...Is Anyone Out There?

Posted by Ronnica on May 21, 2011, 11:44 a.m.

Very long.

My friend David is ridiculous. About a week ago, he had learned of this rapture stuff, "educated" himself on it, and believes it with all his being.

Now, for those of you who don't know, David and his brother have been friends with my brother and I for about 11 years. We're the same age, and those kinds of kids who call each others parents mom and dad.

David's dad (whom I call Papa) is a Christian preacher/pastor whatever you want to call it. When poor David was sitting around the house, his dad got a hold of him, explained this to him, gave him websites, videos, books, Bible scriptures, everything to convince David this was all true, and it worked.

Even though Papa would be out in the world, spreading the news of salvation to people, us kids would be at home, doing things we shouldn't be doing. Remember when some kids' parents wouldn't let them play Pokemon or video games with violence? Our parents were like that yet we still got away with it. We troll /b/ and swear and curse and come up with whatever vulgarity is possible. David was the one with the severe knowledge of all things obscure and not-right.

Eg. "Hey David, how's it going?"

He'd say, "Lick my asshole and find out!" and we'd all laugh.

Anyways, this somehow became an eye-opener for him and for the last three days, he'd be coming to work all sad and discouraged and puffy eyed from crying for our souls or something. My brother told me not to poke fun at him, and just wait for him to get over it.

My brother and I grew up in church too, and when we moved away we were at church five days a week. We had real good teachings of the Bible and we were taught how to pray, pray for others, preach, and basically become outstanding Christians.

These days my brother is getting us banned from /b/ and you all know how I am ;]

We would debate with David, telling him that his change of ways is startling. Finding Christ because you're afraid of going to Hell is wrong, and that he should follow Jesus because he loves him blah blah blah

David would tell us what his dad told him, and just "how logical it all was." Needless to say, we were quite ashamed of him.

My brother said to him, "David, you're dad has been telling you all this YOUR WHOLE LIFE! God could have been here yesterday! You've had your whole life to follow him. Now, because someone does some math or whatever you change your ways completely? Why didn't you change your ways after the car accident? We almost died, and we would have gone to Hell, assuming there is one. Do you honestly think or feel 'saved'?"

To which David answered yes.

"If you were like this the whole time we've known you, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but to blindly follow some guy who tells you your savior is coming, and changing yourself overnight, is just fake and concerning. We don't know you."

Then David teared up, shut up, and didn't talk to us much during work.

When we drove home, David got out of the car and very dramatically looks at us and goes, "Goodbye Josue. Goodbye Veronica." shuts the door and walks away.



F1ak3r 13 years ago

This guy (like Fred Phelps) doesn't speak for all Christians, let's just remember that. I've posted Matthew 24:36 in a few other relevant places around the site this past week or so - the gist of that verse being that only God knows when the Rapture/Second Coming will happen. Trying to outsmart God with maths isn't a very Christian thing to do.

Interestingly, the very concept of the Rapture has dubious scriptural support; I've heard it called "a fairy tale told to someone's frightened daughter".

PY 13 years ago

"Today, the xtian church "

Nope. Stopped reading there. Much as organised religion leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if you can't respect what you're denouncing enough to correctly spell its name, I can't respect what you're going to say.

Castypher 13 years ago

I didn't really read the anti-Christian drawl so much as be fascinated with the torture devices.

Moikle 13 years ago


me too, should i be worried?

SteveKB 13 years ago

watch out he's gonnna try and kill everyone

S3xySeele 13 years ago

Religion is poopy. No offense to anyone who believes in their particular brand of poopy.

Ronnica 13 years ago

Heehee, we went by David's today and he was back to his usual self, rather embarrassed about his behavior from the past few days.

*drinks vodka*

Josea 13 years ago

Religion is silly.

Majatek 13 years ago

Religion is silly.

Rez 13 years ago