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RPG example

Everything in this example was made by me(grumpymonkey, also known as Alex)
it is NOT commented, only SOME parts are commented because i got bored...
No credit is necessary, but if your going to use this, atleast add comments so i can make it better.

press F1 during the game to view instructions.

Rpg example v0.1 includes:
Leveling up
EXP stats
fighting stats(ex. def/atk)
Droping items & picking them up again

Enemies with:
Fight stats(atk/spd)
Leveling up
Different speeds

if i dont get bored of this, I will make version 0.2

Rpg example v0.2 will include:
[**=not sure]
**Scripts for adding inv slots
**stackable inv items
Better A.I.
Stores (like shopping)
Room changing
character creation

If the file isnt working, then download it from the mirror:

Target platforms:

The download doesn't seem to work, as you've noticed. But I downloaded it from the link you provided which I didn't see here but instead found in the source page the java link brought me too...

Ah, the example. Not too shabby ;) You've really pulled through in making an RPG engine even if it is beginner code. My main piece of criticism is to use another way to access items. The control scheme is based with both hands on the keyboard. No player will want to give up their hold on the keys for the mouse and then search for them again in the darkness [that is their lair].

Overall, a good job. 8/10 because I'm sure that newbs can understand this and it is plenty to get them well on their way to a complete game.
Posted by Zac1790 July 30, 2008 17:29 - 9.4 years ago
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wow, i didnt notice that the link was broken...i just put the mirror because i wanted ppl to download it from my host-A xD
Posted by grumpymonkey August 12, 2008 15:48 - 9.4 years ago
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come on! only one comment!
please tell me what you think :)
Posted by grumpymonkey August 15, 2008 19:03 - 9.3 years ago
| [#3]

Oh, gmk.. Too bad..
Posted by Krystian August 18, 2008 15:26 - 9.3 years ago
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i like it
Posted by None September 30, 2008 17:03 - 9.2 years ago
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