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Posted on February 24, 2017 at 23:41

this week i've been working on bringing island camps to the game! these camps are interconnected isles which create close-quarters combat and tight situation rooms which you are free to approach as you please. these level types add a nice little variety to the current level structure.

the bare balled bandit has a new tool at his disposal! press SPACE to blink in place! this consumes a blink charge per usual, but opens up more opportunities for clutch dodges of darts and quick retaliation, or evasion in a tight spot.

besides these major features, a lot of small polish has been added to the game this week; some things you may notice, others you may not! work is still being put into the goblin AI to ensure they're as tight as possible. and a re-work of the bloodbeast AI is next on the docket, as far as enemies are concerned.

i've recorded a decent run of mine which shows off some of the new stuff. watch below!

Love the idea of blinking in place. Feels like spot dodging in smash bros, could be risky but oh so good when you pull off a well timed dodge. Or like in Rivals of Aether, just a few frames, but if you hit it right, you can punish so hard.

Maybe I just wanna play smashlikes right now, idk.
Posted by twisterghost February 26, 2017 9:44 - 5.8 months ago
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that's exactly what it feels like, twistgod, a melee spotdodge. now that i've had some time to master it, not only am i able to perform slick dodges i wouldn't have been able to otherwise, but you can set up more creative friendly fire kills on goblins with their dart traps, or allies:)
Posted by Fabio February 26, 2017 14:32 - 5.8 months ago
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+1000 to friendly fire being a gameplay element
Posted by twisterghost February 26, 2017 15:40 - 5.8 months ago
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