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    June 03, 2008
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Simple lighting system
Created with GM7, this is a simple lighting system that easily integrates into an existing game. It supports shadows, although they are not produced from the actual lighting system itself. Shadows are objects that rotate themselves appropriately for the lights.

All necessary code is commented. If you need additional help feel free to send me a PM.

June 3rd-Updated! Shadows are now drawn by obj_ball instead of being separate objects.

Some pros and cons of this system:
-Simple, easy to integrate into an existing game
-Runs fast with almost no slowdowns
-Shadows aren't cpu-intensive

-You have to draw the shadows yourself (can be hard for some shapes)
-Shadows jump when traveling from one stationary light to another (Press 2 and create several lights to see what I mean)

You don't need to credit me if you use this engine, but it's appreciated.

Target platforms:

Very useful!
Posted by Robo June 03, 2008 14:00 - 9.5 years ago
| [#1]

Wow, works well, and no lag, nice! :D

Posted by Nighthawk June 03, 2008 14:27 - 9.5 years ago
| [#2]

Wow this really is a 'simple lightining system' while still creating a nice effect....Good job :).....have a 10/10..on me..
Posted by Golden Wolf June 03, 2008 15:56 - 9.5 years ago
| [#3]

Probably would be better if the shadows were written to the lighting buffer as not to screw up the ambient colour.
Posted by Juju June 03, 2008 16:22 - 9.5 years ago
| [#4]

Great work man! You made really cool comments to the code! 10/10
Posted by YemSalat June 03, 2008 17:26 - 9.5 years ago
| [#5]

Oh look:
It's like, exactly the same, you just have a shadow that sorta works.
Good job, 9/10
Posted by Theodore III June 04, 2008 16:32 - 9.5 years ago
| [#6]

the shadows made me laugh, but it works fine.
Posted by andy0_0black June 04, 2008 17:46 - 9.5 years ago
| [#7]

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