RhysAndrews posted on December 23, 2009 at 8:34 AM

Is there anybody out there?

Just doing a head count...
This place feels a bit like it has been hit by a blockbuster disaster and there's just a few people walking around looking for lost relatives....

So who's actually out there?
Freddy McFredrickson? Pandaroo_Fang? HOly crap, who remembers Pandaroo_Fang? Did anybody NOT hit on her? She was hawt. Melee-Master? FSX? *sigh*

Oh well, Game Maker 8 is out now with a schmexy new logo (thank goodness Sandy listened to the overwhelming response of the first logo candidate, I hope the original logo designer didn't kill himself), so I'm enjoying that. I hope you can call that activity.

Oh crap, gotta go to the pool. Merry Christmas if I don't get to speak to you before then.


RhysAndrews posted on December 20, 2009 at 10:20 AM

WTF (RhysAndrews)

Well, shaith.
I haven't touched this site since June 10th, 2008. Well to be fair, I *tried* to touch it but 99% of the time, you guys were doing some sort of server move or suffering some sort of hack-attack. Looks like things are *working* once more.

I must admit, this place feels pretty baron now that it's fairly defunct. It reminds me of Good Burger - the big guns come in (YoYo Games / Mondo Burger) and offer bigger services (burgers, game publishing). The only difference here is, Good Burger was a shit movie with a boring storyline.

How am I? Glad I asked myself.
I am doing really well. I finished school in 2008, around September. I LAN'd like there was no tomorrow (even though most lan parties continued into tomorrow) and suffered a few personal issues, before having a job thrown in front of my face to distract me from those issues - a bit like distracting a fat guy with a sausage.

I now work full-time at a private school, as the "IT Maintenance Douche" as some like to call me. After all my years of hating Apple, I never knew I'd be managing a school with 95% Mac and 5% PC. And admittedly, they ARE much easier to manage than a PC network.

And what of game design, I ask myself?
I'm still passionate for creating games, I just have no freakin' time. I miss my days and nights of acting professional with GameCave, and later my own solo projects (or collaborations). I still have a fanbase for Caveman Craig, and I'm still (very surprisingly) getting daily sales of CC: SE - with a seemingly large anticipation for Caveman Craig 2's release.

Tim and I are still planning to complete Caveman Craig 2, I am just waiting for Game Maker 8 (PNG support, sweet mother) and a bit of juicy motivation.

I've also been doing bits and pieces on a zombie game (any developer has to do it) called "Oh No More Zombies!" (Lemmings reference). It's a basic wave-based survival zombie game, like any other. Buy weapons, look at gore, rofl at the lack of intelligence the zombies have... y'know, nothing new.

Beyond that, my main focus is getting my driver's license, working on maturity (not that it's a problem, but there's nothing wrong with trying to mature more.. . . ), and just consolidating my future. Appopriately titled by 64Digits, I am an "Old bean". =(


RhysAndrews posted on June 10, 2008 at 7:29 AM

RA - New Project

Hi guys.
Just to let you know, I've started working on a new solo project. It's based heavily on my Extension 2 English Major Work, which is lightly based on Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

I'm not so sure about what the game will turn out like, it may be a simple platformer or it may become a bit more of a thinking-puzzle sorta game like the Chzo Mythos series. However, it's my attempt at doing my own graphics and animation, as well as level design (blegh).

The idea is, you're a guy named Hope, who is in a society that you hate and you rebel against the society and escape, and find yourself in a natural sort of world.

Rhys Andrews