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    July 24, 2016
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A Journey to Eternity
Linux-players go to Game Jolt ( or (


This game is still work-in-progress (but only a little!), bugs might occur. Some features like item icons are still missing. And I'm hungry.

Quick info:

A Journey to Eternity is a 2D metroidvania-like exploration platform action-adventure game. You play as Finisher #137. Your goal is to travel Eternity: Core and destroy Existence, so a new cycle may begin.


Arrow keys / D-pad or left analogue stick: Control character
Z: Jump
X: Attack
C: Throw shuriken (if you have any)
S: Use shield (if you have found it)
Esc: Quit (opens dialogue that asks you if you want to quit)
Enter: Pause
Ctrl + Q: Terminate (quits instantly)

Target platforms:

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What a depressing opening D: And I certainly thought it was going to be Sci-fi because of it. I was very wrong, but not in a bad way.

This is a really cool game, and there is a lot more here for me to play. The game play is really hard, but I can get over it.

I highly recommend everyone to check this out.
Posted by Ferret July 24, 2016 20:02 - 1.4 years ago
| [#1]

"Oh, one enemy... I can handle this."

Next screen:
"Three enemies? I'v..." RIP

Graphics are really nice though, and the premise is neato frito.
Posted by S3xySeele July 24, 2016 20:12 - 1.4 years ago
| [#2]

Checked it out and I liked the intro. It ran smooth from the title screen but the main play would slow at times..... Which would mess with my rhythm. Aside from this the graphics and sounds were wonderful and left me with a classic feel.

Posted by mrpete July 27, 2016 13:55 - 1.4 years ago
| [#3]

Small update:
- You can now skip the starting intro by pressing enter or start button in the gamepad.
- Enemies are shown properly when screen transition is set to instant
Posted by Jani_Nykanen July 30, 2016 14:48 - 1.4 years ago
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