V posted on February 03, 2011 at 11:33 PM

[V]I figure I should say something.

I'm still alive. Never did stop living. But yeah, I still exist. Ain't that cool? NOW THEN, nice shiny V3. Never thought it would ever show up, but here it is. That's pretty nice. Uhh, christ, what else to say. Finishing up community college this year, lots of C++ and Oracle coding. And time. Way too much time. Yeah. I'm still lazy on the side of making things to a certain extent, I guess.

Oh, and I guess Cyrus is a pretty important guy now. Pretty cool, I guess. Christ, I'm waiting to start going on some tangent, rambling on about BACK IN MY DAY WE HAD AWESOME LITTLE RANKINGS AND RPGS AND SHIT and have people riot for those days back. Or not. I'm not legitimately certain whose still active or popular in the community. Not that it really matters, BUT REGARDLESS.

Oh yeah, creepy pasta is good stuff. Marble Hornets, Haunted MM, the whole shebang. Makes me want to try and make my own sometime. But the lack of a camera or cash or anything like that seems like it would be fairly difficult to do. Oh well. Who wants a spare programmer that isn't really all that amazing compared to some others but can code a bit?

Oh, and uh. YEAH. Still doing my grind.

V posted on October 26, 2010 at 6:18 AM


If you're reading this then you've found the secret message.
This is the last one i can send out.
I am not dead.
its sitting right in front of you.
You are meant to survive this, you can't give him what he wants.
I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no more link now, he was the last thing that stood between you and IT as some kind of conduit. that conduit is severed now.
there is notConsider this the REALhing that is separating you from him, he will try to get to you, It will try to break you, but you have to remain strong, you cannot it.
It is sadistic.
It will try and give you guys a fighting chance like it's given everyone else.
it wants you to try and resist to try and be fooled into thinking that you have any semblence of free will.
do not buy it.
do not believe it.
It is always watching, and it will lead you iTruth.txtnto oblivion if you let it.
do not be fooled, if something is too good to be true - be wary.
you must use this overconfidence and systematic prediction against it.
I do not know.
that is something that i could not figure out before the end.
even now, its allowing me to reach you, through this message.
Your first instinct may be to assume that this message has been tampered with, but then you may not really understand who It really is.
It wants to play, it wants a challenge.
It has led you thWhat are you talking about?is far for a reason, but now you will be given the means to fight back.
I say let Its arrogance be its undoing.
There are strength in numbers.
you no doubt have others who will help collaborate with you.
there are those who have left behind clues subtle enough for It to not realize their significance.
they may help you if you can find them.
combine your brains together, starting with the recent "glitch", compile every bit of evidence you have and share it amongst yourselves, and you may gain the upperhand yet.
Do not ever let It use you.
It thinks It is in control, yet despite all the omnipotence in the world, there is nothing more dangerous than the illusion of compliance.

- Ifrit,



V posted on June 24, 2010 at 3:12 PM


So yeah. Blogging. FREAKIN' AWESOME! Cool.

So how's everyone doing? Here's my blog. Not much has been going on. No girlfriend, and after most of the drama I've had to endure over the past 3 months, I couldn't give less of a damn for a woman. Warm place for my dick, not much else benefit. Still doing college, got a job now as a bagger at the local HEB. So go me, I have an income. Not much else to say, to be honest.

Actually, there's quite a bit to say. I could bore you all with the sheer volumes the drama I've been handling right about now, but I'll TL;DR it - People are fucking morons, and will cling to whatever stupid amounts of bliss they can get a hold of. I fucked over whatever chance I had with my previous ex (even longer story behind that), but I showed her the fact that she fucked up, and she has to understand. Yeah, it's pretty boring to be honest.

Classes are going... Well. Sort of. It's not terrible, but it's not too good either. I need to learn how to study.

I'm considering picking up gamemaker again for this interesting project I dreamt up the other night, I'm just waiting for a certain someone to get his engine finished, so I can pick it up and go from that, rather than constructing my own engine and spend forever and a half getting it just right, before I even start the game. Should be an interesting project though.

That's all I really have to say for now. Digging the new layout quite a bit. Good to see the place is still alive.


EDIT : I figure since I still have a metric ton of old projects with quite a bit of work in all of them, I'm thinking I should release some engines of some sort. Maybe 64quest. Definately the engine to my rpg. Along with that remake of my first game ever, as well. I got a lot of stuff I could release for ya'll, maybe help some folks. Would that be cool?