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[V]I figure I should say something.

by V

Posted on February 03, 2011 at 11:33 PM

I'm still alive. Never did stop living. But yeah, I still exist. Ain't that cool? NOW THEN, nice shiny V3. Never thought it would ever show up, but here it is. That's pretty nice. Uhh, christ, what else to say. Finishing up community college this year, lots of C++ and Oracle coding. And time. Way too much time. Yeah. I'm still lazy on the side of making things to a certain extent, I guess.

Oh, and I guess Cyrus is a pretty important guy now. Pretty cool, I guess. Christ, I'm waiting to start going on some tangent, rambling on about BACK IN MY DAY WE HAD AWESOME LITTLE RANKINGS AND RPGS AND SHIT and have people riot for those days back. Or not. I'm not legitimately certain whose still active or popular in the community. Not that it really matters, BUT REGARDLESS.

Oh yeah, creepy pasta is good stuff. Marble Hornets, Haunted MM, the whole shebang. Makes me want to try and make my own sometime. But the lack of a camera or cash or anything like that seems like it would be fairly difficult to do. Oh well. Who wants a spare programmer that isn't really all that amazing compared to some others but can code a bit?

Oh, and uh. YEAH. Still doing my grind.