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I\'m Sam. I\'m 14 years old and design websites in a mixture of standards compliant HTML 4.01 CSS. I also fluently script in PHP.

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sinkhead posted on November 04, 2006 at 2:37 PM

New SuperCard Lite Black

So hey, my SuperCard Lite Black arrived today. I gots it taken away until Christmas, but I still got to look at it.
The package arrived in an envelope. Yeah. An envelope… The box had been flat-packed, put inside an envelope and posted. I suppose it saves postage costs! Once you opened the envelope, there lay the box with a slight lump in the middle, the lump being the SuperCard itself. The box surprised me, I thought it would just be a printed cardboard box, but it had embossing and colour and it had a really nice glossy finish. The English on the back of the box wasn’t all that good though. So, I unfolded the box and attempted to de-flat-pack it. Hm. One of the sides had been cut off. I took everything out of the packet at this time. There was NOTHING except the SuperCard in a small re-sealable bag! They could at least include instructions. So anyway, I assembled the box with the help of some sticky tape and had a look at the SuperCard. It was black, shiny and very very cool. The MicroSD slot is TINY! I also tried it in my DS quickly. It fitted snugly, but not too tightly. Then I had to quickly remove it, put it back in the bag, put the bag in the box and go put it back in my Dad’s bedroom.

Ho hum.
I don’t want to have to wait for Christmas…

Oh, I'll be using this SuperCard for err... umm... backup purposes only...

sinkhead posted on October 22, 2006 at 12:59 PM

Kayaking Trip

So yesterday I went on a trip with my kayaking club. I've not blogged for ages so I guess I'll tell you all about it.

So, we got to the car park half an hour early, which beats being half an hour late like we usually are... This kayaking shop had set up a load of stalls and displays there, and you could demo a few. There were a few that were REALLY awesome, but you couldn't demo those ones.
At about 10:10 am most other people had turned up. Me and my friend Ben walked up the river to see the weir, which looked huge. More about that later.
So anyway. We get back and the kayaking group I'm with decide that they don't want to start at the Burrs, they want to start at Nutall Park, further up the river. So we load all the kayaks and people into 4 cars and vans (our car being one of them) and set off. When we got there it was pretty cool. We had to take our Kayaks across this field where a load of people were playing football. The referee shouted at us but never mind eh?
We got in the water and paddled downstream for about 3-4 hours. Because the water was very low it was scrape and bump most of the way. That makes it even more exciting.
Every so often we would come across a rapidy like bit, they were really fun! I got stuck on a few of them. but managed to get myself free on all but one where I ended up with my kayak wedged at 90 degrees between two upturned rocks...
But then we got to the weir. It's huge. Well, it's not really, but how does a 50 foot slope of freezing cold rushing water sound to you when you're approaching it in a small kayak?
It sounds damn fun. that's what it sounds!
So anyway, my friend's Dad took a picture of me at the top of the slope, just starting to come down.
<img src=""; />
Tis me in that yellow kayak =]

Then from the weir it was about 30 minutes before we were back at the car park at the place we were originally going to start. We loaded up the kayaks and set off home.
That probably wasn't very interesting to you, but what the hell...

Yeah, SodaHertz is coming along well. There's a new version of the forum software I'm using (<a href="">ScepBB</a>;) coming out in a few days, I'll wait for it to be released before I install it.
I've made a sample program to check the Hertz of a member and I would have the program be able to change a user's Hertz if I could find out the RC4 function for PHP, let along if my web host supports it.

Also, I've been thinking about getting a SuperCard and SuperKey which basically let you download games and homebrew off the internet, put it onto a memory card then play the games on your DS. They're quite expensive (see <a href=""></a>;) but I'll ask my aunt for a SuperCard for Christmas and I'll but the SuperKey and memory card out of my menial paper round wages.

So, that was a long blog.
Did you read it all? If you did, have a cookie.
<b> - Sam</b>

sinkhead posted on October 07, 2006 at 6:06 PM

DS Lite Browser

I was just looking about the new DS Lite Browser on GAME and I don't know whether I should get it or not... <a href="">CLICKY</a>;

I can use the internet when I'm banned from computer
I can use it to make small updates to my website without turning on the computer
It has handwriting recognicion
pro: u can look at porn in secret

It's pretty slow to render
I already have a computer with the internet
Slow to type, will probably be slow to insert special characters used in PHP (>, <, ?, &, = etc)
It's the price of a regular game, £30.

Also, look at this:
<img src="">;
What are those in the top right orange circle? I don't think that's very appropriate for Nintendo Box Art...

Short blog, but I think it's long enough
- Sam

PS: Please give your opinion on whether I should get it or not!