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Better than nothing
Posted on November 16, 2013 at 08:33

If you see these words, today you have to make a shit blog on 64digits.

Even if it's just a sentence, open up a topic for discussion.

It's better than no blogs at all.

In this blog we talk about how to stop 64digits dying (or being temporarily passed out on the floor, if that makes you feel better).

Challenge accepted.

So, it's been a while - i have nothing really great to show, besides that i have been doing stuff.

Shitty stuff.

Shitty stuff so shit that it's shitty shit.

I'm still working on my game - it hasn't come a long way - yet, just making things feel really polished. Still very much alpha.

What I've been up to:

Dismemberment movement/physics

(Still a wip, have a LOT to do with dismemberment, definitely need a bit more blood and guts, haha)

Dodging mechanics

dodging should be very useful, specifically for sneaking up on enemies and getting the jump on them

Sentry turrets

still very much working on that lighting engine

Gonna add inventory items that allow you to light up dark areas you encounter in the game. Also, the game will rely on crafting and scavenging for supplies.

Also, gave the main character a hat, for no reason whatsoever, expect lots and lots of hats in the future.

With all that, I leave a soundless video of me fondling dead bodies, spawning stuff and blowing up everything until my fps drops massively in glorious 1080p:

With all that said, I'm probably gonna wake up tomorrow and regret showing off so much unfinished work that i wanted to save for a real blog. I'll probably add more to this later, or remove this blog entirely.

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 06:58

I've temporarily gotten windows back and a new, more up to date, capable PC. And just a few things I want to share.

been currently working on a new game, and thought,
'What do I consider my strengths in game-dev and What could i improve on, with this new game?'

[u]So, what are my strengths in game design? The answer is, nothing some stuff.[/u]
Based off my last few finished games(Fort Exile, Fighter Valentine) I would grade myself as follows:
(In Game Design)


Overall, I'd give myself a C+ in game design, but I'm improving.

Given that this is the first game in a long time that I'm not making for a competition, my current game will be a lot better than my last few entries.

So, what game am I working on, exactly?

Since I lost most of The World's End because of my PC blue screening. I've decided to completely remake the project.

Appropriately named, "The World Anew"(hurr durr, so clever) It'll largely take place in the city of New Haven, on a post apocalyptic earth. But the world won't be your typical brown and grey, mud covered world. The world will be lush, vibrant and colorful.

I've already gotten key story moments written down for this game, as well as a notepad file and a sketchbook full of ideas that I've taken time to think out thoroughly.

Some story details I can give you is that is that it'll feature things like, assassin-like child soldiers, people smuggling weapons and supplies to a ragtag, but slowly evolving group named the Hybrids. No, you won't be fighting small, fuel efficient vehicles. They are a result of cross-species, extraterrestrial mating. So, basically, humans mating with Aliens to make the species live on and in hopes to create a 'master race'.

so yeah, uhh.. Story's kinda fucked up.

The idea behind the game originally started out overly ambitious; I was planning a large, consistent, open world with day/night cycles and leveling. I scrapped that idea, because; what game isn't doing this nowadays? Plus, it'd be much too difficult to make for one person, and the game would be messy.

The game still does have large, explorable areas, but you can only explore the city of New Haven(Which is where the game takes place) with the exception of the secret areas in more linear levels. The game also still transitions between night and day, as you progress throughout the levels.

In terms of gameplay, the only way I can explain it, is that it's vaguely similiar to Bioshock(The original Bioshock) You will get 'Power Gloves', which give you the ability to have abilities like telekinesis, force fields, teleportation and allow you to shoot sentries that will orbit around you and protect you by attacking enemies. But on top of that, you can have melee weapons like swords, glaives and such, plus medkits. The right mouse button will handle all of this. I might edit this blog and have an image showing exactly what I mean.

I wanted the controls to be as simplistic as possible, so the game is easy to pickup, but it'll take some time to master.

I want to focus on gameplay more than anything else in the game. I want the game to be fun and addictive, but also violent, along with some extemely intelligent AI that are very responsive to your actions and their environment.


I've also done a few sprites/pixel 'art' of the game, mostly just conceptual.

This is one of those hybrid guys I was talking about.(See, not a vehicle) :3
This is unfinished, I'm planning on adding some explosions and stuff going on in the background.

She will be one of the main characters in the game. Somewhat of a companion in parts of the game.

Since I'm getting tired(It's 7 AM here), I'm gonna have to cut this blog off abruptly, for now. I'll end it, with a video of me killing jellyfish, blowing stuff up and a tech demo of my lighting engine. Plus me testing out the 'secret areas' thing at 1:40

Yeah, I'm tired, I'll update this blog later today

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