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Posted by SixWinged on May 16, 2009, 6:25 a.m.

I was banned today, in a Jesus like fashion I have risen from the dead… OK, perhaps I'm not quite as amazing as Jesus, but the point still stands.

So for some reason I was banned, apparently that reason was "Harassment", although I got no prior warnings, in fact I haven't even been on 64Digits in the last 2 weeks or so. I also noticed TDOT to be banned earlire too. I'm guessing there's a hacker or something in our midst, either that or an admisistrator/mod has a serious dislike for me. =/

Anyway, I spoke to Eagly and he cleared it right up for me. :D Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

My absense can be explained, school at the moment is taking its tole on my free time, sadly I haven't been able to hang out on 64D and probably won't get another chance until next weekend or maybe even the weekend after that.

So in the time I do have, I've been keeping up with my favourite TV shows and I managed to see a few movies. Sadly all my shows are ending, some for the season, some forever. :( Prison Break is now over, which is a shame because I was really enjoying this season. Scrubs also finished forever, both of the shows had finales that wrapped them up quite nicely, I'm happy they managed to give them some closure. Well, I was a little disturbed by the way they ended Prison Break, but I'm going to pretend the flash-forward to the future never happened. The Lost (which still has a season left :P) finale was one of the most amazing episodes I have ever seen, re-enforcing the fact that, even though the majority of the time the show just seems like a giant headache, it is by far one of the best shows, I have no doubt the writers will be able to answer all of the questions they've created in the final season.

As far as movies goes, the only good one I've seen recently was Angels and Demons. I know most people who read the book probably disliked the movie as it wasn't exactly true to the novel. I actually thought it was great, I wasn't expecting the movie to be a direct translation of the book, I'm just happy it was nowhere near as bad as the Da Vinci Code movie.

Hopefully I'll be back here at 64D soon, if anyone wants to contact me I'm usually on MSN, might not reply straight away but I generally have it on in the background while I'm studying.

Take care,



eagly 15 years ago

Never fear, citizen!

I was invited to go and see Angels and Demons yesterday but I turned it down due to the horrific acting in the Da Vinci Code. Gosh, it was really bad.

Star Trek. Now there's a film I want to see, pretty much because it has Simon Pegg in it (and Sylar from Heroes).

V 15 years ago

I had the same issue a week ago, random ban - had to get DF to undo it for me. Wierd, huh?

TDOT 15 years ago


I figured it was probably a hacker or something. I wonder how long I was out. I only noticed it last night around midnight.

Leyenda 15 years ago

you never explain why you are banned. Who said you harrassing anybody? Which moderator? Do we have a moderator with drinking problem? lol…

Rez 15 years ago

Simon Pegg is in Star Trek for about 2 minutes. =(

Jabberwock 15 years ago

The new Star Trek sorta sucks, you should know. :(