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Do you remember Folding @ Home?
Posted on March 23, 2015 at 14:33

I remember back in 2007-08 when I bought my first High High end graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 4850) I tried [email protected] and it slowed my computer to a crawl. Apparently it is a lot better now and it still helps fold proteins to help better understand cancer/Alzheimer's/etc. and aids research. Now you can set it to low/medium and have it only function while your PC is idling, so I thought I would give it another shot.

If anyone would like to join my team it is 228325, maybe we will make a difference?

Let me know if you are interested, let me know if this post is against the 64 Cacti rules and I will take it down asap.


Old Computers!! :)
Posted on March 18, 2015 at 11:23

All this talk about old computers on other blogs makes me want to take some time to reminisce on some simpler times!

Tell me what kind of computer did you used to develop games on/ work on? Before any upgrades or add ons(you can include that too).

-Post the specs including the Brand, OS, Processor, Memory, Graphics, anything noteworthy or mentionable!

-What games did you used to play (if any)?

I will start

IBM Aptiva 2165 Windows 95, Pentium MMX 200 256Kb L2 Cache on mobo, 64MB EDO ram, ATI Rage 1(integrated) 2MB, Not ATX, had a funny PCI/ISA riser board, counted graphics card memory as system memory in the start up check, max memory was 128MB would not accept 64MB EDO chips, had an SD Ram slot (never could find a chip that would work, even a 16MB)

I used to play a lot the Jedi Knight / Dark forces series, X Wing never worked, Mario Time machine always played too fast, The Sims 1 and Galactic Battlegrounds(Age of Empires II basically) , Roller Coaster Tycoon, Freddy Fish, Putt Putt Saved the Zoo, etc etc

Long live 64 Digits
Posted on February 26, 2015 at 22:24

You have been, and always will be my friend . . .

What is the good word people? I am curious about status of this site, is it still all Game maker like when I was young? The community here is really tight knit and that always attracted me.Will it outlast the yoyo games buy out I am hearing about?

P.S.(p)(vita)I am happy to see my warn status has finally went down after 8 years. :)

Gamemaker period the end.
Posted on February 23, 2010 at 01:03

Wow, another good day at the house. I was actually so bored today that I broke out the Dusty ol' Gamemaker app collecting dust on my desktop :P. I can't believe I'm using it again. Its been maybe a few years.

Well anyways I pulled up a old lego game i made awhile ago. It had a good basis, IT would have been a Multi-player top down fighting game which is always nice. But I guess the way I was writing all the code back then was none at all. Instead of sprite transforming I was making separate sprites and seperate objects for every dang thing. I was half way though and I said "Screw it, I'm Rebuilding this game from the ground up!" So I ended up picking the title "Nuclear Legos" (lolz) the whole basis of the game is a Co-op strategy with many different levels and game types.

The only game type in it now is Survival, You get points to live. There is a giant Cannon in the middle of the level which shoot balls at you (tehe) No like fire energy ball things which are cool looking. They bounce off everything and have a timer to get destroyed. eh Its not the best game but everyone i showed it too likes it.

You have like Lego Fortresses you can kick anyway you like to keep the balls out .. theres four bases. all different one on each corner. In multiplayer mode there is a shortage of blocks lol. But yeah anyway.. eventually .. maybe if I care enough to finish this It will be on this site :) haha that will be my second posted one. ALL the rest of my games are unfinished in some way that makes them no fun.

The whole reason I probably like making top-down games is probably because of Josh Dreamland and his Game maker LAN - DLL. I use the DLL so much where ever I can. Because I like playing over different computers and its so easy to do its like a second nature to me.

Well I don't know what to say 64 digits.. "Live Long and Prosper"

Electronics/Robotics Technology/Arcades
Posted on February 20, 2010 at 23:00

So last summer around the time of my birthday me and my friends had this idea. I had a really old 480i TV and my friend had a Unused PS1. I had a Broken Computer Chair, And my friend had A Unused Surround Sound System.Can you see where this is going?

Actually can you believe that we Created a sitdown Arcade system with all this junk. Its Amazing! We Took NFS III and a steering wheel with a petal attachment and it worked like a charm Its 6 foot tall by 8 foot long and 2 foot wide. With a Wooden Frame A TV on top and the system mounted on the bottem. The Chair behind the wheel. Two speakers behinds your head, Two speakers in front of you and a sub on the ground. Its pretty epic.

So after my first few months at my trade school I learned a lot about Wiring my own speakers up and Led Stuff and all that. So We built a second arcade using a old (W)Pentium 4 1.6ghz computer I sold to my friend for $75. this time we have a standup arcade with a keyboard and mouse also it allows for GC PS2 and Xbox controllers to be plugged in. (never got around to giving it a joystick) We can play N64 games, Sega games, NES games ect. so we have fun time with that.

The LED's hooked up to this are shining on the keyboard and on the speaker. Every time Bass Hits The LED's on the Speakers Flash. Its pretty cool.
I don't know why I posted this blog I just wanted people to know whats up. And let people Know Its Possible.
I have pics up on my facebook add me if you want.
Chris Kubilus (one and only)

Oh also my next projects include a Solar Powered Car, GRID Racing Simulation, Dirt 2 Racing Simulation and FSX pilot and co-pilot simulation.

..thanks for listening...reading

Computers/ Electronics
Posted on February 20, 2010 at 22:03

My First Blog in maybe two years..Wow So Hello New 64digits people, Everyone from my days back in 2007-2008 left. I really miss this place it used to be so lively and such a great community. This used to be like facebook to me(as facebook is now) . With all the sharing and Learning and I loved all the people here. Now its kinda a empty wasteland, you know No one is around but Mods and like one or two users. I'm going to go out on a Limb here and say its because A: Game maker is Very Limited and everyone found this out all at once. or B: Because of all the Server down time. B is why I left.

So anyways I was looking Through all my old Posts and I really Can't believe how Dumb I was with computers back then. It was only 3 years? I have no clue what I was thinking. I said I was really good with computers but yet I didn't know what the word savvy meant or How much Ram was in my computer (Which is Wierd because I know for a fact I knew what I had in it @ 2007. It was 3gb at the time I upgraded it the same year I had bought it @ 2005 )

So I just wanted to Post this Blog To Redeem myself.. I have been Working on Computers for 6 years now to this Date and I attend a Trade School where I work on Computers, Electronics and Robotics. I am Studying for my MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) Certification (redundancy lol) It has to do with Installing Systems In Cars and Trucks along those lines.

We Haven't Started the Computer Portion yet (this is where the redemption starts) But I have been working by myself these past years Building Computers, Taking them apart, Upgrading old computers to their very tip top maximum, Reading Hardware Stuff online, Benchmarks, collecting data in my mind Ect. I know just about everything their is to know about Computer Hardware and all my friends turn to me about Learning about New or Old equipment. In my Trade The Teacher rely's on me to help students along with their projects and Compete in School wide or even County wide Competitions

A lot can happen in 6 years, A lot can even happen In 2 years. I try to do the best I can, To be the best I can be at what I do(more redundancy)
Thanks for reading this :) Long Live 64 Digits!

P.S. If you don't Believe me about know a lot about computer hardware, Shoot me a line I promise I won't google it and I'll answer you question or whatever to the best of my ability.

Posted on May 27, 2008 at 22:53

Im sorry my fellow gamemakerians i am scrapping game maker for a much better 3d directx game maker named dark basic.It looks so much better and its only 15 dollars for the whole thing without textures and models and 25 for like everything....Im gettting the 14 can use directx and 3ds models :)
and im so excited plus a bonus is its downloadable so no shipping charges :D...I will write more in this blog about it when i get it.
I reccomend you take a look at their site...and forget yoyo.

lol I've always wanted to do games like this and now i can.
Because with game maker it always seemed like you put more in than you got out of it...but that is the definition of work lol...ill tell you more about my experiences with this new program later.Please no comments about grammar.

Mega XFX 8500 GT
Posted on May 24, 2008 at 22:56

Hi, I haven't been online in a long time. I thought i'd write about what I've been doing since i left and made this gigantic discovery about the XFX Nvidia 8500 GT . . . I still have GM and all my saved files but i have been getting into hardware more for the past eight months, my knowledge about computers has grown so large, I feel almost to the point of making my own graphics card. I have been experimenting with the science of overclocking and learning about the development and instructions carried out by a graphics processing unit. I have made many mistakes, but it is my mistakes which have given me real driven experience in the true inner-workings of a computer.

I have been playing around in a couple overclocking tools, GPU-Z, Riva Tuner measuring specs and playing with power user settings. I have overclocked in the past but this discovery is different. I have heard on other graphics cards, namely the ATI cards, you can unlock shader pipelines that were disabled at the factory based on the quality of the pipelines ability to function properly and pass all the manufacturer tests. Similar how Intel or AMD creates lower end processors by disabling failed parts on the die. Failed parts come naturally when working with silicon at the beginning or end of the CPU producing process.

For example: Here is one batch of processors from first to last

Celeron Pentium Core 2 Core 2 Core2Extreme Core 2 Core 2 Pentium Celeron

I tried modifying the XFX 8500 GT settings in Riva Tuner and here are my results:

My bandwidth is now 33 GB my T fill rate is 22 GB/s and my pixel fill rate is 10.8 GB/s. I have unlocked 128 Pixel pipepines from the usual 16, I got 8 more ROPS and my memory bus is 256 bit instead of 128 bit

View this photo I have uploaded to my Photobucket, it will show you what I talking about.

I will present more on the topic of game maker. I'm still working on my driving game You will need that of a Direct X 10 card to handle it, not because it uses Direct X, but because the quality of low end graphics have vastly improved at this point in time. Sometime game developers don't tell you and seldomly put on the back of a box.
It is a fantastic effort on my part to game maker but this game is not up to today's gaming standards.

The XFX Nvidia 8500 GT handles it fine but I wouldn't recommend much less.

Wii Wifi
Posted on July 24, 2007 at 05:56

So i heard at E3 that theres like 8 new games coming out for the wii
with wifi connection u to 32 players.But when I heard that I was confused... "a company/system that has barley scratched the surface of online is going to get games with 32 players at once ???
ex.Medal of Honor Heros2
I mean i knew it had the power but Only for 16 or so BUT 32 omg the xbox didn't even get that much. THEN THERES MARIO KART WII ...
Regis told us about online for it but he said he will let us fiqure out the number of players ....
IM thinking 64 or more
the basic would be 16 because Mario Kart DD allowed for 16 player lan but it has to be more

ok.....heres the deal
imagine..................your driving a kart 64 players are playing
you get hit by a shell you slip on 8 bannanas at once a blue shell knocks you out some one hits you with a star OWWWWWWWWWWW this isn't very fun
stop imagining your giving me a head ache!!!
but thats not the point 64 players that will make the game so awesome!!!
IT will be action packt to the rim plus theres online battle
64 players!!! WHOOO
thats not confirmed...

OKAY heres the questions
1. do you think that both the titles with turn out good online
2.Do you think it will be laggy on standard broadband
3.Do you think it will be laggy on upper broadband
4.Do you think it will be laggy on Ti/lan
5.Do you think it will be laggy on road runner 156.6 mbs
6.Do you think it will be laggy on dial up
7.make up some cool ideas for the games for wifi

Posted on June 06, 2007 at 21:17

Hello people of 64 I have some questions about vista before I upgrade.
So right now I have 512 ram (I think mabye more) and 162 gigs of space
Right now I have a windows XP Media center addition
Q1. I have need for speed 2 and 3 and a whole bunch of old games
I need to know why they keep saying Error co;op problem or something

Q2. Will Vista Fix That for ME?

Q3. Does Vista play old games

Q4. Why does everyone hate vista?

Q5.Halo 2 and is a good reason to upgrade Should I buy that for vista or just get crysis for Xp?

Q6:Is vista glitchy?

Q7: Im also buying Vista for my dad since he bought me a computer 1 ,1/2 years ago ,is it a good gift?

Q8: does vista remind you of game maker 7? XD

but seriously

Q9: would premium make a big differece over basic?

Q10: Who owns a Vista , can you tell me how it affect your games and preformance?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these


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