Posted by Mush on June 5, 2007, 11:53 p.m.

(people who either a) don't care or b) have a short attention span: look at picture then leave. Others: read on.)

Like I've stated in a previous blog, I'm going to change the art style of the game I'm currently working on, to Isometric Pixel Art.

Here's a sample sprite that will be used in my game:

Noodle Nog:

The exact angle for accurate isometric is 26.565° (but since MSPaint isn't that accurate, I just round it up to 30°)

JakeX & firestormX:

Thank You





Anyone who cares:

Iso-pix Tut


I like goat cheese


My vision is starting to blurry from being on the computer for so long.


I have a girlfriend!

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Criticize/Praise my sprites in your comment…


Kenon 17 years ago

not bad pixel art.


[deleted user] 17 years ago

vegan cream cheese
How does that work?

But anyway, that pixel isn't bad, nice work. You shouldn't use MS Paint for pixels though, use GraphicsGale instead, it's MUCH better (and free).

Polystyrene Man 17 years ago

If you're just getting started, that's very good.

I second what Vox said. GraphicsGale is the best.

marbs 17 years ago


Kaz 17 years ago

Heh, that's how I started pixeling, though I used 26.5°. I only did it for about a week though, it wasn't as much fun as programming.

Shork 17 years ago

The appliances look good, but the depth seems weird. Aren't most appliance up against the wall so that the depth is the same? It looks like the fridge is 6 inches away from the wall.

blue213 17 years ago

Nice art. Simple but effective.

rockyran 17 years ago

That's nice pixelart for a first try, but DO get GraphicsGale. You can't do decent pixelling without it,

Oh and visit http://www.x-panded.com/pixeldam/index.asp

It's a pretty good isometric art place. You can get loads of ideas there.

Oh and visit


^That's my first building contribution to Pixeldam :D

god 17 years ago

The Fridge should be aligned with the oven.

(The backs should be the same.)

Mush 17 years ago

I made the refrigerator thinner on purpose otherwise it looks to bulky. Imagine there being a gap between the wall and the back of the fridge.