hello again

Posted by rufus on Sept. 9, 2010, 8:47 p.m.

im back yet again after some prodding from a few people, along with the frowny face.

Im back yet again i just want to say i love you all, scratch that most of you, scratch that, Ronnica and CY.

That is all, good night.


Scott_AW 10 years ago

Blog is short, lacks some capitol letters. You use shift for those.

Mush 10 years ago


DesertFox 10 years ago

Yes, as Scott said, you need to use more capitol letters. They are, after all, the seat of your letters' government. Oh, and you might want some capital letters as well.

Castypher 10 years ago

I knew someone might do that, DF. But I you made it better than I thought it'd be.

Scott_AW 10 years ago

Capital Idea.

Acid 10 years ago


Ronnica 10 years ago

Luvs ya 2 rufus u dufus

MMOnologueguy 10 years ago

capital letters are pigs

Lapixx 10 years ago


eagly 10 years ago

From now on I'm going to write all my jokes in capitals.

This one was written in London.