Red System
    9.6 (11 votes)
    Shooter / Tactic
    May 27, 2008
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Ancient Ants Adventure
- You are a commander! Command a squad of battle ants.
- You are a strategist! Choose wisely the weaponry and the formation of your troops.
- You are a hero! Save missing ants and reinforce your army.
- Terrorize. Crush moles and frightened underground inhabitants will give you their gold.
- Collect. The more gold you find the better will be the equipment of your army.
- Serve. Complete all the divine tasks and your labour will be rewarded with a bonus level.

- 20 levels campaign + 2 secret levels.
- 3 game modes: Survival, Defence, Domination, and a bonus mini-game.
- 8 types of weapons and 8 spells with 3 upgrade levels.
- Cheat codes.
- Online highscores.

Target platforms:

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Nice graphics, Im not really into these games but still, looked snazzy.
Posted by Mat May 27, 2008 13:34 - 9.6 years ago
| [#01]

I actually had a lot of fun with this. The pre-rendered graphics go very well together and the gameplay was great overall. But on one of the survival levels, I defeated every single enemy and I was stuck there. I even destroyed every cactus and brick, but I couldn't leave.

I really like this, are you a fellow C4D user?

Posted by Obelisk May 27, 2008 14:09 - 9.6 years ago
| [#02]

Hey, you finnaly uploaded it. GREAT game.
Posted by ZekeGames May 27, 2008 15:50 - 9.6 years ago
| [#03]

awesome game!

Posted by noshenim May 27, 2008 20:04 - 9.6 years ago
| [#04]

That was a truely amazing game, and VERY fun to play. I sat here for literally hours playing it, and I'm going to go play it again.
The feel of the game (with the graphics, the movement, the satisfaction of the shooting, the reaction of things getting shot) is incredible, and a feeling that even most commercial games can't come close to giving me.
Posted by firestormx May 27, 2008 22:33 - 9.6 years ago
| [#05]

Try a woman, firestormx ^_^
Posted by biggoron May 28, 2008 18:03 - 9.6 years ago
| [#06]

Also that game was pure win. Best thing since Peggle.

Posted by biggoron May 28, 2008 18:33 - 9.6 years ago
| [#07]

Pssh, I've got a woman. You try and tell her to run around shooting caterpillars, and see how much fun that turns out to be. >_>

Like I said before, this game is pure fun. It would be REALLY nice to have a manual or something. I have no idea what/where moles are, or what the spells or whatever do for the ants that arn't the commander, etc.

Edit, to whoever might be as confused about this as I was: After posting this, I went back to playing, and I figured out that you select the "upgrade/weapon" that the ant has, and then select the current weapon (or visa versa) and it will change to that weapon.
Also, when you destroy a cactus, it creates a hole in the ground, and a mole will pop out of that hole. I don't know what triggers the mole, or if it's just random, but when you hit one, it also causes random gold to pop up around the map.

As a note to Red System, if you plan to make any upgrades or sequels to this game, I'd sugest making it so that when you select something (the ant's position around the leader, or the weapon), then you make it highlight wherever you can click to swap the position. For example, with the weapon area, when you select the current weapon, then put your mouse over a different weapon, then that new weapon should highlight, so that the player will intuitively know that if they click the new weapon, then that weapon will be used.

With a little documentation or explanation, this game would be something that would probably be sold on xbox live or something.
Posted by firestormx May 28, 2008 20:25 - 9.6 years ago
| [#08]

This is amazing! All the upgrade hassle and everything is just how it should be. Just finished last boss and now trying to get divine thingys from all stages. Sounds and music works and graphics fit very well together. Game play and engine is flawless.

Only thing that would be awesome addition is that every boss could look different.

Posted by stampede May 29, 2008 7:52 - 9.6 years ago
| [#09]

GREAT GAME!!! i love the style of it. And the upgrade features.
Only Thing is the character's move a little cheesy no offense it's still a really great game
8.5/10 (i wish)(so im funna range it 9/10)
Posted by svf May 29, 2008 20:46 - 9.6 years ago
| [#10]

Looked for cheats on the internet and beat the game =P
On the final boss+hard it takes forever =P
Posted by noshenim May 30, 2008 20:12 - 9.6 years ago
| [#11]

Wow, that was awesome. Graphics and everything :D
Posted by Zappix May 31, 2008 20:07 - 9.6 years ago
| [#12]

no rar
Posted by johnhardboiled May 31, 2008 20:31 - 9.6 years ago
| [#13]

Mouth watering grafx & game play 2 boot.
Posted by Mu6502 June 01, 2008 3:01 - 9.6 years ago
| [#14]

He spelt labour with a u. 10/10

Admin edit: Labour is spelt with a u. America just messed it up.
Posted by Juju June 01, 2008 6:35 - 9.6 years ago
| [#15]

Congrats, you're the 10th highest rated game on 64D. This is a great game, polished and fun. Nothing comes to mind to criticize but I'll try and think of something another time. ;D
Posted by marbs June 01, 2008 15:54 - 9.6 years ago
| [#16]

I absolutely loved this game! The gameplay is flawless, and the graphics make my head spin they're so good. I noticed a big similarity in the music to Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES. Not sure if anyone remembers that game, but there's a couple parts where the music is practically identical. Anyway, the game is awesome and I'm still playing it!
Posted by TDOT June 01, 2008 19:23 - 9.6 years ago
| [#17]

Simply amazing. The graphics are astounding. 10/10
Posted by Glen June 01, 2008 21:40 - 9.6 years ago
| [#18]

Thanks for the comments everyone )
Posted by Red System June 02, 2008 9:59 - 9.6 years ago
| [#19]

I hacked it and accidently submitted scores =P.
Posted by noshenim June 02, 2008 23:39 - 9.5 years ago
| [#20]

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