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Rambling and burnt. 6 m
im excited for this break coming up from school. ill get to work on cursed black again. i drew a doodle of Lavander Town yesterday during one of my study breaks, and i suck as an artist but the idea of finishing my game makes me feel complete. my girlfriend and i have been good lately. she's...

Hey you 1 m
Have a wonderful day!

Software rendering, again 1 m
If you was hoping for a long blog post, write a thousand-word essay stating why should I write one (especially now when the activity is... not-very-active), and if your arguments are good (believe me, they are not), I'll consider writing one. Before that, enjoy the...


Been Dancing A Little ... 1 m
Dizmaster - It Was A Knife (Rainer K remix) H.EXE - Astrophobos Brioni Faith -...

Once Friends 2 m
One of the greatest pains I was never told I'd experience was that of growing apart from someone. This person I once held so close to my heart is just another one of my friends, and while I will never forget or take their actions for granted... we just became different people. I strongly believe...

...California Living 1 m
Unnecessary post but I feel the need to update since its a rare occasion for me to use facebook where some of us keep in touch. I moved to California in June after barely surviving drama in Alaska. I have family here and they essentially took me in. My own family in Canada was upset that I...

Side projects are still fun 1 m
I took a little bit of a break this weekend to work on a side project with the hopes of brushing up on some networking and cryptography. I am by no means an expert in either, but I find both fascinating. I had an idea which I have begun to implement. I wanted to solve the problem of "how can I...

I made a game... again! 1 m Click this oversized link to play the game on! Nothing special, but I had some nice time making it. It is written in...

General Updates + Doggo 1 m
If you don't follow me on twitter, shame on you, but to get you in the know, I got a dog! Album: His name is Flynn, and he is a complete goober. As shown in the album, he very much...

(Not my) game demo 1 m
Ya'll should check this out: This person has been working on this game for a while, and I've been following the dev on twitter. I got the demo this morning and its really cool so far. Very well polished for a demo. It's made in...

To design or to develop, there lies the question. 2 m
To resent or not resent, all those who have abandoned their dreams, those who have gotten comfortable, those who have forgotten us. Wait, who? I am Nehemek Amador, and I design stories, images, stuff, my life?, the world? the future?! things. I joined this...

How important 1 m
I never got an award for how many times I changed my avatar, or how cool my hair looked, or how clean my blog layout looks. I also never got an award for telling people how cool I am by telling them about my video game, or how good I am at Melee. Same thing goes for clothing, cleanliness, grades,...

Now you can feel the maze by yourself 1 m clicking this link. It'll never be a full game, but I'll very likely use the technology and/or the code in future to make similar software rendered things. Maybe.

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