FredFredrickson posted on August 03, 2007 at 7:24 AM

Reflect Games Competition

Greetings all! Sorry for the short blog (I just KNOW you guys must love my usual long-winded drivel!), but I am getting out of work in a few minutes, and wanted to announce this here! I am anxious to getting back to posting more blogs here on 64Digits, but I still don't have quite as much time as I've wanted to, and thus haven't been able to get back into this stuff yet. Anyway...

We've got a little competition going on over at Reflect Games, and I wanted to let you all know about it! The competition goes on from August 1 to August 31, and the challenge is to create an arcade game that uses only the arrow keys, space bar, enter key, and escape key. There's ~$20 worth in prizes to the winner, as well as a custom banner made by yours truly for the top two. The three top competitors will have their games featured on the site (and may be offered the chance to make the game into one that uses the Reflect System), and all runner's up will be listed on the site! So if you've been looking for a reason to make a tight little game, this could be it, and I invite everyone here to compete!

Full details can be found on the Reflect Games forum here: And here's the official forum for the competition:
I hope to see some of you over there, and good luck if you decide to compete!

FredFredrickson posted on May 20, 2007 at 4:49 AM

Fred's New Job / FS Beta 3

Top Edit: Falcon Squad Beta 3 is released, and I will be hosting today! Let's frag each other!
Well, I haven’t been able to get as much done with Falcon Squad as I’d hoped this week, but it’s all good – I’ll have a new demo out this weekend. I’ll talk about that in a second though, because the reason for that is that I have gotten a new job!

Yes, my career as a lowly page designer for a real estate magazine is over, and I am now a production artist for a beverage company! It’s really a very nice job, and I have had a lot of fun learning their system, and helping with product packaging designs and such. My supervisor and project manager are nice people, and everyone at the company seems very happy to be there – which makes it much easier for me to be there as well. The only flaw with this new job is that it’s considerably farther away (an hour away) than my last job (20 minutes away), but so far being a commuter hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. The pay is good though, so I’ll stick with it for as long as I can, and still keep plenty of time on the side for my girlfriend, and for my work.

That said, I’ve been working today, and I should have a new demo out for Falcon Squad tomorrow. The new demo will include a lot of user-requested fixes / additions, as well as (hopefully) two new maps to play on, and a lot of fixes and optimizations. I’ll be running a server as much as I can tomorrow as well, so hopefully I’ll see some of you online!

Lastly, I also wanted to say that Aces High Over Verlor Island has made it into round 3 of the <a href="">cagematch</a>; over at the GMC. If you liked AHOVI, show your support with a vote!

Anyway, I’m off to get back to work on Falcon Squad, and also to play some Rainbow Six Vegas later on… just picked it up (on sale for only $39.99 at Target!), and it’s an awesome game. Thanks for reading, and for voting! [;)]

Edit: Oh yeah, one more thing... aparently there is an impostor posing as me over at YYG... Note the neato URL, with replacement characters to make his name look the same but act as another user. I've deleted all his bogus reviews and comments, but if you want, send him a note or leave him a friendly comment on his profile. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. [;)]

You can find his profile here (can't use an actual link, 64D converts it into MY profile!):

FredFredrickson posted on May 13, 2007 at 1:44 AM

Fred's new game is here!

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Falcon Squad (soon to be subtitled)... a little project I've been working on for about a month now.

Falcon Squad is a top down shooter which, when finished, will hopefully include a pretty fulfilling, story-driven campaign mode, a training area, and statistics tracking via Reflect. Right now though, it's only got multiplayer modes, which I am very happy with so far.

...and one last screenshot link! [:P]

Though it isn't without it's occasional problems, I'd really like to see what everyone thinks of this at this point... so please check it out, play some people online (you'll need a Reflect Account), and let me know!

Features · Fully working menu / Reflect login system
· Online multiplayer for up to 16 players, with deathmatch team dm, and capture the flag
· Adjustable settings for the host
· 2 large maps to choose from
· 5 weapons, plus grenades
· Engine is almost 100% complete
· Saves /load player color information
· Dynamic sound system, with lots of great ambiance and sound effects

Fixes in the most recent version (May 13, 2007): · Chat text is easier to read (added shadow
· Team colors are now shown in the TAB score sheet while playing
· New map Grassy Knoll added (smaller than the others by 25%)
· Fixed most / all of the actor_id errors
· Got rid of the show_message() on client join
· Fixed a few tile problems
· Added a version check so the game will tell you if there is a new version out
· Fixed most / all of the string errors
· Reduced EXE size by about 2 Mb
· Reduced total ZIP size by about 1 Mb

Controls WASD - Movement for player / spectator camera
Left mouse - Fire, spawn, etc.
Right mouse - Throw Grenade
Middle mouse (click) - Melee attack
Middle mouse (wheel) - Change weapon
Enter - Initiate / send chat message
F4 - Toggle windowed / full screen
Esc - Exit

Game Info Made with GM7 - NT / XP/ Vista
Runs at 800x600 windowed, start full screen, no resolution change

Download Click here to download! (9.2 Mb)

Note - If you want to host a game, you'll have to make sure your router is set up correctly - this may mean that you have to forward TCP port 27782 to your computer! See for more details on how to do this!

Known Bugs / Problems · Have seen some oddness with CTF flags sometimes
· Some tiles don't fit together 100% perfect