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RetroVortex posted on June 21, 2009 at 11:50 PM

Game making alternative

The Software I've decided I'm going to try to get back into Game Making.

However, while searching around for some tutorials for Game Maker, I discovered a program that is quite similar:
Fascinated with a free game maker I tried it out.
It uses the python scripting language, which would be harder to learn over GML, which I know a fair amount about, but the software itself does alot of things for you using behaviours.

I don't know if you guys know about this already, but I thought it was cool, so I decided to inform you guys.

The Game
I think the game I want to make is a platformer.
I've only tried a platformer once, and I kinda got muddled with it.

I decided this time I would take a different approach to this.

I'm going to do all the story, the level design, and the art/sprites first

So far I only got ideas.

The theme, at the moment is Pirates.
An odd choice, but I've never really seen a pirate platformer before, and it would just be cool if there was one.

The closest game I can think of is Wario Land, so I'm gonna use that for inspiration.

WARNING: From this point onwards this blog will be used for my brainstorming so you can ignore if you wish:

Character Concepts (W.I.P):

So far I've only got pegged down the main character and his sidekick:

Captain Cid:
The player of the game. He's gonna be a bit like Wario, short 'n' chubby,
but he uses a scimitar as a weapon. He can also weild additional gun pickups.

Gappy Pete:
First mate of the old cappin', Big, fairly burly, wears an eyepatch.
Got his namesake due to loosin his tooth from a bet he made when he and Cid were kids, involving a wrench, a bull, and a waffle iron.

Story (very much W.I.P):

Pirating is a dying trade. and Cid is struggling to keep up the family business.
People these days are either too snobbish, or sober to be enlisting in such a dangerous career choice.

While searching the family ship:'The Bloated Eel' for loot to pay off the bills, Cid discovered the travel journel of his great great grandfather
"Fish Beard" (can't think of a better name at the moment...).
Fish Beard wrote of the many places he had been, the treasures he had looted, the women he had err... courted, but what interested Cid the most, was a story about an ancient treasure; [insert treasure name here]
He had even drawn a map leading to its location.

(insert map here)

Why the old tyrant never persued it, Cid never knew, but this missed opportunity for ol' granpappy was an ideal solution to Cid's money problems, (at least for a while...).

So with book in hand, Cid gave the orders to Gappy Pete to raise the sail, and set course for [insert island name here], well that was the initial plan, but Pete reminded Cid that he had already sold the sail to the local women's social club.

Looks like its up to you, The Player, to sort this mess out.

RetroVortex posted on April 30, 2009 at 8:08 PM

Yearly update!

Wow, it's been almost a whole year since I last visited the site.
I heard it got hacked or something...
I feel like getting back into the Game Making scene once more.
So anything new about GM I should know since Game Maker 7 was released? (Unlikely...)
If so I would appreciate an update :D

Changes in my life:
- I'm 18
- Can legally buy booze (not as much as a perk as I expected...)
- Near the end of schooling = last exams approaching, (aww gawd!)
- Got some games for the Xbox 360 (kameo and project sylpheed for £8 each, Ninja gaiden 2 for a tenner!)
- Got SF4 (EPIC WIN!!)
- Realised life is rather crud
- Other things I can't remember of the top of my head.
- Found some awesome video game bands:
- Now visits Geekology, GBATemp and DCemu religiously
The Oneups
Anyone from videogame live (I really want to go! But I won't get tim e off work...)

Back to GM:

I wonder which type of game would make the best refresher course.
Platformer = most likely, but everyone goes for that
Any suggestions?

*goes off to brainstorm ideas...*

RetroVortex posted on May 11, 2008 at 9:21 PM

Music games...

I tell you this from the bottom of my heart:


I'm not sure why though?
Why does this genre stand out for me better than others.
I personally think its to do with quality!

Think about it. How easy is it to make a music game?
I'll tell you, its damn difficult. Almost difficult enough to make alot of companies not bother to make them, because lets face it there's alot to think about when you make a music game.
One reason is that not everyone can sync games and music together very well.

An example of this would be parappa the rapper 1. Most of the time the commands are out of sync, and usually, freestyling saves your life.

However, with time and practice, one can achieve this goal, (look at parappa's spiritual successor Um Jammer Lammy. the music was in much better sync!!).

Another reason why I like them, is that many music games (excluding their sequals, and spinoffs) are unique.
The ones that aren't are not usually a commerical success.
Its a pretty cuthroat market! X(

My personal choice at the moment, is the underlooked, underloved, brilliance that is Ontamarama!!

Seriously this game is excellent, I believe it even rivals Elite Beat Agents.

The game is made by ATLUS, who I beleive are pushing innovation on the DS.
I've pretty much liked most of their games they have released, (my personal favourite, before this game was DRAGLADE, a innovative fighitng game that was a little short and repetitive, but had a really fun online mode).

However, like most ATLUS games it is flawed. It doesn't have multiplayer, which kinda stings its replayablility.
Also like many ATLUS games it can be hard for new people to play (as it uses both buttons AND the stylus!), but after a little practice you can pick it up!

Some people would hate the graphics (as they resemble the garishly colourful puyo pop games! XD), and maybe thats why it has had no real recognition, (heck I only found out about it 3 days ago!).

I reccomend anyone who comes accross it to at least rent it, (because it can be completed within a week!).

I personally would rate it: 8/10 !!

And I REALLY want a sequal!!

(along with Elite Beat Agents! Which MUST have Wifi if it was made, which I slowly begin to doubt... ); )

I also reccomend Daigasso Band Brothers if you can pick it up cheaply, as its a pretty cool game too (But a sequal is in the works, which sounds far superior, so I would wait for that... as it will be released: June 26, 2008)

I could list many more awesome music games I've played, but then this blog would get incredibly boring.

I would like to ask though:
Are there any Underrated music games you've played and loved?
If so please share them with me, (not literally of course!! XD) as I always love to play something new!

EDIT: One game I would freakin' love to be on the DS would be:
Guitaroo Man!
How freaking awesome would that be.
I think it would work too!
Shame that it looks like its a SONY exclusive...