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hi you don't remember me but

by MahFreenAmeh

Posted on February 19, 2018 at 12:57 PM

it's been a long time. welcome home.

guys did you know you could independently and of your own free will create your own miniature personal universe to explore all the aggregate possibilities of every decision you could or could not have made by just doing this one thing today?

ok so check it. free will is a think. a brain activity. so let it register as axiomatic and definitive so we are discussing a non-deterministic universe (no such thing) wherein the symbology of free will survives merely as just a belief that the Individuals are free to act of their own will; it is merely a simulacra of a higher level behavior, a shim to hold you in until you don't need it and the higher level of behavior is the proper and natural way to e press.

so these beings, they can think and they can alter their desires and subvert the needs of life and reality if they so desire because while they still answer to the base instinctual needs the system occasionally sends out, more often than not this stuff is just sorta shot straight to that one weird place, you know, inside of you where all of your sensory inputs dump their info out and it gets processed. we perceive it to be the squishy gray matter in our heads, an aggregate of millions of subservient molecular and such critters just being what they are and vying to live because if life does one thing it is LIVE.

well once the sensory perceptions are off loaded to their processor whatever that may be (gg PC GAMING MASTER RACE you have been theoretically outshined by the ingenuity of "natural" selection and survival of the fittest which it certainly may have been until they saw us come along and realize hey there's little biocomputers aren't just dumping their VRAM, they are passing it through uncountably many transactions and connections in ways that the human mind could not begin to fathom simply because how do you conceive that which consists of parts that are "more" than just yourself.

anyway these cute little biobots just go around and live life and wow it's almost like when they get their information context stream some part of them has learned to respond to very specific patterns of synaptic activity. neurons firing in the brain, their relative weights and states thereafter, this a medical image doth make, an inkblot of the thoughts

but now wait a minute every single one of those thoughts existed in its own finite little universe, its own buffered off storage space. that's the nature of a thought. it's a contextualized pattern of neurons firing to elicit a physical and perhaps mental response. and it isn't so much stored as kinda just heaped on raw for possible later review and purvey, you know, strategic analysis for future simulations and what not etc. even if you don't want to avoid the prime directive of the simulation you're in it seems like you're still gonna be stuck under control in it.

take a breath. this is just Portland Road. we got about a whole city to cover before I really lay the depth and machinations of this all down for you. Yes you, specifically. The lips of wisdom are closed but to the ears of those who might Understand. you made the dive, now it's time to decide, did you really want to be in the Deep End? it's okay if not. you can still run away now. :)