Commander Moikle Wants YOU!

Posted by Moikle on Nov. 30, 2013, 7:15 p.m.

to let him use your username in his 64 digits XCOM series.

I am planning to do a playthrough of XCOM Enemy Within (the expansion for Enemy Unknown) using usernames from 64d as squad members. I will be posting videos (or maybe just a Shennanigans style screenshot blog of the playthrough where you can see how long I manage to get your characters to survive on Classic ironman difficulty. it also might be worth mentioning that I have chosen to play with training roulette, which lets classes randomly take abilities from other classes, it should spice up the squad a bit more, but I don't think all of the abilities are randomised (so there will not be any useless snipers without that golden squadsight ability)

For those who don't know, XCOM is a turn based Squad strategy game where you play as a commander, leading the XCOM project, a top secret (I think) government organisation set up to stop an alien invasion. Think MIB but with a much higher casualty rate.

This game is hard, you have to plan ahead and a single messed up plan could mean losing your entire squad for good, and failing that mission, causing the world to lose faith in the project.

Here is a video of the first mission (it chucks you straight into this before you get a chance to customise characters) so you can get an idea of who you want to have your name, and to get a feel for what the game is like. the actual series will probably have a different format, and I will provide a voice over for it, explaining my reasoning behind most moves.

so the characters can be renamed and customised, but I do not know of any way to change gender, nationality or class. Here is a list of the team members so far

This is the team I have ready to be taken by you guys

[ Squaddies, leveled up from the first mission]

Fang Yin Liu Stevenup, Assault, F, china [wounded for 17 days]

Youssef Ghaffar Iasper, support, M, Egypt

Tareq Haddad Acid, heavy, M, Egypt

Analucia Medina LAR Games, Sniper, F Argentina [wounded for 5 days]

[Rookies, not leveled up, class not discovered yet]

Ying Ye, F, China

Aba Farisani, F, Nigeria

Kenji Tanaka Kilin, M, Japan

Wendy Russel, F, USA

Carlos Moreno eagly, M, Argentina

Yue Wan Cheng, F, China

Carol Gordon JuurianChi, F, USA

Amitabh Dasgupta Toast, M, India

[members in reserve for when I get a character that matches what they ask for]

Eva-Unit-01 wants a male sniper

InsertNameHere didn't seem to mind what character he was

comment if you want me to use your username, and tell me which squad member you want to be, and what you want to look like (race, hairstyle (this option is kinda limited), helmet style, armor colour, facial hair, and hair colour). keep in mind that I will need to hire more people later, so I need quite a lot of people to replace the ones that inevitably get brutally murdered :(

oh here are some images of the helmets and hair if you want to pick one specifically

that is not all of the hair/helmets, but I can't find a picture with all of them.

(someone needs to wear a fedora…)

I might also go on teamspeak while playing so you guys can listen to me cry when one of my favorite members gets run through.

Oh and one more point!


it will run on most computers. If you like turn based strategy games, even a little bit, even chess, you will (probably) love this game to bits


Eva unit-01 10 years, 6 months ago

I still haven't beaten XCOM: EU just because of the immense stress it puts on you when you have a squad of elites that's been with you from the beginning, and all of a sudden they start going from badass to vulnerable when the aliens start sending all these super units at you and shit. Last time I played, I almost lost my best sniper.

Doesn't make it any easier that I started that game on Ironman mode. Probably a bad idea, lol.

It'd be cool to see if I live any amount of time. I wouldn't mind what character really. Just some random black guy and sniper class would be sweet.

Moikle 10 years, 6 months ago

Cool Steve gets to rush in and pop aliens open with a shotgun

oh and I can change race to whatever you want, just not the country of origin. also I cannot guarantee what class you will become

JuurianChi 10 years, 6 months ago

Carol Gordon, F, USA

Acid 10 years, 6 months ago

Tareq Haddad - Bottom Right Corner

LAR Games 10 years, 6 months ago

Analucia Medina, Sniper, F Argentina [wounded for 5 days]

Snipers are cool. :P

Iasper 10 years, 6 months ago

Can I be Youssef Ghafar?

Castypher 10 years, 6 months ago

Hahah, this is interesting.

I'll take Kenji Tanaka, with the top row, second from the left. Because who doesn't want to see a Japanese dude in sunglasses?

Oh wait, a Japanese dude in a fedora.

That is so fucking tempting.

Powerful Kyurem 10 years, 6 months ago

Sure, you can my nick. Then again, it mighr look kind of silly in a game. A character named 'insert name here' lol.

LAR Games 10 years, 6 months ago

It'd be kind of awesome if you made a video of you playing with the 64digitized characters.

eagly 10 years, 6 months ago

I'll be Carlos Mareno.

Caucasian, with a green beret, please. Green armour too. Clean shaven facial hair with brown hair in a short style (you can choose).