selling) even if that means sending me 3-4 emails per day and having some American woman call me to thank me for something I haven't even properly signed up for yet.

However this is legitimate but only works for people who can advertise it to a large number of people, which I would be able to do once I have sorted out paid advertising for my sites. Anyway legitimate or not I still don't think I want to have anything to do with GDI or their products due to their awful marketing strategies. Half the emails they send are claiming to be from my friend who referred me when actually they're not at all. But what really did it for me was the email that I got from my friends dad stating that he had supposedly been referred to GDI through his son. Well that was obviously a fake since they just made up a name for him and I know for a fact that he didn't refer his dad at all. Also a little thing I observed from the email was that it spelt my surname missing out a letter. How desperate is that to try and convince me that it's not an automated email?

So I will be cancelling my account before the 7 day trial is up which is a shame since this could have been a good opportunity if it wasn't for me worrying about all the people that might be sent emails from GDI pretending to be me.

Anyone else had experiences with GDI then?


flashback 11 years, 6 months ago

Cutco tried to hire me. Then I looked up how many times they'd been sued for fraud.

bendodge 10 years, 11 months ago

I've worked for Cutco, and it's not that bad. My cousin makes a living out of it (note that he lives far away and had nothing to do with my joining). Sure, it's a TON of work, but you do get paid, and it's not a pyramid in that you sell actual products, not distributorships like GDI or Mary-Kay.

I've also sold Clear and Dish service, and I think that sales is pretty much all the same. Work really hard, bug people constantly, and get paid.

As a side note, the actual Cutco knives are awesome (they also make K Bar for the US military). I didn't think I'd need any here at college, but I just had my Mom mail some up because I keep wanting them for random things.