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Nature Calls
February 28, 2015

Venzi & Hanzi
Posted on May 31, 2016 at 22:03

The name for my new game is stupid, but so is the game.

Basically my idea is for 2D sidescroller and 2D top-down view to collide, into a risk/reward dungeon crawler with different items granting you certain abilities or maybe even killing you. You control two differenct characters, Venzi & Hanzi, whom you can switch between to your liking. You start with 3 lives and are occasionally granted XP for clearing stages or losing a hp/xp gamble, in your search for the blackbird. You can use 10 XP to get to the start of your room if you mess up, or spend your hard-earned XP on specific upgrades like more HP or whatever. I just want the game to be filled with a certain degree of RNG, secrets and mystery! Maybe even quests later on.

I've been working on this very on-and-off for a while now. Should be fun to see what I end up with.

Maybe I'll get back to my gaming roots and finish that other game too, Nature Calls.

Who knows. :^)

Forgot to mention that you can only see some stuff as either Venzi or Hanzi, as showed in the screenshots below:

Space Shooter/Platformer/RPG
Posted on June 25, 2015 at 10:48

Immediately after rising from the dead, I began this project. Not much have been achieved but I do have a pretty decent vision.

Here's a video of me beating two bosses:

Basically it's an arcade game, but you have two different game modes (inside and outside spaceship) where you collect points and eventually spend space dollars or whatever on upgrades and stuff.

From YYG to Life to 64D
Posted on March 01, 2015 at 10:05

Where do I come from?
I was once an active member on the YoYo Games Forums. I joined in 2009, mostly posting in the general and help forums. I quit when they removed those forums and transferred to the GMC.

What are my game related skills?
Programming has never been my strength. However, I know GML pretty well and I do like the way my pixel art skills are developing. My style is very simplistic and I will keep trying until the colors and style are similar enough to fit in with the rest of my work.

I picked up the electric guitar when I was 12 and had a very strong interest in music writing. I mostly played melodic death metal at the time but lately I've been lightly producing music with FL Studio, sometimes for the lulz, mostly with a high mind.
Here is my SoundCloud account.


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