Vista is an idiot. Bill Gates is an idiot. PCWorld is an idiot.

Posted by biggoron on May 31, 2007, 9:37 a.m.

Vista is an idiot
Stupid registration. Why the hell should I have to register an operating system? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Vista is, hands down, the worst operating system I've ever used. It's almost the worst anything I've ever used. 500MB memory consumed on standing? How the hell is that acceptable?

Bill Gates is an idiot
He started the whole Windows ball rolling. It's been nothing but crap from there onward. Someone needs to kill him.

PCWorld is an idiot
My Vista activation code won't work. I've tried using the automated phone service as well, and it still won't verify. PCWorld has screwed up big time. That's another set of heads that deserve to roll. Of course, I wouldn't need a correct activation code if Vista didn't.

It just boggles the mind how people so retarded can become so powerful.

In other news…
My work experience form went through. I'm working in some automotives company. Five days IT, five days clerical. It's gonna suck hard, but we all have to do it. Gotta arrange some stupid interview before-hand for some stupid reason.

Five! Five bats! Bluh, bluh, bluh!
Also, I'm gonna cry 'cause I hate the world, for now.


KaBob799 13 years ago

Errr…. Vista runs faster than xp for me and I only have 512 mb ram

bendodge 13 years ago

Bill Gates created the personal computer as we know it. He's a genius. It's his lawyers that give us headaches.

Grand-High Gamer 13 years ago

I don't even have 500MB, I'm running on 256MB.

NeutralReiddHotel 13 years ago

I'm running on 128MB. Ftw.

god 13 years ago

I'm running on 960MB. Ftw.

poultry 13 years ago

I am running on 16 Gigs atm

poultry 13 years ago

That is RAM, btw

Alert Games 13 years ago

dang chicken, you could do anything you want. How could you have (or need) 16 gigs? would 8 be enough?

Anyway, ur just mad that you purchased Vista and the key doesn't work. I would be mad too. You should contact your provider that sold you vista now that you already tried vista support. …wait, did you try tech support with a person?

Acid 13 years ago

Bloody hell, thats a lot. I got 512mb.

biggoron 13 years ago

No, I haven't tried any tech support or contacted anyone yet. But I will. I'm just readying myself for it.

To everyone else: I don't care, it's my blog and if I wanna bitch, I'm gonna bitch. So, nyah. Tell me otherwise and I'll put my fingers in my ears and go: "Lalalalalalalalala! I can't hear you! Lalalala!"


Also, don't trust what ChIkEn says.

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