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    Turn-Based RPG
    GM 8
    January 27, 2014
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Ragnus, a thief living in the desert country of Ariashia, arrives at the Waterfall Tower, the tallest and most tightly guarded building in the town of Arvik. One would think he's after treasure, but it doesn't seem to be the case... nor does it seem to be the first time Ragnus sneaks into the castle. What sort of secret could lie at the top floor of the Tower? And how does it relate to the Ensert War, a massive battle that occurred fourteen years ago and ended abruptly in a huge flash of light, killing thousands of people on both sides?

ANIM. is a 2D turn-based RPG mostly inspired by classics from the 32-bit generation, such as Wild ARMs, Grandia and Breath of Fire. Features over 30 areas, all connected by a large-scale, fully explorable world map, for over 15 hours of gameplay! Explore the land of Trevarie and find out the truth about Ensert, the red-eyed invaders from Scalace and Treva, the goddess whose eyes are always watching you from the sky!

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NOTE: to run this game you must put OpenAL32.dll if it's not installed in your system. After that, you can just ignore the initialization error:

action number 1
of Trigger Event: <Deleted>
for object objtrevawallcutscenes:

Fatal error in caster extension: Error in initialization

I'm really interested in getting this game to run, but it keeps crashing on me whenever I encounter an enemy. I'm gonna take a wild guess and think that the error I get above is the culprit...

...either that or this game doesn't run well under Windows 8. If this is the case, then I'll be damned. Can any of you with Windows 7 or older try and verify this for me? Thanks.
Posted by Aistarin January 27, 2014 1:48 - 3.6 years ago
| [#01]

Very cool game worth trying. It won't win any awards for looks but damn does it get some for effort. Tons of work is obviously put into the character's movements and poses. The gameplay is particularly fun as well, attacking at different heights to find better exploits.

Lots of work put into this game and deserves to be tried.
Posted by Ferret January 27, 2014 3:10 - 3.6 years ago
| [#02]

@CyrusRoberto: ...damn. Thanks for warning me about that error, I'll reupload the game with all DLL files included. As for the game crashing whenever you enter a battle, I honestly don't know what's causing that... maybe Caster (the extension I'm using to play .ogg files) has some compatibility issues with Windows 8? Hopefully other Windows 8 users can test the game and give me some feedback on that.

In the meantime, try redownloading the game once I'm finished uploading the new .zip file (which I'm doing right now). It'll include all 6 dll files that come with Caster, so maybe it solves your problem. If it doesn't, you could try simply deleting the music folder - the game is coded in a way that if it doesn't find the external .ogg files to load, it automatically turns the music off.

EDIT: Done.
Posted by ForceDevice January 27, 2014 4:46 - 3.6 years ago
| [#03]

Woah this is really cool. A bit more complex than I might have wanted but still. I'll play more later.
Posted by SpectreNectar January 27, 2014 11:07 - 3.6 years ago
| [#04]

I've been waiting for an RPG to be uploaded here for ages. Downloading it right now, will edit later.
Posted by Iasper January 28, 2014 15:01 - 3.6 years ago
| [#05]

Okay so I gave this game another shot, and now it works flawlessly. I really love the interface and the overall presentation of the game so far. I'm not gonna criticize the graphics too much, but I am digging the whole hand-drawn look. The enemy AI could use some work though, and the placement of the movable blocks made it impossible for me to push them where I needed them to, and in trying I managed to get myself stuck in a fence:

As much as I would love to play through the whole game, I simply don't have the time though I'll probably give this another shot when I am not being bogged down by schoolwork.

Posted by Aistarin January 28, 2014 23:13 - 3.6 years ago
| [#06]

Damn... this specific room has been giving me trouble since early on development. Care to elaborate on how you got stuck like that? (that is: which of the four blocks in the image were you trying to push?). Anyway, I do believe you won't get stuck like that anywhere else in the game (maybe at the final dungeon or Elbey Factory, but it's unlikely). And there's a save point in the first room to the right of that one, so I advise you to save the game before going back to get the skill at the top of the screen.

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad the game worked for you this time. Here's hoping you find the free time to play it from start to finish! :)
Posted by ForceDevice January 29, 2014 11:51 - 3.6 years ago
| [#07]

This game is REALLY quite good. It is very professionally done. The hand drawn graphics give it a unique look and feel. So far, I think the plot is very interesting. I am going to see if I will play it all the way through. By the way, how long does it take to beat the game?
Posted by frankie February 02, 2014 18:53 - 3.5 years ago
| [#08]

@frankie: I'm really glad you liked ANIM! Be sure to play it all the way through, as the story really picks up later on!

As for the playing time...last time I played the game from start to finish, I clocked in at 14 hours. But that's me, the guy who made the game and knows it like the back of his hand. :P
It should probably take you 18-20 hours to do everything, give or take. Which is a bit below average for a JRPG, but considerably longer than your typical indie game.
Posted by ForceDevice February 03, 2014 12:20 - 3.5 years ago
| [#09]

I was able to get the "She Falls" ending. I am not sure how to get the other endings. However, this is one great game! Most AAA titles all look the same, but this game has something that most other don't have. The hand drawn graphics are great! They are quite unique.
Posted by frankie February 13, 2014 22:28 - 3.5 years ago
| [#10]

Thanks again! But I'm sorry to say you got the worst ending, which cuts game time by half. :P

Fortunately, if you still have your save from before the Miera battle, you can use it to get the other endings pretty easily.

See, during that battle, when Jensen or Miera's HP drops below 30%, a dialogue box will pop up (in which they say something along the lines of "I can't lose!"). Those are the ending "flags", so to say. You get the "bad" ending (She Falls) if you defeat Miera before Jensen's flag is raised (in other words, if you kill her too easily).

If you let Jensen's HP drop below 30%, but still win, you get the normal ending.
If Miera's HP drops below 30% but she still defeats you, you get the best ending.

So, long story short: beat the crap out of Miera until she says something, then let her defeat you. Then you'll be en route to get the best ending. ;)
Posted by ForceDevice February 14, 2014 17:35 - 3.5 years ago
| [#11]

Thanks for the tip! What is funny, however, is that you have got to lose to that woman after almost beating her in order to get the best ending. That is conter-intuitive to me, so looks like I will be getting the normal ending.
Posted by frankie February 14, 2014 17:52 - 3.5 years ago
| [#12]

Well, the thing is, Miera plays a HUGE role in the story later on, so it makes sense that the game ends prematurely if you kill her. You'll see.

By the way, did you read those pieces of paper scattered around Ensert before the battle? They're supposed to hint at what you should do in order to get each ending:

"If victory's easily earned, the whole world will soon be burned." - She Falls (bad)
"But a quick defeat's even worse, for GAME OVER will be your curse." - self-explanatory :P
"Fight hard and win in the end, if you don't want your fate to change." - She Burns (normal)
''And if you do your best, but still lose to your foe... It may sound foolish, but that's the best way to go." - She Rules (best)

I agree it's counterintuitive (and these hints are kinda vague), but it just made more sense to me that way. In any case, apart from the ending itself, the only difference between the normal and good endings is an extra boss battle, so you get the full game experience no matter which one you choose.
Posted by ForceDevice February 14, 2014 18:05 - 3.5 years ago
| [#13]

That's right! I remember those hints now! I forgot about them, I missed what that said. But I understand what you are saying. Thanks for the help! I do hope you make more RPGs!
Posted by frankie February 14, 2014 19:41 - 3.5 years ago
| [#14]

Can anyone help me with this? I have reached the mines where you find the red eyed miners. I have gotten to the highest point in that area and saw the scene when the aircraft lands in the field. Now, I have walked all over the mines and looked everywhere. I do know what is the next thing that I should do. Thanks.
Posted by frankie February 16, 2014 16:00 - 3.5 years ago
| [#15]

If you've seen that scene, you can leave the mines. The airship you saw landed in the Rzald Plains. Remember the place where Kaeyla and Jensen fell when they jumped off that cliff, at the end of Chapter 1? If you look around there, you might find something... (hint: take a right turn at the entrance to the Vetrale Ranch)
Posted by ForceDevice February 16, 2014 19:33 - 3.5 years ago
| [#16]

Thank you for your help. I will try this.
Posted by frankie February 16, 2014 20:51 - 3.5 years ago
| [#17]

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