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The end of your subscription
Posted on December 11, 2007 at 14:27

Hello. Lets get right to the point, shall we? 64Digits sucks, and let me say right now, that if I'm banned/warned/whatever, that only proves my point. Now, lets give some reasons, shall I? For starters, some... most of the people here are self centered, "I'm better than you"... people (wow, great way to put it, huh?). I'm not going to give names, I'll just say most.

That is the main reason however, but a good one. There is also the fact that this site frowns on newbies (frowning on n00bs is fine however, but it's also a different situation as well). This is most likely related to my first point (and most likely only point), but still. People have to start somewhere, and frowning on their actions of learning will only turn them away from what ever subject they are on (Game Maker, art, whatever). This makes the site seem like an exclusive club that no one really likes anyway (the club).

I'm sure this blog will do little to change anything, but I don't mind being a martyr in this case (if I'm banned/warned/whatever that is).


The person who brought you that crappy game of Dr. Putts.

I'm not on enough
Posted on April 12, 2007 at 03:15

If you've noticed (and I'm sure you haven't), I rarly post here any more. It used to be that I would post once a day, sometimes talking about random stuff about school that I hate, sometimes talking about how crappy my computer is. So why has my posting habbit died away? Mostly because I find that it's not really as social here as it is on other comunities. Sure, you can post a blog and comments and post games, but it's almost mechanical (keyword, almost).

Well, enough about the state of this site from my point of view, lets talk about life, shall we? Namely, my life. And even furtherly named, High School. Well, it's prom season, and we all know what that means. Every foot ball player goes to the prom with every cheerleader, the popular ones get voted royalty, and all the not-popular ones go home, feeling a little more empty inside. As for me? I'm better than all that (read, I don't have a girlfriend), so I'm not going. Ever. While that is partly because I'm "better than all that," but it's also because my school has the most boring dances on the face of the Earth. Simply put, no refreshments, emo music, cramped dancing floor, $15 single, $25 couples (on homecoming. It's like $60 for singles for prom, I think. I haven't bothered to check since homecoming 2006). And you know what the school does with that money? You guessed it. Sports! Not the normal stuff, like nicely payed teachers and books from 1994. Nope, they spend it on professional football gear and golf clubs. Come to think of it, do we even have a golf team?

Well, now time to go away from the oddly long text to my usual Game Maker news.

Dr. Putts has been slow, but it is by far my most finished game. And to think, the idea for Dr. Putts started way back in 2004 somewhere in northern California in the forests. But thats a story for when the game is compleat.

I brought Dr. Putts up because I updated it. Late, but it's an update. Not a big one (unlike this post), just a bug fix. A fix of the ball getting stuck in the wall. Now it will properly bounce and not embed it self into the wall. But why was it so late? Mostly due to the fact that I thought people could live untill I get v0.3 out. But then I realised that at this rate, that will be in the summer to next school year, so I might as well give people a less glitchy version of the game.

Download: Dr. Putts Mini-Golf (v0.2b)


Yes, I still leave an ending thing beyond my name.

Dr. Putts Mini-Golf (V0.2)
Posted on March 07, 2007 at 19:24

After much hard work and delays, I bring you v0.2 of Dr. Putts Mini-Golf. This major update includes a new level designer, main menu, HUD update, as well as a lot of behind the scenes re-writing (aka, the reason why v0.2 is out in March, not Febuary). I re-wrote the walls from scratch as to make level design easyer and make the game run faster. I've also added frame skipping. This, of course, is optional and is ment for older computers, but I've found that some old computers runs the game just fine. So, go head over to my game page and check out v0.2 of Dr. Putts Mini-Golf and tell me what you think of the update.

Download: Dr. Putts Mini-Golf V0.2

In other news, I haven't posted in over 2 months. Why? I really had nothing to talk about (and I won't talk about any new releases of any game designing program we all use either, no matter what my opinion is), and I was focusing on finishing v0.2 of Dr. Putts.

I did get a video card, and while it's not the best in the world, it was the best I could get with my budget and my computer (darn PCI only computers...). Though with it as well as my new gig of RAM, my computer runs faster than ever. Now I just need to update my CPU and add on a DVD drive and it's the best it can be.

Also, what was with my warn level? Sure I haven't been on in a while, but I don't think thats something to warn me about. I'm hoping it was just a bug from something recent. Oh well, at least it's finaly gone down.


Oh, and the level files are smaller than 1kb. I think the largest level is ~450bytes.

Games or Video card?
Posted on December 27, 2006 at 18:58

After doing some searching, I must now make a choise. Do I want to get some games for my DS and GCN or a video card for my computer? I want games, but I also want a video card (so I can run games faster and better). I'm pointing towards video card, but the problem is, I have a Dell computer, and I've heard it's hard to install video cards in a dell. Is it even posible TO install a video card on a dell?

And if so, what card do you recomend? I don't need one thats SUPER UBER, I just need one that will last me a few years at least (if it dosen't take a few years to install).

If not, what games do you recomend for my DS and GCN?

In other news, I'm going to release a WIP for Dr. Putts Mini Golf in January. When in January, I don't know. I only just finished writting a test level file (any kind of level you want (that the game can provide) in a file with the size that ANY computer can hold (new or old). It's only 24kbs text file (soon to by encrypted) with the extention of .dpl (Dr Putts Level). This should make sharing levels super easy, and my old old very old 1997 computer that has only 100MBs in memory, if I used that as a holding server, 10MBs would be enough.

Enough of that, I want to know what game or video card I should get.


I have $140 at the moment.

Happy Holidays!
Posted on December 25, 2006 at 13:36

What ever you celebrate, have a good one. I know I did. I must say, this has been a great xmas for me! I got 2 games (Pokemon Red Mystery Dungeon and Nintendogs), 3 Jazz CDs, some pants, a USB, that Game Maker book, a computer repair kit, some other things, and to top it all off, 1 GIG OF RAM!!! I loaded it up, and YES!!! FINALY!!! My computer is running a whole lot faster. I tested it with HT3D. It loaded faster, but the game was still slower than it was ment to be (a video card problem), but still!

In other news, I'm eating a candy cane!

In Game Maker news, it loads up a whole lot faster, I can do a whole lot more, and I expect I'll get faster FPS on most of my games and other games now.


I wanted to say something about the GM7 beta, but I have nothing to say.

After a short break
Posted on December 23, 2006 at 19:02

After a short break, I'm back with the holiday spirit. But enough about the holidays people can't seem to stop talking about on the news (and people getting offended by it), lets talk about something different. Like kittens, and how the most recent kitten to enter this house is way to hyper active. I'm serious! When this cat wants to cuddle, it will. Rather violently. One moment I'm petting it calmly, watching the latest episode of Mythbusters, the next, the cat is rolling all over me. Thank goodness it's not the shedding kind, else, my black shirts would be long gone by now.

In other news, I've been gone for about a week. Why? My computer was taken away for the week. But you don't care about that.

In Game Maker news, nothing has happened, seeing as I haven't used GM the past week. But in general game designing news, after reading some stuff about the Wii on Wikipedia, I found that I could make games for the Wii.

Now, before you start yelling at me about how Game Maker can only make games for Windows, I'm not talking about making games with Game Maker for the Wii. I'm talking about making games with Macromedia/Adobe Flash 7 (or below). Using the Wii Web Browser, anyone able to do anything with Flash can make something for the Wii. I'm not the first to find that out. There are other sites that have made flash games for the Wii. I don't have their links at the moment.


By the way, I will delete console war posts. I just wont have it. Now, posts about ideas (good or bad) for this on other game consoles or not, those are fine.

Fricken ticked.
Posted on December 15, 2006 at 05:39

I'm tired of everyone telling me that IE and the Wii sucks (the telling me of the Wii is not online, but in PC Support). So I say, SHUT THE ****** **** UP! I don't care what you like! I just care about what I ****** like. So stop telling me what I like is wrong. I don't run around telling you Firefox sucks or that the 360 melts disks and sucks. So SHUT THE ****** **** UP ALREADY! (ANY post that even mentions any game console, web browser, or OS will get deleted. No exceptions this time, not even jokes)

In other news, beyond the bad day....

In Game Maker news, I got some friends into Game Maker, and they even showed me something I never thought of before. Granted, it's in Drag and Drop, and I doubt I'll use it much, it's still interesting that I didn't even think about it back when I still used D&D for a majority of my coding.


This space for sale by owner.

More laughs
Posted on December 13, 2006 at 21:52

I was finishing up my power point for PC Support today. These other guys were on another computer, doing their own thing. They looked over to what I was doing at some point or another, because when I left, they were looking up stuff for the Nintendo Wii. I couldn't tell if they were mocking or not, but they were laughing, and so was I. I did finish the power point though.

In other news, I tried out Firefox, and I didn't like it much. It ran to slow on my computer, everything was confusing after I rearanged everything, and it just wasn't flashy enough for me. Granted, a web browser is not as good as how it looks, and I don't usualy make judgements by graphics, but over all, I just didn't like it. I might go back again once I update my computer (or get a new one), but for now, IE7 stays, and for what I use the internet for, IE7 will be just fine. Also, I couldn't figure out how to use tabbed browsing (if any), which is another reason why I'm sticking with IE7. I hate it when my task bar gets clogged up with web browsers.

In Game Maker news, nothing new has happened with my Mini-Golf game, all because I really haven't been on the computer recently. And if anyone knows a good terrain example, please speek up! (For screen shots, look at previous blog)


I will provide the voice acting for my game! Dr. Putts will talk!

In other news
Posted on December 11, 2006 at 23:05

I laughed hard today. There's this one guy in PC Support who's a total XBox junkie. To the point where he will bash other consoles with out even looking beyond their controller. THEIR CONTROLLER! Skip to today, and I'm writting up a power point presentation for the history of Nintendo Game Consoles (at least from the N64 up). I got those pictures that every one shows (those from console wars dot com) and stuck them in the power point. He came walking up and asked what I was doing. I showed him the numbers and told him the dates (at least he understand that the 360 has been out for over a year) of the console releases. He couldn't believe it. I laughed like crazy (he's also an over all idiot).

In Game Maker news, I decided to show you people some screen shots for Dr. Putts' Mini Golf. I'm having trouble with little hills and all, seeing as there is no clean way to put a hightmap into the game from the examples I've seen. I also plan on getting a better texture for the ball. Also, the flag sucks at the moment, and I plan on making it have smoother movement, and I also plan on adding a windmill before the first WIP release, and hopefully have some hills in it.

Sorry for the big pics.


If ANYONE starts a console war here, all posts related to it will be deleted by me or mods or who ever has the power to, because I didn't post this to start a console war!

Posted on December 10, 2006 at 02:17

Well, I just got Internet Explorer 7. After getting over the sudden change in interface, I say I like it. I LIKE IT! Though I miss the easy to find buttons on IE6, I'm mostly glad that I can load many sites in 1 window now (like other web browsers). I'll get used to it over time, seeing as I don't care to download any other browser.

In game maker news, and unrelated to the beta of GM7, wich I wont download till the full version comes out (mostly because I don't want or need to), I'm making a Mini-Golf game. I've got the ball physics down, and it looks nice for what it is. I plan on adding a lot more before I release a WIP. But so you know, it's 3D, and is named Dr. Putts' Mini-Golf. I'm next to sure something with that name has been made before, and if so, PLEASE point it out before I release a WIP. I don't want to make people mad.

In other news, I'm moving along in FFIII, and my sister just got FFV. If she uses that against me, well, I'll use it against her. Besides, I'm sure I got the better Final Fantasy.


I'm to fricken optomistic.

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