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Simple Menu Example
This is a simple menu example that I made while working on Silver (a game Im working on for and since I havent contributed anything thus far, I thought I'd post it.

It uses a technique I learned a long time ago, and adds a parent/child relationship to make it more flexible, along with a changeable overhead picture, and other things, like color of selection for the menus.

Target platforms:

pah why did you submit this?
you need to make it more ... example-ish.
Posted by Moikle December 03, 2007 12:07 - 10 years ago
| [#1]

This is now a very hollow topic, STOP POSTING MENU EXAMPLES WHICH YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE CAN MAKE. The point of examples is to help other people, when in fact, hundreds of these are already out, which use text functions. But for this example, 7/10 for efforts, and in fact fulfills the title.
Posted by Iluvfuz December 03, 2007 19:21 - 10 years ago
| [#2]

ach... good example... FOR MOST NOOBEST NOOB!!! ach...
Posted by kuuyyy December 08, 2007 8:10 - 10 years ago
| [#3]

ahhh... a menu example
getting a little old for these??? stop wasting room with this stuff
Posted by ZtheGreatest December 16, 2007 14:44 - 10 years ago
| [#4]

It does what it says but only a newb would ever really need anything like this, yet it's done using GML and it's not very well commented.
Posted by Phil Steele December 17, 2007 13:42 - 10 years ago
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