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Christmas Loot
Posted on December 25, 2009 at 15:21

Hey guys, merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year.

For Christmas, I got:

-My first bass guitar, and a bass amp.*
-A parka (chav coat for you Brits :P)
-Some DVDs, namely ones directed by Stanley Kubrick.**
-Some Ikea things to organize my desk.
-A pair of Nike high tops that my little brother bought me.
-Metal water bottle.
-Radiohead album.
-Gant shirt

In terms of gifts, I bought:

-A Nike shirt and hat for my brother.
-Starbucks mugs and a set of scented candles for my mom.
-Assorted DVDs and an LCD screen cleaning kit for my dad.

*I'm all fired up about it, and consequently have been playing it most of today, with my dad on acoustic guitar.
**I'm looking forward to watching Dr. Strangelove. I just watched Barry Lyndon a few days ago, and that was one epic period film.

For the New Years I'm heading to Amsterdam for a few days (anyone here that lives in that area?). It's nice because I just turned 16 and I am not underage there... =)

Enjoy your holidays, gentlemen.

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