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Posted on August 11, 2008 at 00:06

AeTH, Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, has been valiantly trying to spread the cause of human rights through the ecosystem for many years. Their motto, "Ay-yahm so vere eeh retahr ded" (Roughly translated: "Why would they stop eating us if we don't stop eating them?"), has been proclaimed in jungles and sub-Saharan Africa for generations.

Approximately 2300 years ago, the founders of AeTH (several elephants who notably remembered every word of every meeting untill the day they died) noticed that the local human populations were dwindingly. The cause was discovered to be the use of humans as a food source for lions. Though the mounds the humans lived in (curious dwellings, made of grass and leaves, instead of a sturdy mud structure) provided protection from the sun and rain, they were insufficient to prevent the lions from invading and anihilating whole herds.

Confronted with the problem of possible human extinction, AeTH began to spread human-rights awareness. Over time, it's influence has spread across the world. Some of AeTH's most extreme followers have gone so far as to indenture themselves to certain humans in exchange for food. These "pets", as the humans call them, live comfortable lives, but are often shunned by more moderate animals.

Please remember to treat your humans humanely, thank-you.

Posted on August 06, 2008 at 12:53

Many games use a set of square tiles for pathfinding and grid snapping. This grid is not a very good approximation of real life, and can be replaced with a hexagonal grid which may be more visually appealing or help gameplay. The main problem with this is that some easy pathfinding functions in GM, etc. only support square tiles.

With this in mind, and considering making a tactics game using hexagonal tiles, I created a DLL for pathfinding in a hexagonal grid. The basics were done in three days. In another two days, I mananged to improve it to the point where I cannot improve its speed any more without significant effort.

For my convenience, and as an aid to others, I have compiled an extension for GM.


Direct Download
GMC Topic (Please comment here)

Data Dump:
[li]FPS: 400 - 7700 (worst case scenario - best case scenario) Average: 840.
[li]Max grids: 64
[li]Max grid size: unlimited x unlimited
[li]Tile types: Impassable, costly (cost >= 1).
[li]Functions: 21
[li]Constants: 2

Ray of Hope
Posted on June 10, 2008 at 23:46

I got bored yesterday. So I made this. A ray-tracer, which currently supports reflection, refraction, diffuse lighting, and several primitives. It renders images at a respectable 37 FPD.

Plans for continued development of the ray-tracer include:
[li] More collision primitives.
[li] Full texture support. (Normal and diffuse mapping are the only two implemented so far)
[li] Global illumination.
[li] Optimization.

I should be heading off to college in August. I think it should be interesting, to say the least. I hope to get straight A's in the classes.

My life is generally uneventful, to an extent such that I do not remember what day it is. This is often annoying, because I sometimes want to remember such facts.

I have a second project in the works. An escher style platformer. I don't know if I'll complete it. Also, Model Painter 2 is on the very back burner.

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