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    February 04, 2011
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Butter Teh Pancakes
My entry to the GMC Jam #1.

The goal is to butter all the pancakes(reach the end of the level) to progress through the game. The Jam limited developers to 72 hours so keep that in mind. :)

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First off, I love the art. The sprites are great and the foreground and background are even better. The game play is fun but extremely difficult. It runs smoothly but occasionally if I tried going left I would get stuck and have to start over. The music, like the gameplay, is simple but effective. If you didn't mention that you made this in 72 hours I honestly wouldn't have guessed with such a nice looking game and smooth collisions(for the most part). Worth checking out. 9/10
Posted by Ferret February 04, 2011 21:50 - 6.5 years ago
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I know the game's movement was supposed to be slippery and all, but I have to say it was very frustrating, especially when the collisions in the game were this bad.

I died when I clearly jumped on top of the enemy's head, I died when I was nowhere near the lava, and I also got stuck in a wall a few times too, which forced me to start all over.

Here's a pic for proof:

I know this game was made in 72 hours and all, but I feel that is no excuse for bad collision detection, I couldn't even get past the second part of lava.

Lastly, I feel the game's graphics saved this game alot.
I'm giving it a 7.3 but it's rounded to a 7.

So 7/10
Posted by JID February 04, 2011 22:12 - 6.5 years ago
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