The Insanely Awesome List

Posted by CoolGamrSms on April 11, 2009, 6:14 p.m.

1. DesertFox

2. Morbs

3. PY

pi. Ludamad

4. Melee-master

5. RawrSpoon

6. Ross

7. None

There. That's the insanely awesome list. If you feel I have forgotten you, please comment telling me and I will most likely not add you to the list.

Thank you for your time.


PY 12 years ago


KaBob799 12 years ago

You forgot cheese

CoolGamrSms 12 years ago

There, made DesertFox orange. :)

Cesar 12 years ago

Ross is None

PY 12 years ago

Yes we know. Still awesome.

Sandwich 12 years ago


NeutralReiddHotel 12 years ago

These short blogs are getting *really* annoying…

ludamad 12 years ago

Yeah, where the hell are the mods?

Ross 12 years ago

Dude, the awesome list fad went out yesterday.

But thanks anyway <3

Ross 12 years ago

Also, yay, I'm on the list twice <3