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I did it
Posted on June 15, 2017 at 03:01

I did it. The Wheel of Time, finished.

It took a slighly more than six months to read all these books (each book has from slightly less than 700 to 1200+ pages), but now I have read them all. And what a journey it was! One of the best stories I have ever read, and finally a fantasy series with a good, proper ending. These are books I'll never forget, but also books I won't be reading again in several years, not until the memories have faded - and I have time to read again, which means when I am unemployed and living on a street, I guess.

I might have spent too much time reading them lately, since every single night for the last few weeks (and by few I mean 3 or 4) I have seen a dream related to The Wheel of Time. This means the characters and the world were well written. Especially the characters, you - well, at least I - really started to care about them. When something good happened to them, you felt pure joy, and when something bad happened to them, you wanted to stop reading and ignore everything that was going to happen, because it made you feel bad for them. This, if anything, is a sign of a good book series, and usually this is possible only in longer books or book series.

Of course the series wasn't perfect. It could have been a few books shorter, in some books hardly anything happened, but I don't care. The last three books were the best - and the ones written by Brandon Sandersson, probably using Robert Jordan's, the original author's, notes or something - and made me forget the boring ones.

What next? I have a feeling no book will feel like anything after reading this magnificent fantasy epic. I'm sure I won't start reading another fantasy epic for a few months - I'm considering starting to read books by Brandon Sandersson -, I need a break. I'll read some simple detective stories/murder mysteries.

For what next, I'd say try something totally different. Detox from the huge fantasy adventure. I've found that switching gears completely helps me get a bit more balance. I used to think I would only ever read fantasy fiction, but turns out I really like nonfiction as well, and essay compilations, and poetry.

I know you're not from free country USA, but I've been reading Blue Highways, which is a book by a guy whose life went to shit in one day (wife left him and lost his job same day) so he said fuck it, packed up a van, and took an undirected road trip around the continental US, using only 2-lane highways and going to towns based almost solely on their name being funny. He just journaled everything.

He was a professor of English as a university, so it reads beautifully. Incredible authorship. Worth it just to read about the different people he meets.

Anyway, congrats on finishing! That's an accomplishment.
Posted by twisterghost June 15, 2017 8:52 - 2.2 months ago
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For what next, I'd say try something totally different.

Yes, I'm going to read something lightweight, something that has less than 500 pages and something in Finnish. I'll probably read the Finnish translation of Håkan Nesser's Maskarna på Carmine Street. It has only 300 pages, not sequels, just that one story.

Long fantasy epics are like long role-playing video games. After finishing Dragon Quest VII (it took 60 hours) and almost finishing SMT IV: Apocalypse (took more than 40 hours), I tried to play Dragon Quest VIII, but a few hours later I decided to play it later. I couldn't do it. Thinking that it will take - according reviews - almost 100 hours to beat it, I simply couldn't do it. I wanted to play something much shorter.
Posted by Jani_Nykanen June 15, 2017 15:28 - 2.2 months ago
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