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Posted by Kamira on Oct. 11, 2009, 9:31 p.m.

My last 2 blogs were a bit short and lacking in detail, so.. Here's.. Another blog, only this one is the real deal.

Rather then start with school, I'll start with Gamemaker. I've realized I'm VERY uncreative with making names, which is odd as I'm fairly creative elsewhere. What I mean by this is, My game that's been a "WIP" for over a year still has yet to be named, regardless of having a base storyline already filled up. So I just simply call it TopDown, because it is a TDS.

Currently it is basically just an engine. The storyline is.. I really hate to say this, but aliens vs humans. And there's a ton more to the storyline but I don't want to reveal it as my game is very unmade and the storyline is subject to change.

Things to do before beta version:

-Have a basic, working multiplayer.

-Iron out glitches.

-1 or 2 campaign missions. Which means programming some AI. This and multiplayer also means making a 2 weapon-system, and a sort of class creating thing.

-Noise. My game sadly lacks any noise for gunshots. The rocket launcher and plasma bomb also lack an explosion. The shotgun also doesn't work, which probably means me having to change how bullets work.

-better graphics. Only thing that fits is some of the guns. Everything else is in poor paint fashion.

One thing good about it though is my weapon list. there's..

An alien plasma pistol

M9 pistol

M14 rifle

A Sniper, I forget what I based it off of.

Rocket launcher, that doesn't explode yet.

MP5, which also has a gold skin, and a green skin for me. When you have that skin, you also fire that color of bullets.

Super Laser, which will be pretty rare and takes something like 2 minutes to reload

A plasma bomb launcher thing. It too lacks explosion.

A shotgun that doesn't work

Shaft Equalizer, a laser-SMG type thing

I'd have more but I need to focus on other stuff. You can see a bit more info on the game 2 blogs down.


I don't like my classes this year. However, I do like the A-B schedule, good for putting off homework. Also, 4 periods a day is pretty cool. That means 1 less class a year, though longer class periods.

1A: World History AP

Oh, I wish I hadn't signed up for this. The difference between this class and last years Pre-AP World Geography is pretty much the difference between 5th grade and 8th grade. Actually, now that I think about it, it pretty much is, seeing as AP gives college cred. I'd be okay, though I hate doing essays. Also, the text book. All other classes have nice text books, 10 page chapters, nice size 12ish font, decent amount of pictures, good information that is easy to pull out. However, this classes book is… 25-30 page chapters, size 7ish font, around 2 pictures per chapter(and they aren't as interesting), and information that isn't too great. We also have to read this at home, and take notes which we can use on a quiz the next day. These quizzes are easy 100s, assuming you do the notes.. Which take over an hour per chapter and is incredibly boring. Oh, and theres 10 questions per chapter. Sometimes per 2 chapters. And notebooks count as a grade in here, and I had an unorganized notebook, which was missing some things, and for that reason I got a 60 on it. A 60 on a test grade. So, I'm failing this class because I have an unorganized notebook, something that is unnecesary for the class, much less dominate my grade, since test grades are 70% of my total grade. And it's more aggrevating that this class will do NOTHING for my life. I don't need to know about the early human civilizations, or Greece and Rome. History should be an elective, not a core class. Yes, it DOES teach essay writing. Pulling information out of sources and compiling it into a planned essay. But why can't it just be over… Something we need to know about?

1B: Algebra 2 Pre-AP

Uh. I must say I understand pretty much everything in this class except, surprisingly enough, transformations. like uh.. lemme try to remember… like when you get a graph, and then manipulate it like 3(x-2), and figure out what happened to it. Simply put it's just remembering which operation does what, which I never remembered. Other then that, this actually isn't that bad. But it's a math class so it sucks.

2A: Wind Ensemble (band, the top band)

We got a new main band director. Basically, he's smarter but stricter than our old director. He's also more funny, but hates stand tunes, the awesome songs we play in the stands at our footballs games such as Smoke on the Water, Crazy Train, and Soul Man, to name a few. This means we only learned half the songs we learned last year, which sucks. As far as marching goes, since our section is smaller this year I have to march, which is ok because I don't suck at it like last year. I can remember where to go and what to do, and can somehow memorize music really fast which is pretty weird because normally I don't have good memory. As far as instruments go, I'm renting one of the school's 2 York Euphoniums, which is basically an improved version of a normal Euphonium in just about ever category, and its gold =D. Normally it's given to either the best player, or for seniors, so it'd be cool that I have it, except that the other one was given to our freshman, who happens to be in the lowest band. We have NO clue how it happened. Oh, and the horn I march with, oddly enough, is the worst horn in the world. Back to the band director, I personally think he's a jerk, though not always. He seems to single out my section, or sometimes the low brass in general, when it comes to yelling at people for doing things wrong. He also, for some reason, always tells us to play much louder, regardless of the fact that us and the trombones are playing as loud as we possibly can without sounding like crap, which for me is insanely loud, so it's incredibly frustrating. Last week and yesterday were my first 2 competitions, and we failed, though for good reasons- We had a bad director last year, we're a very small band, and we were going up against really good bands. We were 12 out of 13 last week and 11 out of uh.. something like 15 yesterday. I hate competitions, but playing at football games is very fun.

Our football team isn't so great either. We've only had 2 wins this year, and something like 4 losses. Last year we were 3-6 I think, which was the best we've ever done. Everyone blames the coaches, seeing as they're the only constant since each year we get new players. Last game was really fun because we were losing until the middle of the 4th quarter, and it was our rivals we were going against, so beating them for the first time in a couple years means another reason for us to say they suck. Oh, their band sucks too.

2B-Web Mastering

Web Mastering is basically where we'll learn to make website with html and flash videos, so a class that's teaching me stuff that I need to learn. And being a tech class, it is also VERY easy. it's around 30 minutes of work, then an hour of playing Counter-Strike. Fun. Speaking of tech classes, we got our Tech Systems teacher from last year fired and banned from our school district. Lol. I LOVED that class though, and will never forget about it.


Lunch really, REALLY, sucks now. You get last years lunch, and make it even cheaper, and "healthier". They only have chicken wraps a couple days a week, so I can't rely on them. And their pizza is sometimes really bad, which it's bad normally, and for a week they changed it to WHEAT pizza, which was so disgusting I started bringing my lunch. Also, no more vending machines. Now my lunch consists of cold Tombstone pizza, and sometimes some Mountain Dew. Which is awesome. And lunch lines are way worse this year. I had to wait 20 minutes for my food once, and when you have a 25 minute lunch… yeah. They quite wheat pizza so it was expensive, so for once going cheap was the way to go.

3A-Spanish 2

This class has been a bit weird seeing as a month into the class, my teacher disapeared. So we've had like 2 weeks of substitute teachers, which means no learning, no work, just hanging out. Sadly this is my class with the least amount of friends. Mi zapato comió mi casa.

3B-Chemistry Pre-AP

Chemistry was ok up until this weak. Then we started talking quantums, and Schroedinger's theary of uncertainty, and something like there's an universes for each different action, meaning you'd get a number of universes that's literally infinite. Oh, we also talked about time travel or something like that. And this was all in a day. So talking all about that pretty much screwed up my mind, though at the same time made perfect sense. Also Schroedinger's cat ate a spaghetti.

4(every day class, though 30 less minutes long)- Engish 2 Pre-AP

I really regret taking all AP/Pre-AP, with the exception of Spanish. English actually isn't that bad. We've read Oedipus Rex and Antigone, and we're working through Julius Caesar. Hard to believe the years already a 4th over almost.

Here's a comic I drew in 8th grade.

I've drawn over 130 episodes of that but only 10 or so are on the computer.

The weather. All summer it was blistering hot. Rarely cloudly, no rain, hot and sunny. Then 2 weeks ago. All clouds, 50% of the time it would be raining, and cold. Well temperatures in the 60s, which seems cold when it's been summer forever. Yay rain and yay cooler temperatures.

Hard to believe school will dominate most of this blog, so I MUST think of something to write.

Halo: ODST. It's a good game, but certainly not Halo3 good. The campaign is shorter and not as good, but still fun and enjoyable. The SMG and pistol are awesome, and it's nice they put brute plasma rifles back in, though at the removal of normal plasma rifles and energy swords, due to lack of elites. Though you do see dead elites and drained energy swords. Also phantoms are the most annoying thing in the world. And you can assassinate engineers. Firefight is sadly either too easy or too hard, depending on skulls active, map, peopel you're playing with, and difficulty. The new Halo3 maps aren't that great either. Heretic is Midship, and Citadel is ripped from campaign. Longshore is the only true new one, and is pretty cool, though too small of a map. I was hoping for it to be a large sized map.

Modern Warfare 2 comes out in a month. Sadly I won't be able to preorder it. Me and a couple friends were going to do Gamebattles on it.

RC had the best chain of typos ever. No single typo was hilarious, though it's quantity over quality.

Greyson says:

At least I still had reviewer privledges



ohwever i'ts s[elled


holy that was a typo


*lol instead of holy

I'll have to cut this blog off short due to AP World History notes. Due to stupid PSAT, I have to do them by Monday as opposed to by Wednesday. :(. I'll probably make another blog, or add on to this one, to add anything I missed. Oh, and Louis gets his pills. PILLS HERE!


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world ap history is interesting but there is too much to learn and that's why it sucks

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Here's what I'd do to name your game - gather a bunch of relevant words, whip up a random generator to grab the pre- and post- parts of a two-word title, and print out the top 20. Then choose! You get some interesting, unique, and weird combos.

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^ This man speaks truth.

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Yeah I didn't bother adding the accent on that, I'll go add it on.